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18: 9-Year-Old Disabled Boy Forced to Take Exam Outside in Freezing Weather...Didnt Wear a Mask

18: 2022 Midterm Elections Are a Mirage

18: ACLU and Planned Parenthood challenge Ohio dignified burial law for aborted babies

18: Air alliance demands changes to airport COVID testing program

18: Amnesty Warns Italy Not To Discriminate Against The Unjabbed

18: Anti-Vaxx Mandate Song ‘More Of Us’ Deboosted from YouTube

18: Antony Worrall Thompson Puts Sign on Pub Saying “Unvaccinated Welcome”

18: Apple Tells Employees They Have "Four Weeks To Comply" After Becoming Eligible For Booster Shots

18: Australia’s Government Is From the Dark Ages

18: Aztec Prayers Seeking Blessings From ‘Demonic Forces’ Removed From Cal School Curriculums

18: Bank of Canada has media enemies list

18: BC truckers to join convoy across Canada in protest of mandatory vaccine

18: Berlin Police Using Measuring Sticks to Arrest Protesters not at regulatory Distance

18: Biden plans new Restraints on Law Enforcement — Blacks oppose Cuts

18: Biden’s Asia Czar Failed To Disclose Speech Payments From Pro-China Investment Firm

18: Billionaire supermarket CEO sees increase in grocery prices as omicron worsens US supply chain crisis

18: BoC says carbon taxes could slow economic growth for decades

18: Boris Johnsons eco-socialism - Land may be seized to make way for solar farms in Net Zero drive

18: Calgary lawyer applauds Shells reversal of vax mandate

18: Chasing Our Own Tails Has Become The New Pandemic

18: China Halts All Foreign Mail Due To COVID Threat As Tianjin Reports 80 New Cases

18: China's Lockdowns Exacerbate The Already Devestated Supply Chain

18: China's Property Sector Is Crashing Again & This Time It Has Reached The Country's Biggest Developer

18: Chuck Todd Savages Biden Over Failing Presidency As Liberal Media Cuts Bait

18: Civil Rights Icon Barbara Jordan’s Legacy, 26 Years Later - Protecting Americans from Mass Immigration

18: Congress Distributes ‘Made in China’ Masks

18: Conservatives demand security review of Chinese takeover of Canadian mine

18: Convicted Pedophile Funneled Millions In Foreign Cash Into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign

18: COVID has become a worldwide cult

18: COVID-19 VaXX champions fail to control pandemic

18: Critical Race Theory - Wrong for K-12 Education

18: CUNY Professors Sue To Break With Anti-Semitic Union

18: Daily Cases Fall 40% as London Returns to Normal

18: Daily Skeptic News Round Up

18: Danish newspaper apologizes for mindlessly parroting government narrative

18: Day One In Office - American Governor Ends Vaccine Mandates, Critical Race Theory

18: Deja Vu All Over Again...Dammit!

18: Democrats Refuse to Applaud as Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin Defends Parents’ Rights in Speech

18: Dr. Robert Malone Posts Irrefutable Proof on Ivermectin & the Uttar Pradesh India Success Story

18: Even as Pfizer CEO admits the jabs don’t work, liberal cities continue to roll out vaccine mandates

18: First COVID pill approved for Canada

>> 06 January 2022: Pfizer’s PAXLOVID May Prove Dangerous Just Like Their Shots – Buyer Beware!

>> 27 December 2021: Pfizer COVID Pill Could Be Dangerous for Some High Risk Americans

18: Fully Vaccinated Canadian Soccer Star Alphonso Davies Suffers From Myocarditis After COVID Shot

18: Global warming has saved 500,000 lives in England & Wales in the last 20 years, Cold Temperatures...

18: Gondek’s legacy could very well be an empty parking lot

18: Government of Alberta says you are not allowed to see dis information

18: Great College Education Con

18: Hawaii Will Require Visitors to Have Booster Shots to Be Fully Vaccinated

18: He got the COVID he's gone

18: If They Cant Cheat, They Cant Win - Communist Brennan Center Horrified After 19 States Pass...

18: Incriminating evidence

18: Investigation proves Pfizer vaccine offers less than 1% protection against COVID-19

18: Israel finds 4 Pfizer jabs ‘not good enough’ against Omicron

18: Jason Kenney calls tax on unvaccinated "un-Canadian."

18: Joe Biden Omits His Close Friendships with KKK Kleagle Byrd and George Wallace and His Racist...

18: JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon Says Un"vaccinated" Won't Be Paid

18: Liberal ex-ministers who are now ambassadors can make almost $400,000 yearly

18: Malaysian Health Ministry Recorded 25 Cases of Myocarditis within 21 Days After Receiving VaXX

18: Marxist LA DA George Gascón Charges 26-Year-Old Transgender as Juvenile in Sex Assault of...

18: Mask Asphyxiation Disease “M.A.D.” now sweeping across America and the World

18: Maskedness is a new religion

18: MHRA confirms the UK has recorded 5 times more Deaths in 12 months due to Covid-19 VaXX than...

18: Michigan Democratic Party deletes social post claiming parents aren’t ‘client of the public school’

18: Microsoft’s Fake Security Leaves Millions of Users Hard Drives Open to Hackers

18: MP - Canadians are ‘going nuts’ over COVID

18: MRU bringing students back to class — with three-layer masks

18: New Virginia Gov cancels vaccine and mask mandates first day in office

18: News Nuggets January 17, 2022 – Top News Items (Vaccine Choice Canada)

18: Official UK Government data suggests the Covid-19 VaXX have killed more Children than Covid-19

18: Opening Pandora's Box on parental rights

18: Petition to remove Quebec premier has nearly 200,000 signatures

18: Plan B (UK) to be Scrapped - No More Vaccine Passports

18: Polling Numbers Indicate Canadians Want Trudeau Gone

18: Pope Francis secretly met with abortion-pushing Pfizer CEO twice last year

18: Posters Mocking Biden And Fauci’s COVID Mandates Appear In DC, Liberal Zombie Immediately Rips...

18: Prime age mortality SPIKED by 50% across multiple states during the year of the “life-saving” VaXX

18: Report Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer ordered ex-staffers to say Bill Clinton never visited 'Pedo Island'

18: Report shows half the country now struggling to pay off debts and bills

18: Seven lessons to learn from the Texas synagogue attack

18: Since the VaXXs fail against Omicron, science & reason tell us to end all VaXX mandates &...

18: Soros-Funded Wikipedia Describes Glenn Greenwald as ‘Far-Right’ Journalist

18: Sorry, FBI - The Texas Synagogue Hostage Standoff Was No Surprise

18: Thankfully, women are starting to speak out against trans abuse in female prisons

18: Trans Sect Is a State-Sponsored Religious Cult

18: Truckers park their vehicles, major shortages coming to Canada

18: Truckers protesting Trudeau’s vaccine mandate at US-Canada border

18: Trudeau hate crimes and 10000+ letters demanding justice now

18: Trudeau bullish on new Pfizer pill

18: UK Government Hires Ad Agency To Convince Public They Don’t Need Privacy

18: US colleges set to impose new N95 masking requirements, increased pandemic restrictions...

18: Up to 65% Increase in Deaths Among 18-49 Year Olds in the U.S. During 2021, the Year of the... VaXX

18: Va. Leftist Schools Announce Rebellion. Won’t Obey Guv’s Order to End Mask Mandates

18: Vaccine Mandate Is Now In Effect For Cross-Border Truckers

18: Virginia’s Loudoun County Pulls Sexually Explicit Book From School Libraries

18: Virginia’s new AG fires dozens of left-wing “civil rights division” staffers

18: We Have Their Names - Epstein Brought 8 Women with Him to Visit Clinton at White House - Report

18: Why Did MSNBC Interview Michigans Nutjob AG Dana Nessel About A Crime In TX?

18: Worker says vax policy creating ‘mental health crisis’ in oil & gas industry

18: Zero Tolerance Is Defined by Communist Party

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