07 September 2021: PCR Crime
07 September 2021: Rocco Galati's Speech at the Toronto Police Vaccine Mandate Rally
05 September 2021: Vaccine passports are unconstitutional, civil liberties lawyer says
03 September 2021: Vaccine Passports... Again!
30 August 2021: Rocco Galati Discusses Workplace Vaccine Mandates
28 August 2021: Action4Canada - Against COVID Measures British Columbia
27 Augut 2021: BC Gov't & Top Doc Being Sued For Vaccine Mandates & Passports
27 August 2021: Randy Hillier joins VCC to discuss Dr. David Martin and how we can win!
12 August 2021: New Online Censorship Laws
11 August 2021: MPP Randy Hillier on Canada's increasingly totalitarian Covid measures, and resistance to them
05 August 2021: Patrick King and Alberta Court Case
29 July 2021: CHDC - CRC Expert Discussion on Universities - Colleges & "Vaccines"
21 July 2021: Domestic Vaccine Passports
15 July 2021: Quarantine Hotels and Civil Forfeiture
22 June 2021: Further Adventures in the Ideology of Covidism
09 June 2021: Government War on Worship
03 June 2021: Arrest and Jailing of Pastor Stephens
21 May 2021: Justice Centre - We Sue The Government
21 May 2021: Notice of Liability for School Superintendents, School Board Executives, School Principals, Teachers and Administration (PDF File)
13 May 2021: Freedom Update #10 - New cases and concerns about Bill C-10
11 May 2021: More "Cases" But No Evidence Presented in Court
04 May 2021: Police Court Action Against Ontario Government Over COVID Measures Enforcement Duties
27 April 2021: Evidence Delayed is Evidence Denied
19 April 2021: Mandatory Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports
18 April 2021: CLIP Rajie Rocco Impromptu Video Reaction to New Restrictions Announcement
16 April 2021: Public Health Army
16 April 2021: Your Vaccine Passport Please
14 April 2021: COVID  - The Political Pandemic
02 April 2021: Your Rights to Decline Mandatory COVID Measures
19 March 2021: Gov't will have to prove Charter violations justified - John Carpay joins Ezra Levant
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1 on 1 with Doctor - Truther - Warrior, Dr Mark Trozzi
11 of 15 NYC restaurants not enforcing vaccine mandate
267 Freedom Fighters Arrested For 'Protesting While Australian' In Melbourne & Sydney
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Alberta's extreme new COVID measures: the most divisive policy in Canada
Another Top Dem Caught Violating Mask Order - And The Reactions Were BRUTAL
Biggest Financial Credit Crisis Creating Major Social Unrest in China!
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Burning Down The House
CBS Faked Their covid Hospital Crisis Story
Container Shortage Push Freight Rates To "Stratospheric" Levels As Chaos Sweeps Across US Ports
Cops called on Rebel News during No Vaccine Passport petition drop off in Alberta
COVID "Vaccine Shedding" Data, CDC/FDA Accused Of COVID "Willful Misconduct" & The COVID Illusion
D5 Avalanche Has Begun NCSVVIC
Disabled B.C. mother latest plaintiff in Fight Vaccine Passports legal challenge
Dr. Joe Nieusma - Removing Spike Proteins, Eliminating Graphene Oxide, Reversing mRNA Damage, & more
Dr. Paul Cottrell  -  warns that Fauci is "hardwiring" humanity for mass death
Dr. Stephen Guffanti - Big Corporations in Lock-Step to Deny People Access to Ivermectin
Dr. Zev Zelenko - VaXX Is Human Sacrifice
East Coast Governors Announcing Vaccine Passports For Their States
Economy IS Dead. Is Evergrande Really Going To Bring Down The Financial System?
Election Special: Cory Morgan and the PPC's Chelsea Hillier
Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination Exposed
Establishment Freaks as UnJabbed Reject Shame & Identify as Pureblood
Fall Of Democracy: Canada's Last Architect Of Charter Of Freedoms & Rights
FBI Covered Up Child Sex Abuse, Father Goes On Revenge Rampage In Court Room
FDA advisory panel recommends Pfizer booster shot only for people 65 and up or high risk
FDA Panel Rejects Booster Shots
Feds NCIC "Terrorist List" EXPOSED!
Feds Seize Monoclonal Antibodies! Life-Saving Treatments BANNED!
French hospital staff burn their diplomas after being suspended for not taking the experimental VaXX
Global Plan for Carbon Allowances, Climate Lockdowns, and Pollution Passports
Great Britain's News Channel
Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Pleads Not Guilty After Lying to Feds
How Hospitals are Killing Us
How Much GASLIGHTING And LIES Can We Take??
How The Vaccine May Work As A Biological Weapon
Inside the UN Backed Globalist Plan to Destroy First-World Borders and Collapse Society by Design
Jane Ruby Teams Up With Nashville Star For Vaccine-Warning Music Video
Jumping Beyond the Ridiculous to the Useable
Land Invasion of America now under way
Legacy media regurgitates Liberal talking points again and again
Librti Talk Network Videos
Maxime Bernier hosts pro-freedom rally at CBC HQ in Toronto
Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest Saturday, September 18, 2021
Melbourne Freedom Rally Against Oppressive Victorian Government's Clampdown & Police Brutality
More Insane & Nonsensical Vax Tyranny: Who Do These Vax Forcers Think They Are?!
Navarro Had Bad Feeling About Fauci At First Meeting With Him
Navarro On Why America Is Experiencing Stagflation
NCAA Student Golfer Has Heart Disease after COVID Shot - Offered Bribe to Silence Story
New Hampshire Representative Files To Secede From The US
New Yorkers Unite Against The VaXX Mandates
Nurse Blows Whistle on Vaccine Injuries, Withheld Treatment, Vaxxed COVID Patients
NYC Rolls Out NEW Booster Shots, Vaccine Mandates Are Getting WORSE
Off Grid Living Costs of an Off Grid Solar Setup
Orwellian Medical Newspeak Revealed
Pfizer Senior VP of Vaccine Clinical R&D Admits Waning Effectiveness
Plandemic corona virus never been isolated; faulty pcr test 97% false positive
Police are NOT THE REAL VICTIMS of the horrific violence today
Politicians forced to take the Jab and Now Protesting? / Kristi Noem for US President
Pooskin invader Humza Yousef blasts white people in Scottish parliament
Post Millennial's Libby Emmons on activists duping Surfshark
Project Veritas Receiving "THOUSANDS" of Emails from COVID-19 Vaccine Whistleblowers
Purple Ribbon Campaign
September 17, 2021 News Roundup
Shocking! They’re Doing THIS To Children!
Shocking audio clip has Ontario teacher slamming PPC as ‘really racist’
Sky News Australia Video Channel - Follow The COVID Nonsense Down Under
That's our policy - NDP can't explain why they won't answer questions
Toronto's First Responders link arms in a powerful silent protest against vaccine mandates!
Tory Whips Accused Of Threatening To Withhold Public Funds For Rebel MPs Constituencies
Tyranny Rises In Paris! - False Flag Imminent As Millions Stand Up!
UK Column News - 17th September 2021
UK Funeral Director - Vax Causing Pandemic
VAERS Whistleblower - These Patients Deserve To Be Heard
Vax Shedders Causing Rectal Bleeding?!
What does the election mean for the west?
We Need To Talk About The Waterloo Region Child Under Age Of 10 Who Died After Contracting COVID-19!
We Sucked Each Others' D*cks -- Mom Reads Sexually Explicit School Library Book to Board
What The Hell Is In The Blood Of The Vaccinated & Bombshell UK Stats About The Vacinated
Who Should You Vote For with Doug Sharpe
You're Not Allowed to Meet in Your Own Home if You Are Unvaccinated, Canadian Health Minister Says


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