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Children & Family Related (AKA War On The Family)

26: Before they can learn ‘antiracism,’ kids need to be literate — & too many aren’t

26: Brazilian study finds that masks are useless unless the goal is higher COVID-19 deaths and infections

26: Canadian gov't is discussing whether to expand Canada’s (MAiD) laws to legalize child euthanasia!

*** Children (& Skool Daze) ***

*** Children (& VaXX / Mask Abuse) ***

26: Civil rights investigation requested for schools that conducted racial equity studies

26: Dr. Wolf: '28% Of Vaccinated Pregnant Women' Suffered From 'Serious Adverse Effects'

26: Drag Queen Shakes His Ass For High School Students In Shocking Video

*** Elite Pedophilia Scum By Year***

26: Feminism Invades Your Breakfast Table

26: Mattel releases Barbie doll based on transgender actor Laverne Cox...

26: Montana Bans Transgender from Changing their Birth Certificates Even After Surgery

26: More black babies are being killed than being born

26: National School Board Assn. Called for Military Deployment Against Parents

26: Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Leece called out for Participation in Slave Auction events - Resign

26: Pfizer seeks approval for three-dose COVID shot regimen for children as young as six months

26: Québec debates bill to permit euthanasia for incompetent people

***  Regular Pedophilia Scum ***

26: Republic of Texas Law Enforcement confirms Thousands of children were rescued by U.S. Marines

26: Research proves two more “conspiracy theories” related to vaccine shedding, pregnant women To Be...

26: School Puts on After A Secret Show...Several Fired

26: Science teachers go full libtard, ordering students to stop using “oppressive” words like mother & father

26: Singing, Cursing, Screaming, Smoking — But Not Teaching (Italy)

26: Straight Kids In Alabama Are Enrolling In An LGBTQ Charter To Escape Failing Inner-City Schools

26: Support for BLM Implodes as Financial Corruption Revealed!!!

26: Targeting Of Children By Sexual Predators Is Becoming Common Place

26: Texas becomes latest state to quit disgraced National School Board Association

26: True Story - Conservative Principals Saved Me (Candace Owen)

26: Vaccine Study And The “Global Baby Die Off”

26: Walmart Apologizes After Trying To Be Too Woke Pulls Ridiculous Product Line

26: Which is Greater Threat to Kids? NRA or NEA (National Education Association)?

COVID News (& Big Pharma News)

26: #PfizerDocuments Suggest Massive Clinical Trial Fraud, "Confirmed" Vax Cases Look VERY Low

26: Adequate sunlight exposure may offer protective benefits for immune health, says study

26: Anatomy of a Scientific Witch-Burning

26: Biden Set To Profit Off Monkeypox Vaccine That He Ordered As President

26: Big Tech & Big Pharma Conspire to Hide A Cure!

26: CDC Using Shaky Tests For Monkeypox,100 Million Plus Jabs With Significant Side Effects At The Ready

*** COVID / Pandemic Scam ***

26: COVID Lies - Instigating Fear and Dominating the Narrative

26: COVID was Not a Pandemic, But the Vaccine Truly Is!

26: For Bill Gates, It’s “Moneypox”: Simulation of Fictitious Monkeypox Virus Pandemic in March 2021...

26: Humanitarian Tour de Force Gathers in Bath, England #BetterWayConference

26: Lawyer Battling Medical Tyranny Exposes Globalist Mass Murderers with Their Own Words

26: Moderna CEO Says They Are Forced To Throw Away 30M VaXX In The Garbage Because Nobody...

26: Monkey Virus Is A Hoax - Everything You Need To Know

26: Monkeypox, Vampires, Highest Law and the WCH

26: Monkeypox Vaccine Funded By Fauci Was Approved By The FDA in 2019

26: More COVID VaXX negative effects and coverups are emerging

26: No More Monkeying Around - They’re Breaking Out The Mon(k)ey Shot

26: Nurse fired over vax mandates urges Canadians to “hold the line in TRUTH”

26: Over 500 Military Service Members Sue the Gov't for Mandating a VaXX that Was Not FDA Approved...

26: Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Government and Is Thereby Immune...

26: Psychotropic Drugs Found To Be 'Directly Correlated' To Mass Shootings

Cashless / Cyber Pandemic / Digital ID / EMF & 5G / Global VaXX Passport

26: Dr. Naomi Wolf Proven Right On 'Global Vaccine Passports'

26: Ecuador Turns It Back On WHO

26: Globalists 'Doubling Down' On Lockdowns With Digital Vaccine Passports

26: No cash or cards allowed: Major supermarkets set to accept only BIOMETRICS payment

26: Trudeau’s Health Minister wants to empower the WHO

26: World Health Assembly Unlikely to Pass Pandemic Treaty, but Biden Amendments Are on the Table

26: WHO “Global Pandemic Treaty” Includes Plan For Mandatory, Universal Digital Passport & ID System

26: WHO Deploys Another Disease Threat to Push Global Survelliance

26: WHO Treaty Is Tied to a Global Digital Passport and ID System

26: WHO’s Advancing Intrusion on U.S. Sovereignty

Crypto / Economic / Environmental / Family Food Security News

*** Agenda 21 / Prepping ***

26: America Will Become Venezuela - Alex Jones Warns

26: Are Fossil Fuels the Wave of the Future?

26: Beware of inflation and your investments

26: Coming Debt Market Meltdown. US Economy Is Done

26: Do We See A Pattern Here -- Organic Foods Destroyed?

26: Economic Crisis Will Bring Down The Central Bank System, Watch Alternative Currencies

26: Energy Supply Shortages Threatens To Trigger Supply Chain Collapse And Push Prices To Skyrocket

26: Engineered Drought. Engineered Famine. Prepare

26: Food Crisis Escalates

26: Gene-edited food - corrupt government is at it again

26: Half of Canadians struggling to feed their families: survey

26: Here Are 11 Statistics That Show How U.S. Consumers Are Faring In This Rapidly Deteriorating Economy

26: How Nationalization of Industry Causes Massive Job Loss

26: Is Russia to Blame for the Looming Global Food Crisis?

26: Marjory Wildcraft warns Mike Adams about coming food scarcity, empty shelves and global famine

26: Phase 2 Activated - Middle Class Has No Way Out!

26: Socialist running as Democrat for Congress wants a million Americans to break into empty homes...

26: Train Carrying Potash Derails in Canada Adding to Fertilizer Crisis Globally

26: Ukraine & Starvation

26: US Economy Dead. Consumer Weak. Inflation Surging... Stock Market Ends Higher

*** Venezuela - A Warning Of What Is Coming ***

26: We Cannot Print Food What Happens Next

26: Western Attempts to Blame Russia for Global Food Crisis

Entertainment / Censorship / MSM Lies / Surveillance

26: Are Canadian Media being Paid To Brand The Conservative Party Racist?

26: Bill Gates funnels hundreds of millions of dollars to sink Twitter if Elon Musk restores free speech

26: DuckDuckGo slammed for allowing Microsoft trackers on its browser

26: Dutch Journalists, Rights Group File Collective Complaint With EU Court Over Ban on RT, Sputnik

26: Google loses fight to dismiss case that could make it 'common carrier'

*** Hollywood Babylon ***

*** MSM Enablers, Pandering, & Protectors Of Pedophile Scum***

*** Population Manipulation (PsyOP) ***

26: Twitter to Pay $150 Million After Being Accused of Improperly Selling User Data

26: Whoopi demands law 'deputizing citizens' to snitch on pro-gun neighbors: 'They’re going to come for...'

General Canada

26: 86% of Twitter Users Know More About Public Health than Health Canada

26: Battle Against The Elites is Not Over with Dr. Syed Haider (Live With Laura-Lynn)

26: Cabinet Confidentiality is being used to hide the truth about the Emergencies Act

26: Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer - Guidance on Preparing in Urban and Rural Areas

26: Defending Sovereignty - The Fight of our Lifetime

26: Doug Ford and the Ontario Corruption Party

26: Doug Ford and The Ontario Progressive Communist Party

26: Doug Ford Because We Hate Ourselves (PODCAST)

26: Freeland & Trudeau Focused on Ukraine While Housing and Transport Out of Control @ Home

26: Gondek wins order to remove thin blue line from officers’ uniforms

26: If Our Institutions Can’t Get The Basics Right, Why Should We Trust Them?

26: Interviewing Roxham Road refugees on their journey into Canada

26: Iranian Activists and PS752 Victim's Family Members Come Together to Protest "Friendly" Soccer Match

26: Jonathan Yaniv guilty of criminal assault

26: Judge rules Tamara Lich will not return to prison

26: Justin Trudeau's Canada isn't our Canada

26: Mike Donio Won't Be Silenced (Live With Laura-Lynn)

26: Read My Lips Initiative

26: Renovating Trudeau’s country estate cost taxpayers almost $12 million

26: Replacement Migration In Canada: 1980 – 2020 Statistics

26: Tamara Lich can now travel to Ontario, and “courts are not thought police”

26: Tom Marrazzo - An AMAZING Journey from Convoy Leader to Ontario Party Candidate

26: Trudeau forced to cancel fundraiser over widespread outrage

26: Truth, Transparency, Toughness – The Ontario Party

26: Why Trudeau Is Hated Everywhere He Goes In Canada

General EU

26: Big Pharma President among 2,200 prominent Spanish personalties investigated for false Covid-19...

26: Bill Gates’s Foundation is Funding the UN’s Ukrainian Refugee Program

26: Daily Skeptic News Round Up

26: Even if the Government Can ‘Move On’ From Partygate, the Public are Stuck With the Consequences...

26: Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/25/2022

26: Genocide for Profits

26: Go f**k yourselves - Zelensky office tells Western officials

26: Government Fear Propaganda Made Covid Worse, Says Report

26: Jayda Fransen - Wakefield Paedophile MP Jailed

26: UK Column News - 25th May 2022

26: What Happened to All Those Syrian Scientists, Doctors, and Engineers?

26: Why Has Viktor Orban Declared a State of Emergency?

General Far East (Including China)

26: Pakistan Revolts

26: Trudeau ignored in Indo-Pacific pact to counter China

General Middle East


General NZ / Australia

26: Dr Gary Sidley - Masks are ineffective & have a whole range of harms associated with them

26: Dr. Guy Hatchard - New Zealand Govt. Is Hiding From A Crisis Of Excess Deaths Since Vaccine Roll Out

26: Protests Continue Outside Governors House - Dame Alcyion Cinthia Kiro New Zealand

General USA

26: America Turns Against 40 Billion Dollar Ukraine Package

26: Beto ORourke Called Sick Son Of A Bitch By Uvalde Texas Mayor!

26: Biden Takes Blind Sheikh's Terror Group Off Terror List

26: Canadian intelligence sounds alarm on U.S. as 'source of threat and instability'

26: Death of the American Middle-Class Dream

26: Democrats Pushing BLM To Riot After Texas School Shooting

26: Dems Quit Party In Huge Numbers, GOP Turnout Nearly Doubles As Dems Start Voting Republican

26: Dems Repeatedly Blocked Chances to Help Prevent School Shootings

26: Gun Control False Flags! They Want You Defenseless Like Australia Or Canada

26: How The Biden Administration Is Getting Erdoğan's Moves All Wrong

26: Is Answer to Gun Psychos MORE Arms for Everyday Americans?

26: It’s the cover-up that gives it away - The Jan 6 rioters the FBI don’t want to catch

26: Joe Biden Just Admitted The Democrat Plan For Violence In The Summer Of 2022

26: Learn Who Is Truly to Blame for The Uvalde School Shooting

26: Outrageous, Abnormal Behavior

26: Twelve Questions to Consider Regarding Mass Shootings

26: Uvalde shooting & the REAL 'replacement' theory that threatens America

26: We Just Exposed the Deep State - What We Found is Monumental

Global & Globalist News / Great Reset (You'll Own Nothing...)

26: Bill Gates the Bioterrorist’s plan for Global Control

26: Bill Gates Wants 'Global Government' To Institute International Lockdowns

26: Candace Owens Takes AOC Apart Over Outright Lie About School Shootings

26: Davos Elites Wants You To Lick Your Plate Clean To Earn 200 Carbon Credits

26: Day 3 in Davos - Rebel team reflects on 3 days of chasing down globalists

26: Did Klaus Schwab Just Threaten Brazil President Bolosonaro for NOT Signing the Pandemic Treaty?

26: Does the WEF practice what they preach?

26: Exposing hypocritical key figures at the World Economic Forum

26: Globalism from the League of Nations to the WHO with Noor Bin Ladin & Jack Posobiec

26: How does the WEF impact Canada?

26: Never Forget: Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, Others Tried to Get Cops Out of Schools to Make BLM Happy

26: Pierre Poilievre Will Ban The World Economic Forum from His Government - Establishment Fights Back

26: Reuters “Fact-Checkers” Lying? Does WEF Have Its Own Police In Davos?

26: Untold History of Manifest Destiny from Alexander the Great to the New Silk Road

26: WEF 2022 — A Conversation With Klaus Schwab + Albert Bourla

26: WEF update - individual freedom bad, zero-carbon good; Trudeau hides from protesters

26: What's really going on at the WEF?

26: You Will Own Nothing When They Finish With You

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