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Behind The Deep State (Videos)

It’s Time to Introduce Your ‘Normie’ Friends and Family (and Maybe Yourself) to Agenda 2030

They’re going to Starve Us and Freeze Us to Death (First published 1st July 2020)

28: 15-minute city project is preparing to help Edmonton reach 1.25 million people

28: After Reaping Massive Profits Bill Gates Is Now Trashing Effectiveness of Covid Jabs

28: Elite Deceit

28: Globalist - Depopulationist - Eugenicist - Now We Can Add Communist to the List of Words...Bill Gates

28: HHS Office of Inspector General Maneuvers to Throw Fauci Under Bus Without Hurting Him

28: Iron Will Report - DAVOS 2023 One World Order

28: It's Time to Close the American Checkbook - Defund the UN and WHO

28: Learn How To Stop The Globalists From Stealing Your House From You During The Biden Housing...

28: Never Again - Holocaust survivors warn the world in a new docuseries

28: Pierre Poilievre & Danielle Smith #PsyOP Exposed - You Are Being Corralled Into (CBDC)

28: Real Great Reset

28: Report - George Soros Funds Global ‘Fact Checking’ Empire

28: UN Pushing New Age Spirituality on Schoolchildren With SEL, Neuroscience

28: WEF, Fauci, Gates Exposed

28: WEF announces in new report that a catastrophic mutating cyber event will strike the world in 2 years

28: WHO Warns Countries to STOCKPILE Nuclear Meds

5G (EMF, EMP & RF) & Smart Stuff


28: Bed mattresses with metallic coils are out! Air mattresses are in!

ANTIFA & BLM Watch (& How Both Governments & Media Lackeys Push REAL Systemic Racism)

28: Antifa, BLM Demand Vengeance after Fatal Beating of Tyre Nichols by 5 Black Police Officers

28: Antifa 'Armed instrument' of the 'permanent Democratic establishment'

28: Antifa vows to 'burn it all down' in NYC following death of Tyre Nichols

28: BLM revolution was designed to coincide with the lockdowns, COVID 19, all the propaganda that was...

28: BLM Terrorist Is Praised By Judge, Sentenced To One Year For Firebombing Police

28: It’s Not Accidental Incompetence Leading To These Negative Outcomes (CanadaPoli Video)

28: Justin Trudeau, Cure Or Cause Of Increased Racism In Canada?

28: Kemp Activates National Guard, Anticipating Violence After Police Shooting

28: Leftist Mob Shuts Down Major Interstate in Memphis for 2 HOURS - No Police in Sight

28: Liberal Cabinet Member Omar Alghabra Invites A Racist To Parliament (02 December 2022)

28: Media Agrees - Blame White People For Five Black Cops Beating Tyre Nichols

28: MSNBC Guest - Police Culture ‘Is Rooted in White Supremacy’"

28: Protests Erupt Nationwide After Release of Tyre Nichols’ Footage

28: Riots in Memphis as Antifa blocks roads, bridges

28: Systemic Racism Reductio

28: Thousands of Antifa rioters march on Memphis, Portland and Seattle amid call for violence

28: True origin of Liberal funded Systemic hate crimes in Canada

Border War(s) & Foreign Influences

Open Borders and Weaponized Mass Migration - Fuel for Globalism (Video)

United States Illegal Alien Crime Report

28: 7 Killed in Muslim Terror Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue

28: EU Ministers Seek Trump-Style Border Walls Amid Spike In Illegal Border Crossings

28: Immigration Reform Head Says “Biden Administration Are Co-conspirators With The Drug Cartels”

28: Moroccan Asylum Seeker Goes On Stabbing Spree Inside Spanish Churches While Shouting 'Death to...!'

28: Muslim UK Soldier Conspired With Terrorists

28: Sharia UK: Ukrainian Refugees Do No Want To Live in Islamized Neighborhoods, They Fear for Their Lives

28: Spain: Vox Party Slams Decision to Allocate 19 Million Euros to Hire Illegals, Parliament Cries 'Hate...'

28: Student Nurse Charged with Attempting to Bomb Maternity Ward - Islamic Terrorism Suspected

28: Trudeau's appointment of Islamophobia Czar titanically stupid idea

28: Two knife killings signal the end of multiculturalism

28: Vermont border apprehensions in first 3 months of fiscal 2023 surpassed past two years combined

Border War(s) - North American Union

Deep State Using Immigration to Build North American Union (Video)

Merging Nations into Regions - Key Part of "Great Reset" (Video)

North American Union - Testimony, Publications & Reports (Look Who's Behind It)

Biden Announces the End of America's Borders (12 January 2023)

Biden Signs On to “Declaration of North America” (DNA) with Canada and Mexico (16 January 2023)

Biden will transform us into a North American Union (15 October 2022)

Declaration on the North American Partnership for Equity and Racial Justice

Does it have anything to do with their North American Union meeting in Mexico? (12 January 2023)

How Canadian Corruption Got a Book Banned– In America (12 January 2023)

No Borders, No Countries – Biden Regime Calls for North American Union (15 October 2022)

North American Union - From NAFTA to the NAU (23 August 2013)

North American Union - USMCA Is Agenda 21 In Disguise (20 December 2019)

Push for a North American Union is an erosion of our sovereignty (21 October 2018)

They call it the 'three amigos’ summit (12 January 2023)

Children & Family Related (AKA War On The Family)


98 Things You Never Knew Were Racist

Late Prepper

Organic Prepper

Remember The 'Killing Centers' And Horrific Child Murders In Nazi Germany, A Dire Warning...

28: Alzheimer's Association Hides New Partnership With Lobbying Group for Assisted Suicide

28: Battling the Leftist Education Playbook

28: Better Make it a Double - New Anti-Drinking Guidelines Seek Abstinence Through Fear (Part I)

28: British Universities Add Warnings For Greek And Shakespearean Plays

28: Canada to expand assisted suicide, Democrats aim for unfettered abortion

28: Canadian hospital president slammed for promoting 'anti-racist' book against white women

28: Conservative author gets dumped by major sponsor after criticizing radical gender ideology

28: Control of Mind Using Nanotechnology - 2020 Scientific Paper Explains Complete Thought & Brain...

28: Damar Hamlin Fumbles his Comeback (A Glorious & Hilarious Rant from Whatshereface)

28: Drag Queen Story Time protest Alberta, Canada The person that posted this on facebook had his...

28: Drug was meant to save children’s lives. Instead, they’re dying

28: Florida To Begin Sentencing Pedophiles to Death – Democrats Outraged

28: Frederick Douglass and the United States Constitution

28: Funding the Control Grid (Part 1) - Biomedical Framework

28: Funding the Control Grid (Part 2) - Psychological Framework

28: I, Fentanyl

28: Justin Trudeau Must Rescue Rainbow Russians ASAP

28: Learning Styles Myth Needs to be Rejected Once and for All

28: Menticide - The Rape of the Mind

28: NBA’s Bucks Mark ‘Pride Night’ With Halftime Drag Show

28: Obesity Is a Brain Disease

28: Pfizer Is Now Offering MDs Free Paxlovid to Give to Children Down to the Age of 12 Paxlovid has...

28: Pope Francis' Latest Advance of the LGBT Agenda Full Speed

28: Pro-life service continues mission in Mexico after local gov’t officials confiscate ultrasound vans

28: Protest Forms Outside Balenciaga UK Location as Pedophilia Scandal Continues

28: Smithsonian Kicks Out Pro-Life Students

28: Tens of Thousands of Defibrillators Being Installed in UK Children's Schools

28: Top FDA Safety Official Resigns Over Concerns About Infant Formula Shortage

28: Toronto doctor loses licence after convicted of dealing fentanyl to patients

28: Unbelievable Victory! Gov. Kim Reynolds Passes School Choice Landmark Bill

28: Utah Public School Administrators & Union Officials Admit They Sneak CRT Into Classrooms

28: Vancouver doctor euthanized a man who was deemed unable to consent

28: Washington residents protest release of sex offenders from 'Pedophile Island'

28: Washington teacher, coach, youth director charged for sexual misconduct against minors

28: Woke teachers' union boss Weingarten slammed

COVID News (& Big Pharma News)

COVID VaXX (Detox, Neutralize, & Recovery)

28: #ThanksPfizer - Mass Gaslighting of Angelia Desselle

28: Arbitrator rules against workers for refusing COVID jabs but recognizes decision was ‘devastating’

28: AstraZeneca Consultant alters study to remove obvious signs COVID VaXX is causing Dementia

28: Canadian Doctors Punished for Speaking Out

28: Canadian pastor repeatedly jailed over COVID protocols to face final trial: ‘Crazy stuff’

28: CDC Deputy Director Admits Covid Jabs Can Cause ‘Debilitating Illnesses’

28: Chart That Proves Shot Deaths

28: COVID Jabs Are Already Killing One Out of Every 874 Vaccine Recipients...& the Numbers Keep Growing

28: Daily Skeptic News Round Up

28: Doctors Want You to do Tests and Investigations at Home

28: Doctors Warn Of Mass VaXX Deaths! - Heart Problems Skyrocket! - Are People Waking Up?

28: Dr. Naomi Wolf Explains Pfizer’s Concerning Genocidal Nature Wreaking Havoc On The American People

28: Dr. Robert Malone joins Tucker to discuss the Project Veritas video exposing Pfizer

28: Drink it, snort it, smoke it – the vaccine juggernaut rumbles on

28: FDA Advisers Vote to Replace Original COVID VaXX With Bivalent Boosters Despite Lack of Clinical Trial...

28: Footage from within a U.S funded bio lab in a recently liberated city in the Donbas

28: Health units bullying parents into vaccine paper trail compliance

28: Live with Pastor Tobias Tissen (Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson)

28: Medical Cartel’s House Of Cards Hovering Over The Masses Is FINALLY Collapsing

28: Pfizer, Project Veritas, and biosecurity

28: Pfizer A Clear & Present Danger to the World?

28: Pfizer Death Jab Secrets Exposed

28: Pfizer Director's Only Hope is to Become a Whistleblower

28: Pfizer Exec Story is No Hoax

28: Pfizer Is In Deep S**t - Senator Rubio Announced Investigation In To Project Veritas’ Bombshell Video

28: Pfizer's COVID booster & flu shot on same day 'raises risk of STROKE'

28: Pilot and Doctor Warn - Airline Travel is Less Safe After Covid-19 Vaccines

28: Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID VaXX rolled out

28: Pro-Mask Crusader Trish Greenhalgh Plumbs New Depths of Distortion

28: Project Veritas & Pfizer - How Far Are We Willing To Go To Get ‘The Truth?’

28: Setting the Record Straight on Ivermectin

28: This Is What the CDC Knows About the Booster

28: Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Eileen de Villa, attended the WEF summit in Davos. Why?

28: UK Health Officials know COVID Injections are useless and dangerous

28: Vaccine Disaster - Shifting Language to Acknowledge Reality

28: What is the chance that Damar Hamlin's injury was caused by the vaccine? 100%!

28: What went wrong with the NHS

Censorship / Surveillance / Tech Nazi


Keep your Exif metadata private with this open source tool

28: Canadian Gov't Spent $54M to 'Prove' Online 'Misinformation' is Dangerous and Push Censorship

28: Facebook Partners With BuzzFeed to Spam Newsfeeds With Far-Left Propaganda

28: Fredericks Blasts Woke AT&T & DirecTV for Cancelling Newsmax -- Calls For National Boycott

28: National Gallery paid consultant $126,000 to censor documents

28: Russian bot tracker implicating 644 accounts as disinformation was a 'scam': Twitter Files

28: Spotify joins tech layoff trend

28: Top AI Conference Bans ChatGPT From Writing Academic Papers

28: Trudeau Liberals’ new anti-Islamophobia rep says regulating “online harms” top priority

28: Twitter Files No. 15: ‘I think we need to just call this out on the BS that it is.’

Climate Change Fraud & Energy News


Brown and Green - Were the Nazis Forerunners of Environmental Movements?

Green Nazis

Nazi Environmentalism - How Green Were The Nazis?

NWO Collapsing As Plan To Flood The 1st World With The 3rd World To Fight Climate Change Exposed (Video)

28: A Web of Radicals Are Coming for More Than Your Gas Stoves

28: It's Now Cheaper to Drive 100 Miles in a Gas-Powered Car Than in an EV

28: Mexico Becomes First Nation To Admit Harms Of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments

28: Rise of Alternative Search Engines & the Parallel Economy

28: Run, Don’t Walk, From Solar Energy Co-Ops

28: Suicide Pact - Minnesota Democrats Pass Bill to Ban Coal, Oil and Gas in One of Nation’s Coldest States

28: Trudeau’s unrelenting climate frenzy shows no signs of slowing down



Venezuela - An Economic & Social Warning Of What Lies Ahead

28: 15 Facts Which Prove That A Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now

28: Eby is running our province like a frat house

28: GDP Report Reveals Second Worst Drop in Real Disposable Income EVER Since 1932

28: Global Grain Losses Continue, Silver Shortage and Chicken News

28: Silver Follows Gold in Burying Fiat Currencies

28: Taxpayers applaud Alberta credit upgrade

28: Wealth of the Swiss billionaires increased by 52,2 percent after pandemic

Eye On China (& It's Influence)


Ex-Liberal MP Calls Out Liberals’ Tolerating CCP And Islamic Republic "puppet candidates" In Our Elections

Trudeau Caught Lying About Chinese Election Interference In Canada

Trudeau's link to China is Exposed!! (Video)

28: China Dream is Crumbling - Belt and Road Projects Are Falling Apart

28: China's CCP forcing students to sign 'loyalty pledges' before studying abroad

28: United States’ Reliance on China for 90 Percent of Its Medicine Could Prove Disastrous

Family Food Security


General Canada

Canada Wide News Videos

News Forum (Canada) Videos

28: Alberta Party posts, removes AI endorsement after people point out it's fake

28: Canada's Bill C-26 - Yet Another Government Power Grab

28: Department of Indigenous Studies and others vehemently condemn Frances Widdowson

28: Final Goodbye to Unhappy Gilmore - Trudeau's Short Trip to Hamilton

28: Fire the high-priced consultants says Poilievre

28: F-CK Trudeau banner second best selling flag on Amazon Canada

28: Insights into the Ontario Law Society

28: It woke up a city the Freedom Convoy's one year anniversary

28: Justin Trudeau & His Liberals Are a Bunch of Crooks

28: Kids can tell when the law doesn't make sense

28: Majority of Canadians support ditching notwithstanding clause, new poll shows

28: Top cops urge Trudeau to level tougher penalties on violent criminals

28: Toronto, Ottawa among Canada's most 'overrated' cities, says analysis of tourist satisfaction

28: Trudeau delivers speech to Liberal caucus, responds to Poilievre

28: Trudeau sends troops, Leopard tanks to Ukraine to support Zelensky's war effort

28: Tucker Carlson says United States should send military to Canada

Media News, Distortions, & Out & Out Lies



28: 600 influential Russian Twitter bots narrative was pushed by MSM. Twitter executives knew it was false

28: CBC must put up or shut up

28: Fake News Friday - The CBC doubles down on its fake news

28: History class takes a holiday at The Washington Post

28: Indigenous CBC baking show competitor teaches ‘decolonizing’ soup classes

28: Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Pfizer 'mutate' video

28: News management is a fact of media life

28: O'Keefe Scoops and Shames the Mainstream Media…Again

World News (Odds & Ends)


28: Coffee & COVID News 27 January 2023 - Hysteria

28: Headline News with The Resistance Chicks

28: Ivy League Lawyer Who Firebombed Cop Car Will Spend a Year and a Day in Prison

28: Populist Right and the Conservative Movement

28: Trump Sets A Trap For Biden, The World Wants The Peace Maker, Soros On Deck

>> 28: Biden Takes The Bait & Says He Will Veto Everything That Is Sent To Him
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