31 May 2023

Canada General & All World News


House Of (Commons) Canada Video Page

Venezuela's Past Is Canada's Future

Alberta – anti-WEF Danielle Smith wins a majority

Alberta Chooses Common Sense (V)

America Has Gone From The Home of the Brave to the Land of the Terrified

Anthony Furey “exposes” City of Toronto branded crack, meth pipes given to shelters

Badlands News Brief 30 May 2023

Badlands News Brief 31 May 2023

Biden's cauldron of corruption threatens to overflow

Canadian man injured from COVID shot sues AstraZeneca, federal and provincial gov’ts, pharmacy

CIA Officers Admit the Agency Ran Drug Trafficking Operations

Coffee & COVID News 30 May 2023 - Venomous Loretta

Conservative Parties Rock Socialists and Score HUGE Wins in Spain Elections – Populist Vox Party Triples Its Seats

Coutts Border Blockade leader praises Alberta UCP win

Daily Sceptic News Round-Up

Dangerous Universities (V)

Early signs of potential fraud in Toronto Mayoral election! (V)

Election may be over, but we still need to fight for parental rights

Fact Check: Have “remains” been discovered in Kamloops, two years later?

Filmmakers Matthew & Andrew Kooman on Canada's Controversial Assisted Suicide Program

Former UCP candidate turfed for gender ideology comments wins riding

GOP to Hold FBI Director Wray in Contempt of Congress - Punishable by Jail Time

House Republicans To Hold FBI Director Wray In Contempt Over Slow-Rolling Documents Detailing Biden Bribery...

If Anything Happens To These MPs, Trudeau Should Not Go Scot Free (V)

Indigenous graves panel refuses to work with Hague-based missing persons org

Jagmeet Singh Justin Trudeau Coalition Public Inquiry (V)

Jagmeet Singh's circular thinking

Johnston continues to snub request to appear before committee

Kamala Is Pissed After Another Staffer Quits And Goes Public With Damning Information

Liberal Party of Canada discuss plans to bring back vaccine mandates

Liberals Set To Re-Introduce Internet Censorship Bill By Year's End (V)

Nearly 3 in 10 Canadians believe the poor and homeless should be eligible for assisted suicide

Never-Before-Seen Docs Reveal Epstein’s Tight Relationships With Major American Figures

New trove of Jeffrey Epstein's emails reveals his powerful network

Ontario: Former municipal employees launch $125M lawsuit over vaccine mandates

Political 'Tsunami' in Spain: Municipal and Regional Elections Set the Stage for a Conservative Era

Second Québec non-profit allegedly fronts as a secret Chinese ‘police station,’ receives federal funding

Senator Woo drafted petition against foreign agent registry (V)

Singh refuses to end coalition with Trudeau government

Stunning poll on COVID vaccine-refusers and Ukraine war

Trudeau gov’t plans new internet censorship bill targeting ‘online’ speech before year’s end

UCP leader Danielle Smith defeats the media, the NDP and the flawed pollsters to stay on as Alberta's premier

Ukraine Preparing to Engulf the Entire World in Death & Carnage

Who is the next Mayor of Toronto (V)

Deep State, Economic News, Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, NWO, UN, WEF, & WHO


A Note to Legislators About What Ceding Power to the World Health Organisation Really Means

Are Independent Nation-States Obsolete?

Brits Resist the WHO’s Coming Power Grab

CMHC sunshine list and bonuses balloon during housing affordability crisis

Countries Realize Globalism Is Not The Future, Self Reliance The Path Forward

False Flag Attack Against Power Grid Is Imminent: Learn Why

FOOD ALERT - 15 Big Restaurant Chains That Are Falling Apart In 2023

FOOD ALERT - 200,000 Cows To Be Culled To Meet Arbitrary “Climate Goals”

FOOD ALERT - Destruction of farming is front and centre in the fight against climate change, John Kerry says

FOOD ALERT - Leak: Green Farm Odour Resolution Ridiculed by MEPs

FOOD ALERT - US Climate Czar Announces War-Like Effort To Shut Down American Food Supply

Global Takeover: The United Nations Pushes for a Disturbing Power Grab

Globalists Planning To Launch False Flag Cyber Attack On Power Grid

New review of 600 studies finds COVID lockdowns ‘caused more harm than benefit’

Pakistan: An Economy on the Brink

Prepare For A  Worse Case Scenario, Because There Is No Way Out Of It Now

Real Depopulation Weapon - Dr. Tau Braun

Taxpayers call on Toronto mayoral candidates to reject new taxes

They're Dreaming Up A World-Changing Overthrow!

Ticking Time Bomb: Social Security & Medicare Are Broke

UN Honors Palestinians’ Narrative of a “Catastrophe” They Falsely Blame on Israel

United Nations Mass Exodus Underway! You Won’t Believe What Just Happened…

Which Virus Will Cause the Next Pandemic?

WHO Group Co-Chair Calls For “Prioritizing Actions That May Restrict Individual Liberties”

Words and Wisdoms of EQORIA’s James Qor Angelo

5G (EMF, EMP & RF) & Smart Stuff


Children's Health Defense Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless 

Peer Reviewed Published Research on Cell Tower Radiation, Base Station Radiation & Health Effects 

#1 EMF you’ve forgotten about

5 Things You Need to Know About 5G

Cancel Culture & The Woke Mob Madness


Hypersexualized Left Wants To Normalize Pedophilia

Kidnappers & Pedophiles Released by Biden Admin as Child Grooming Cults Weaponize Govt. Institutions

Outrage Over WHO Guidance on "Sexuality for Infants"

A 'family exhibition' in Quebec promoting gender ideology where children can see nude men (V)

Admitted Child Predator Cop Has Conviction Thrown Out Only to Be Busted AGAIN, Hit with 50 Charges

Anti-Racism Police Unit  (UK) Accused of Racism

Billion Dollar Losses For Companies That Went Woke Are Staggering – Bud Light, Target, Kohls, North Face

Black Republican Congressman SHREDS The Democrats For 'Using Racism As A Scapegoat For Everything'

Blue Jays player CANCELLED for being Christian

Bud Light sales decline ’accelerating’ -- parent company shares fell nearly another 5% in worst day yet on Wall Street

Catholic School Board Votes ‘NO’ On Flying Pride Flag During Pride Month (V)

Chick-Fil-A Gets WOKE & Gets Cancelled After Bizarre Video Surfaces & People Dig Up Serious Dirt!

Chick-Fil-A Goes Woke? Applies For Membership With Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Board

Child Sex Trafficking with the Rich and Powerful: The Jennifer Guskin Story

Consumer Revolt Rages Bud Light & Target Decimated

Et tu, Chick-fil-A? Chicken Giant Caves to the Commies, Hires DEI Apparatchik

Ex UN Executive Director Exposes Child Trafficking of Globalist

Fighting Women of Ireland Standing Up For Children Everywhere - Jana Lunden & Natasha Kavanagh

Gov't orgs, corporations, & nonprofits are joining forces to force acceptance of transgenderism on unwilling populace

Hit Christian TV Show Defends Having Pride Flag On Set Amid Backlash

In Case You’re Having Trouble Keeping Up, Here Are The Top ‘Woke’ Brands Conservatives Are Punishing Today

Just Awful! Bill C4 is Passed in the House to a Standing Ovation (V)

Just like Biden’s DOJ, Target is vilifying customers who want to protect innocent children against LGBT perversion...

JUST SAY NO!!!: Pride Pushback Puts Wokies in a Pickle (V)

Leaked Government Memo Shows How Biden is Forcing Wokeness on Government Employees

LGBT zealots call ‘authentic masculinity’ an offensive, outdated term

LGBTQ Activists Warn Corporate America — ‘You Need to Be Our Ally’

MLB Pitcher Asks Dodgers to Reconsider Honoring Group Which 'Grossly Disrespects and Openly Mocks' Faith

MLB Players Rebel Against League’s LGBT “Pride” Agenda

Niagara United Church running “Queer Kid Bible Camp”

Ontario Catholic school board votes 6-4 against flying ‘pride flag’ in June

Ontario school boards are out of control— where's Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce? (V)

Oxford University Students On Kathleen Stock and The Transgender Debate

Pedophile Narrative is Exploding...P

People Vs. Target Groomers

Philosopher Peter Singer on euthanasia and killing newborns.

Pro-Life Supporters 'Brutally’ Attacked Outside Baltimore Abortion Clinic

Sacrificing Success on the ‘Altar of Equity’

Scientific journal retracts study critical of ‘gender transitioning’ after pressure from LGBT activists

South Dakota Governor Tells Higher Ed Board To Remove Mandates On Preferred Pronouns

Superstar Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Comes Out Against His Team Honoring Group That Mocks Christianity, Nuns

Target: CEI Score 100 – $10 Billion Gone in 10 Days

Target 3.0! Clothing Company Kohls Boycotted For Selling LGBT Cloths For Babies!

This Tweet From an MLB Pitcher Is Sure to Make Leftist Sports Media Melt Down

Trans Agenda: Lies, Manipulation & Motives

Trans Rights Means Trans Entitlements and the End of Civil Society

University Caves To Whining Snowflakes Continues Disturbing Trend Of Erasing History

When did the WHO start dictating school curriculum? Paedophiles should leave our children alone!!

Border War(s) & Foreign Influences

Border Report Web Site

Engineered migrant Invasion and Occupation targeting all western nations (V)

Open Borders and Weaponized Mass Migration - Fuel for Globalism (V)

Agenda 47: Day One E.O. Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals and Outlawing Birth Tourism

France's Migration Strategy for the 2024 Olympics: Monthly Reshuffling of 2,000 Migrants Across Communities

NYC residents react to migrants being housed in hotels on the taxpayer dime (V)

Tories Accused of Betrayal Over Immigration

COVID News (& Big Pharma News)


COVID VaXX (Detox, Neutralize, & Recovery)

Babies Breastfed by Mothers Who Took mRNA Vaccines Are Dying

CHD Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging FDA’s Authorization of COVID Vaccines for Kids

Comedians paid by CDC to shill for vaccines dropping dead all around the globe

Commission Hides New Vaccine Contract from Public

COVID vaccines have likely caused over 25,000 new cases of multiple sclerosis

Excess deaths in Germany only started appearing after COVID “vaccines” were unleashed, study finds

Fired Grad School Nurse Exposes Deadly Hospital Protocols

Global Vaccine Deaths Are 'Eye-Popping' And, At Minumum, A Cover-Up (V)

Green Monkey DNA Found in Covid-19 Shots

Like the Curious Bride in "Bluebeard"

mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Found To Be Contaminated With DNA

Parents guide to Covid-19 “Vaccines” & Children

Pfizer Data Attached 393 Pages of Adverse Events

Report 72: “Other AESIs” Included MERS, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS), Herpes Infections...

Researchers Retract Over 300 COVID-Era Medical Papers For Scientific Errors, Ethical Concerns

Weight loss injection Ozempic causing users to literally “sh#t the bed”; Reddit group of 30K people share horrific...

Why Are Hospitals Still Using Remdesivir?

Censorship / Media BS / Surveillance / Tech Nazi


Bill C-11 – How to get the Internet, not TrudeauNet

RSS: How to Create Your Own Newsfeed and Search

Trudeau Gov’t Must Censor Internet Because ‘Flat Earther’ Conspiracies ‘Cause Real Problems’

Adobe Tool To Stamp Out “Misinformation” Is Being Added Directly To Modern Cameras

Andrew Wakefield Responds to Vicious Twitter ‘Fact-checks’

Brazilian Government To Launch Anti “Fake-News” Platform

CNN: apologists for terror

Dallas school district installs AI spying, surveillance systems to keep an eye on students

EU’s Proposed Cyber Resilience Act Raises Concerns for Open Source and Cybersecurity

Guardian “Covered Up” MeToo Scandal Involving Pro-Lockdown, Pro-Vaccine Passport, Left-Wing Columnist

Illinois Expands Use of Police Drones to Cover “Special Events” and Can Include Facial Recognition

Climate Change Fraud & Energy News


NWO Collapsing As Plan To Flood The 1st World With The 3rd World To Fight Climate Change Exposed (Video)

German Outrage Over The Country’s Oil And Gas Boiler Ban

PBO report shows Ottawa’s carbon tax rhetoric was always bluster

Magnetic Pole Shift - Where's The Pole & Why It Matters

NASA & The MSM Try to Debunk Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift

Trucker lawyer Keith Wilson on Alberta NDP's 'impossible' net-zero goals (V)

UK’s blessing for the carbon bad guys

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