20 April 2021: Cartoon Brainwashes Youngsters About Gender Identity
20 April 2021: Children Next to be Sacrificed to COVID-19 mRNA Injections as 12-Year-Old Girl is Paralyzed During Trials
20 April 2021: Decadent world of 'woke approved’ child exploitation
20 April 2021: Masking Children Is Child Abuse! - Doctor Calls Out Michigan's Whitmer On Unscientific Mandate!
19 April 2021: Children Strut Across Stage with Drag Queens, Pose For Cash at Night Club
19 April 2021: Closing Playgrounds during Covid Has Fuelled “Pandemic of Mental Health Problems” among Children
19 April 2021: First Do No Harm Means Not Giving the Covid Vaccination to Young People
19 April 2021: Lin Wood "You Fight For THtose Children! Don't You Ever Quite Fighting For THose Little Children"
19 April 2021: No Medical Science Behind Michigan Mandate To Mask 2-Year-Olds, Doctor Warns
19 April 2021: Texas may ban sex changes for minors as ‘child abuse,’ prohibit males in girls’ sports
18 April 2021: Big Pharma Targets the Unborn
18 April 2021: Doctor Confirms There Are Parasitic Worms On Facemasks
18 April 2021: Documents Released in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Show DOJ Knew Years Ago that Epstein Abused Girls “As Young as 12 But Younger the Better” But Did Nothing
18 April 2021: Fauci's Intent Is To Harm & Murder Your Children - Will You Allow This?
18 April 2021: Incestophobia - When will we Start Hearing this Word?
18 April 2021: Masks = Criminal Child Abuse? Dr. Chris Schaefer -  Masks Are Causing Permanent Damage To Children
18 April 2021: Military Bases Housing Migrant Children Plagued by Serial Sexual Abuse Claims
18 April 2021: Now... Let's Talk About The After Effects Of Wearing Those Masks
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Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks: interview with Geert Vanden Bossche
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Mountain Standard Time - April 20, 2021
MSM Finally Begins Admitting The PCR False Positive Cover Up & The Real World Experiment Exposed
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19 April 2021: Mandatory Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports
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16 April 2021: Public Health Army
16 April 2021: Your Vaccine Passport Please
14 April 2021: COVID  - The Political Pandemic
02 April 2021: Your Rights to Decline Mandatory COVID Measures
24 March 2021: Judge rules Mask Exemptions valid
19 March 2021: Gov't will have to prove Charter violations justified - John Carpay joins Ezra Levant
19 March 2021: Mask Exemptions Ontario - Protected under the human rights code, AODA, and Canadian Human Rights Act
17 March 2021: BC Covid Court Report
14 March 2021: Current Constitutional Court Battles In Canada with John Carpay
11 March 2021: Our new court challenge against the quarantine hotel policy
08 March 2021: Your Rights to decline a Vaccine in the context of Employment
05 March 2021: Politicians have turned the police against the people  John Carpay with Ezra Levant
04 March 2021: Danielle Smith & Erin Coates With John Carpay (JCCF)
02 March 2021: Employee Rights & The Covid Vaccine
02 March 2021: Prison Hotels & Government Jailors
01 March 2021: Catherine Austin Fitts and Rocco Break Down Some Concerning Global Economic Matters
23 February 2021: Charter Of Rights Can Be Used To Refuse COVID-19 Tests At Airports & the Subsequent Ticket
23 February 2021: Flying Blind (PDF File)
09 Februay 2021: Canadian Government Delays Mandatory Traveler Quarantine
04 February 2021: Constitutional Rights Centre  - Live Fundraiser ( Parts 1 - 6)
10 October 2020: Your Rights to Decline Mandatory Covid Measures