26 February 2021: Children Are Not Transgendered! Rand Paul Crushes Rachel Levine Over Child Genital Mutiliation!!!
26 February 2021: How Liberal Sexual Deviancy Is Corrupting Children
26 February 2021: Masks In Schools trapped By Their Own Lies
26 February 2021: Mr. Potato Head and the propaganda imposed on children
26 February 2021: This Is how They'll Kill your Kids - Schools To Test Kids Twice A Week
25 February 2021: How The 'Great Reset' Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To 'Reimagine' Human
25 February 2021: JAB Kids “as fast as we can” Say 'SAGE' On 'BBC'
25 February 2021: Michigan Mom Gets Emotional: My Child Dreads “Being Shackled to a Monitor Everyday”
25 February 2021: Michigan Parent - Teen Committed Suicide Amid Mental Health Issues Caused by Virtual Learning
25 February 2021: Millions of young people are depressed, and it's getting worse
24 February 2021: Compulsory CON-vid Tests For Kids Or No School.
24 Febraury 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Tested on 6-Year-Olds
24 February 2021: Protect Your Son's & Daughter's From This Medical Abuse In Schools, Homeschool NOWl
24 February 2021: Sacrifice The Children - Oxford Vaccine Group recruits children for coronavirus vaccine trials
24 Feburury 2021: UK Insane! Call the school and demand your child is not participating in this
23 February 2021: Former Pro-Vax Pediatric Nurse (18 November 2019)
23 February 2021: Masks in Classrooms & Corridors
22 February 2021: UK group launches trial to test experimental COVID-19 vaccine on children as young as six
22 February 2021: Unmasking the Medical Experts
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23 February 2021: Charter Of Rights Can Be Used To Refuse COVID-19 Tests At Airports & the Subsequent Ticket
23 February 2021: Flying Blind (PDF File)
12 February 2021: Live with John Carpay - Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
09 Februay 2021: Canadian Government Delays Mandatory Traveler Quarantine
04 February 2021: Constitutional Rights Centre  - Live Fundraiser ( Parts 1 - 6)
04 February 2021: Tanya of Action4Canada with Legal Action Updates & Take Action Steps
29 January 2021: Lawsuit Filed Against  Dr Bonnie Henry (BC Provinical Health Officer)
28 January 2021: Freedom Through Allied Action
26 January 2021: Evidence for the Main Action
26 January 2021: Massive Lawsuit Against Quebec Covid Response - Lawyer Explains
23 January 2021: Doug Ford fails to prove his case
20 January 2021: Quebec Government SUED Over Covid Curfew
15 December 2020: CRC eSTORE - Ontario Court Filing Templates
15 December 2020: Trespass Act Does NOT Apply When Exercising Masking Exemption
05 Decemer 2020: Rocco Galati Lawsuit against the government re use of masks to stop the spread of covid19
27 November 2020: Charter Rights violations against Canadian Citizens and Mainstream Media Covid Omissions
01 October 2020: Rocco Galati COVID-19 Injunction Update
30 October 2020: Pandemic Criticism and Lawsuits
28 October 2020: Lockdowns and Civil Rights with lawyer John Carpay of the JCCF
10 October 2020: Your Rights to Decline Mandatory Covid Measures (VIDEO)
16 September 2020: Flooded with Cash & Support!! The Moment You Announce We're Suing the B.C. Government (VIDEO)
15 September 2020: BC & Federal Lawsuits Against Lockdowns (VIDEO)
02 September 2020: Rocco Galati's lockdown lawsuit: Ezra Levant interviews lawyer suing Trudeau, Dr. Tam and more! (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: Vaccine Choice Outlines their Lawsuits against Trudeau, Tam, Doug Ford, & CBC (VIDEO)