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 COVID Canada (& Other Stuff)

30: 10 Omicron “Variant” Predictions for 2022 & Beyond…Globalist Authoritarian Playbook Stripped Naked

30: A Cruz missile' drops on Anthony Fauci

30: Austrian medical ‘expert’ suggests monthly tax for UnVaXXed citizens as part of mandatory jab system

30: Bank of Canada remote worker suspended after refusing COVID shots for religious reasons

30: Biden Energy Secretary Promoting Electric Company As She Held $1.6 Million in Stock

30: Biden Incandescent with Rage As Federal Court BLOCKS His ‘Unconstitutional’ Vaccine Mandate

30: Biden Regime Quietly Tells Federal Agencies to Suspend Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate For...

30: Big Pharma Hunts Down Dissenting Doctors

30: British Columbia says firing people for refusing the COVID shot is a ‘just cause’ for termination

30: Boy With Post-Vax Headache for Hours Called “Little Drama Queen” by Mom

30: CDC Recommends All US Adults Get Covid Vaccine Booster as Media Hypes Up Omicron Variant

30: COVID Mass Psychosis - Causes and Solutions

30: COVID-19 Vaccine Resource for Parents & Children Created by Canadian Healthcare Workers

30: Daily Skeptic News Round Up

30: Denouncers Denounced… Is Geneva’s Health Counselor Actually Vaccinated Himself?

30: DeSantis Said Florida Won’t Lock Down Over ‘Media-Driven Hysteria’ About Omicron Variant

30: Do store owners prefer to be looted by whites?

30: Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear?

30: Dr. Zelenko’s “Z-Stack” Protocol On Sale For Cyber Monday

30: Fraud Reported in FCC’s Emergency Broadband Program; Agency Asks Industry How ...

30: How to Remove Critical Race Theory from Our Schools

30: How UK’s Imperial College Stoked The Omicron Virus Scare

30: Kansas Passes Bill against Federal Vaccine Mandate

30: Large UK Supermarket Chains Refuse to Police “Divisive” Face Mask Mandates

30: Maskless Jill Biden Reads Story about the Biden Family to Masked Second Graders Visiting White House

30: Masks Have Made No Meaningful Difference to Delta  Oxford Professor

30: Millions Of Americans Are Scrambling To Become Independent Of The System As It Collapses...

30: Ministry of Propaganda Then and Now: Youtube Censorship. “Covid-19 Medical Misinformation Policy”

30: Moderna Stock Soars After Announcing Omicron Jab May Be Ready Early 2022

30: No Concrete Evidence that Omicron Variant originated in Africa

30: Omicron - A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly Back into Submission

30: Only the Vaccinated Will Be Allowed Assisted Suicide Services, Says German Euthanasia Association

30: Pedophile Elites PANIC As FAA Leaks Additional 700 Top Secret VIP Epstein Flights

30: PETA Launches ‘Human Leather’ Shop to Save Cows… While Killing Thousands of Puppies and Kittens

30: Pfizer CEO Says “Most Likely Scenario” is “Annual Revaccination” Against Covid

30: Republican Massachusetts Governor Considering Implementing Vaccine Passports

30: Resisting COVID Tyranny

30: Salvation Army Quietly Removes Guide Telling White Donors To “Sincerely Apologize” For Their Racism...

30: Scientism is the New Road to Serfdom

30: Secret documents reveal FDA’s attack on Ivermectin

30: Supreme Court Refuses to Block Vaccine Mandate for Massachusetts Hospital Workers

30: Test and Trace Boss Tells Public Not to Socialise Unless Necessary

30: Texas Man Dies from Moderna Shot After Being Forced to Take VaXX to Remain on Lung Transplant List

30: Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers in 10 States

30: UK Gov’t Bans the ‘Offensive’ Term ‘Christmas’ (Yes, Really)

30: UN Continues to Enable Palestinian Lies and False Victimhood

30: UnVaXXed Austrians Face Prison Time, Huge Fines For Non-Compliance

30: Un-jabbed Toronto paramedic says vax mandate has caused critical shortage of ambulances

30: Visa And Mastercard Complain To US Government About Indian Govt Backing For Local Rival RuPay

30: Waukesha: The media whitewashes anti-white hate

30: WHO Meets To Craft Global Pandemic Treaty With Teeth To Punish

30: Why All These New “Scariants?” It’s Simple. They Need You To Get The Shots

30: Why are Police Officers Refusing the Vax?

30: Why Inflation Is a Runaway Freight Train

30: World Economic Forum’s Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA,...

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