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Venezuela - An Economic & Social Warning Of What Lies Ahead

26: Barbara Kay - Medically assisted dying is now '100% normal' in Canada

26: Battle for Alberta and The Battle for Canada (V)

26: Bent MEPs Vote to Protect Bent MEPs and Their Graft. What Is the Point of the European Parliament?

26: Biden Visit and Chinese Influence Story Continues to Expand (V)

26: Canada's elites have killed Champlain's Dream

26: Canadian Intelligence Services 'Every PM in the past 40 Years has Been Compromised by China'

26: CMHC’s 2023 Report, And Housing Options Depleting Over Demographic Shifts

26: Coffee & COVID News 25 March 2023 - Watch

26: Comedian Ben Bankas Running for Mayor of Toronto Goes Viral with Ridiculous Campaign Ads (V)

26: Danielle Smith takes aim at Trudeau and Notley (V)

26: Donald Trump Announces his own Arrest?! (  Glorious and Hilarious Rant from whatsherface) (V)

26: Group the Chinese Communists Fear the Most

26: Daily Sceptic News Round-Up

26: Democrat Protection of Violent Criminals Must End

26: Democrat Stooges Are Taking This State Back To Rust Belt Poverty

26: Dictator and the Truckers - A Grim Sequel

26: Gov.-Gen. spends $90,000 for one day visit home

26: Jagmeet Singh won't trigger federal election over foreign interference allegations (V)

26: Liberal MP calls Independent MP outside in heated debate (V)

26: Mark Gerretson Threatens Kevin Vuong on House of Commons Floor (V)

26: Peggy’s Legacy

26: Press For Truth on Rumble, First Live Stream Test!!! (V)

26: Ramadan Transitions To Religious Promotional Vehicle In Canada

26: Shocking Exposé - Government Secrets About J6 Come Out!

26: Smith has a plan to win in big cities (V)

26: Why A Vote For Rachel Notley' In Alberta Is A Vote For Trudeau (V)

26: Will Canada Survive More of Trudeau's Reckless & Clueless Policies? (V)

Deep State, Economic News, Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, NWO, UN, WEF, & WHO


Behind The Deep State (Videos)

Canada & the W.E.F: Agile Nations Charter / Special Feature with Dr. Leslyn Lewis (V)

Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

George Soros’ Chief Mission Is The Downfall Of America

George Soros "survived" the "Holocaust" by shipping off other Jews and ensuring their fate. (V)

Hungary Preparing To Prosecute George Soros For His Role In NAZI War Crimes And Murders

Secret History of the British and American Elite Who Worked for Hitler

26: 17 Goals Toward Enslavement: Exposing The Real Agendas Behind The 2030 Agenda (17 May 2022)

26: As Multiple Banks Implode, Insurance Deposit Limit Receives Renewed Scrutiny

26: Banking Collapse Gets Worse, Finance Guy Bets Major Collapse In 90 Days, Get Ready

26: Banking Crisis Is How It Starts, Recession Is How It Ends

26: Bill Gates - Portrait of Psychosis

26: Blackstone: It's just the start. Is this the Black Swan? (V)

26: Blueprint for Destruction of the Financial System & CBDC Start (Part 1 of 2)

26: Cabal's Collapse Will Begin This Summer (and CBDC Will Fail)

26: EU and Germany Target Home Owners - Extreme Costs and Housing Shortages Expected

26: Fed just proved the global economy is collapsing (V)

26: Fractional Reserve Banking Is Legalized Counterfeit

26: Game Over! The Deep State Cabal Is In Free Fall As Banks Continue To Fail! BRIC's

26: Italians Refuse to ‘Eat Ze Bugs’

26: Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami

26: Pension System Will Fail! - ".666% Of 17 Trillion Dollar System Backed By Reserves!" (V)

26: Rejection of Globalism - Hungary and Italy Pass Laws to Protect Citizens from Insect Use in Food

26: Riot Police and Firefighters Join Protests Against WEF and Globalist Elite in France

26: Revolt Against 15 Minute City Agenda Continues - Brits Burn Down & Decimate The Commie...(V)

26: Senator Demolishes Corrupt World Health Organization, 'Sugar Daddy' Bill Gates, and 'Killer' Tedros

26: Small Banks See Record Drop in Deposits After SVB Collapse

26: Solutions for trading vaulted gold and silver as ETFs through brokerage accounts

26: Till the Last Ukrainian (Documentary)

26: Truth about "horrific" 15-minute cities

26: Warning - You Must Know this Before this Crash Begins! (V)

5G (EMF, EMP & RF) & Smart Stuff


Children's Health Defense Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless

26: New Death Towers can kill at the push of a button....

ANTIFA & BLM Thug Watch + MSM BS (Plus Racism, Anti-Semitism & Leftist Goon News)


Study Reveals People With Low IQs 'Far More Likely' To Be 'Woke'

26: A new low - Anti-cop group sued by LAPD for posting 9,300 photos of officers with bounties

26: Academia’s ‘Safe Space’ Invalids

26: After Taking TikTok Cash, The WaPo Defended China-Owned App As Its CEO Was Roasted On Capitol Hill

26: Alex Stein Assaulted by far-left activists at 'Child Trans Rally' in San Francisco

26: American IQ Has Dropped Dramatically, MSM Celebrates

26: Asian Voters Abandoning Woke Democrats As Crime Rises In Cities

26: Backlash Against Woke Inc is Coming...

26: Biden Admin Showcases Its Religious-Like Devotion To Advancing LGBT Ideology

26: Black Teen Out On $100 Bond Paralyzes Woman, Gets Bond Reduced Again

26: Cancel Culture Is Not Going Away

26: Democrats - Men are women, black is white, Jan. 6 was an insurrection

26: Disney to host world LGBTQ 'summit'

26: Diversity Training - Often Useless, Sometimes Racist

26: Hollywood Reporter (Purposely) Misses Point on Drag Queen Outrage

26: Invisible Boogeyman Of Systematic Racism - Black Mom Shreds Minnesota ‘Ethnic Studies’ Bill, Slams...

26: Legendary Comic Artist Explains How Marvel Got Woke & Went Broke

26: MSNBC Claims GOP Education Bills Are A Return To White Nationalism

26: NHL Players Who Refuse to Wear Pride Jerseys Are Facing Authoritarian Media Backlash

26: NPR Laughably Claims 'Limited Scientific Evidence' That Men Beat Women at Sports

26: NYC teacher’s union to hold seminar on the ‘harmful effects of whiteness’

26: PBS Makes Hero Film for Dr. Fauci as He Trashes Republicans, Protesters

26: Transgender Belgium - Soon It Will Be Possible to Change Gender & First Names As Often As You Want

26: Transgender Socialist Leaves Police Officer in Critical Condition After He Opens Fire on Police - Report

26: Victims of black crime matter, too

26: Woke Capture of Science Is Complete

26: Woke censorship hell in New Zealand

26: Women's rights activist attacked by trans militants in New Zealand

Border War(s) & Foreign Influences

Open Borders and Weaponized Mass Migration - Fuel for Globalism (Video)

26: More border-crossers found dead on 'humanitarian' Biden's watch

Children & Family Issues (AKA War On The Family)

Children In TX School Told To Pose As 'Seductive Hookers' For Class Game

26: Birth rates falling in conjunction with the rise of progressivism

26: Certain Birth Control Pills Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer By Up To 30%, University Of Oxford...

26: Dem Bill Will Allow School Psychologists to 'Kidnap' Kids as Young as 12 - Remove from Homes Without...

26: Dying With Dignity Canada (MAID) Targeting Children As Young As 12 Years Old And Also The Poor! (V)

26: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis (Part 1) (02 July 2019)

26: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis (Part 2) (05 July 2019)

26: FOOD ALERT - Hundreds of Tractors Protest EU Great Reset Plan to Reduce Number of Farm Animals

26: FOOD ALERT - Perfect Storm Hits Our Food Supply Chain

26: FOOD ALERT - Top Three Food Priorities BEFORE Your Start Truly Prepping

26: Huggies Says Pedophile Code Symbols on Disney Diapers Are Meant To Be 'Fun and Playful'

26: Hunger Games Producer EXPOSES Hollywood Pedos: “A Child’s Voice”

26: Illinois Community Boycott, Vandalize & Close Down Drag Show Bakery

26: Kiddie Porn In Kindergarten and The Righteous LOCAL Battle To Remove IT ALL in New York

26: Liar Gaga - Pedowood Satanic Cult Exposed

26: Missouri Issues Hotline to Report Abuse of Transgender Surgeries on Minors

26: NY female teacher accused of rape of 16-year-old mentally ill student

26: NY Parents Set to Sic the Law on School Board That Insists on Porn in School

26: Puberty isn’t the problem. Gender dysphoria is the problem. Puberty is the solution

26: Socialism in Our Schools

26: Trad Wife is the ultimate expression of female power

26: UFC fighter Holly Holm calls out child sexualization (V)

26: Uncomfortable - Students Slam School That Threatened To Punish Those Who Protest Trans Kids...

26: Using the Climate Change Scare to Promote Abortion

COVID News (& Big Pharma News)

China Simulates Ballistic Missile Attack On US

China’s New ‘Ethnic Specific’ Bio-Weapons Target Specific Races Based on DNA (Video)

26: 20 Times the CDC Exaggerated the Threat From COVID With False Data

26: 21 Videos of collapses on stage & live on air

26: 40 Facts You Need to Know - Real Story of “COVID”

26: 5162% Increase In Excessive Death! Australian Gov't Data Shows Mass VaXX Death Toll (V)

26: Australian Government Biodistribution Data Proves They Have Known About This For Years

26: Cause Unknown - Expert Opinions are Subjective, Increased Sudden Deaths are Not

26: COVID VaXX & Beyond - What the Medical Industrial Complex is Not Telling Us (Part 3)

26: COVID VaXX & Beyond - What the Medical Industrial Complex is Not Telling Us (Part 4)

26: Did Boris Johnson fake His C-19 Illness?

26: DOD Plays Hardball with Covid Jabs

26: Dr. Chris Milburn - COVID Policy in Nova Scotia - National Citizens Inquiry (V)

26: Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies at National Citizens Inquiry - Truro Hearing (V)

26: Germany’s Top Health Official Admits On-Air COVID Shots Harm 1 in 10,000

26: Great Texas COVID Tragedy

26: In Case You Forgot What Government Did to Us for COVID...

26: Invasion of Privacy and Abuse of Power by Ontario Doctors’ Regulator

26: Manitoba family sues AstraZeneca after son's stroke following COVID jab

26: Moderna Expects To Price Its COVID VaXX At About $130 In The US

26: No Surprise - CDC Lied about VaXX rates in America, investigation shows

26: Prof. Robert Clancy Calls Out Fertility Red Flags Found in Pfizer's Biodistribution Data

26: Proof Pfizer Vaccine Contains Graphene Oxide - The Secret They Wanted To Keep Hidden For 75 Years

26: Programming Fear

26: Sean Penn CAA/CIA Agent! - Says "Unvaxed" Are Loaded Guns!

26: UK Gov. confirms COVID VaXXed Teens & Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than UnVaXXed...

26: Viral Pseudoscience -  Totally Lack Of Virus Evidence Despite Pillage & Lockdown Of Billions

Censorship / Surveillance / Tech Nazi


Trudeau Gov’t Must Censor Internet Because ‘Flat Earther’ Conspiracies ‘Cause Real Problems’

26: Amazon is being sued for secretly collecting biometric data from NYC Amazon Go store customers

26: Cyber Attacks On The Rise As Americans Fight Back To Protect Themselves!!

26: More classic novels chopped by ‘sensitivity readers’ – media

26: Informants Everywhere

26: TikTok, Time’s Up!

26: TikTok Is the Offensive Weapon In Information War Against America

26: YouTube Kids Dangerous New Trend! Parents Beware This Will Get Worse!

Climate Change Fraud & Energy News


NWO Collapsing As Plan To Flood The 1st World With The 3rd World To Fight Climate Change Exposed (Video)

26: Climate Cult is destroying international shipping...& global supply chains along with it

26: Climate Paper Calls for Charging Big US Oil Firms with Homicide

26: Denver Suburb Caps Number Of Gas Stations To 'Promote Electric Vehicles'

26: Electric vehicles are huge money-losers for Ford

26: End of the World

26: Germany Rebels Against EU Ban on Petrol Cars

26: Sunspots, Rapid Forcing, Cycle Upticks

26: U.N. Chief Says Humanity’s Survival Depends On ‘Charting New Course’ To Control One Vital Resource

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