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Children & Family Related (AKA War On The Family)

24: Biden Admin Plans To Allow Boys In Girls Bathrooms And Locker Rooms Under Title IX Revision

24: Biden declares war on nicotine while giving addicts crack pipes

24: Calif. Bill Proposes Minors Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

24: Child Abuse Coverups with Ex Scotland Yard Detective - Jon Wedger

24: Clarence Thomas - How liberal policies have killed Black Communities

24: Creating ADHD is the goal of education

24: Democrat Drag Queen Arrested on Child Rape Charges

24: Drag Queens and the Incoherence of Moral Relativism

24: Don't Go Hungry When The System Goes Down

24: Establishment Loyalists Manipulated Into Sacrificing Their Own Children

24: Evil Doctors Pushing Devastating Transgender Drugs On Children

24: Fauci’s $478,188 Experiment to Turn Monkeys Transgender — and Other Ways the Govt Wastes...

24: Female Chauvinism - VOX Party Slams the Left's 'Pathological Hatred of Males'

24: Gay Agenda activists cruise towards desecration of the family unit

24: How Dare You Misgender Me!

24: How to Not Die of Starvation after SHTF

24: In Attempt To Own The Right, Creepy Teacher Owns Himself

24: Is Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence Threatening to Make Grandmas Redundant?

24: Leading Charter School Network Gives Primer on Transgender Indoctrination for Kindergarteners

24: Leftist Leaders Virtue Signal to Minorities While Fueling Poverty & Violence

24: Liberal Mom Goes Off On California Becoming A Sanctuary State For Kids To Get Sex Change...!

24: Librarian caught reading LGBT story to school children

24: Man Who Had His Sex Organs Removed During Gender Reassignment Surgery Sues NHS

24: Masks are Not Protective, Says Health & Safety Executive

24: Megan Rapinoe Tells Young Girls They Don’t Matter & Wants Men To Compete For The Women’s National

24: Missing Children - Egregious Conduct and Fraud to Push These Jabs on Babies

24: New Sleep Guidelines For Infants But Why?

24: Oklahoma City Pride Alliance looking for child drag performers for pride event

24: Publix Refuses to Vaccinate Children under Five

24: Republican lawmakers ask Tennessee gov. to stop COVID jabs for kids under five

24: San Francisco school board votes for merit-based admissions after recall of left-wing board members

24: Sask universities drop COVID mask mandates, with one condition

24: Supreme Court (US) Crushes Gun Control Across the Nation!!!!

24: Supreme Court (US) Strikes Down Gun Law

24: They Just Did the Unthinkable - Prepare Now

24: They’re Erasing Gender And Women - Dana Perino Blasts Biden’s Plan To Unravel Title IX

24: Transforming Useless Eaters into Useful Creators

24: Univision Now Normalizes INCEST

24: Virtual children now join the ranks of the Great Reset’s depopulation agenda

24: Virtual Children to Help Combat Overpopulation

24: Website Tells Teens Who Want To “Transition” How To Get Hormones Without Consent From Their Parents

24: Welcome to the new pride month celebrations in Ontario separate schools

24: Why are the Nation’s Pharmacies & Retail Outlets Refusing to Give the New...COVID Shots to Babies?

24: You Have 83 Days Left To Prepare (Adapt 2030)

COVID News (& Big Pharma News)

24: Africa's Critical Role in Standing Up to the WHO and Big Pharma

24: African Royal Indigenous Leaders Reject the WHO and Big Pharma

24: Biden - There’s Going to Be Another Pandemic

24: Bonnie Henry Emails - Download Here

24: Canadian Government is Withholding Truth and Funding Lies

24: CDC tells public to not 'kiss or snuggle' chickens amid salmonella outbreaks

24: Chris Sky's COVID Survival Guide Fall/Winter 2022 Edition

24: Clots, Nanowires, Parasites, Symplasts of Graphene in VaXXed Blood - Dr. Robert Young

24: Dr. Naomi Wolf - Majority Of COVID VaXX Adverse Events Occurring In ‘Western Europe & America’

24: Dr. Rogers: ‘Scheme By Pfizer And Moderna’ Aims To Skip ‘Clinical Trials’ For Future Covid Vaccines

24: Dr. Stephanie Seneff - How mRNA Vax Sets Up Long-term Diseases

24: False Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates Bought By Stars, Sports Personalities And Business Leaders

24: Freedom Fighters Win In Court Against Bogus COVID Charges

24: High energy needed to steer us through the pandemic exit strategy

24: How to Use the Anti-Nano Device

24: It is Like During Nazism!

24: Lara Logan - Fauci will be known as the greatest mass killer in history

24: Liberals approve $59,400 salary boost for Dr. Theresa Tam

24: Midazolam Murders update – short must-watch video

24: Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid Vaccine

24: New VAERS Deleted Reports Dashboard for Team Enigma and The World!

24: Polio Is Back! - Another Bioweapon! - Vaccine Related Illness? Poisoned Water? Or Total Hoax?

24: Quick 7 Minute Show-193 Blank Pages From Another Covid FOI Request!

24: Risk Benefit of the Vaccines Is NEGATIVE According to a New Paper From Stanford, UCLA, Others.

24: Science magazine admits covid “vaccines” are useless and harmful

24: South Africa Ends All Remaining Covid Restrictions Including Vaccine and Testing Entry Requirements

24: Study finds mRNA vaccines lead to increase of serious adverse events

24: Theresa Tam gets massive raise while Canadians struggle to keep up with inflation

24: Theresa Tam receives a 22% pay raise

24: TV Shows Expose The Globalist Plandemic And The Vaccine Agenda!

24: Where Did Money Pock$ Come From?

24: WHO Is Dr. Theresa Tam? Presenting Her Background & Bio

24: WHO Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination is 339% higher than...

Cashless / Cyber Pandemic / Digital ID / EMF & 5G / Global VaXX Passport

24: End Of The Dollar! - Fed Announces Great Reset Plan! - Digital World Currency Imminent!

24: S.M.A.R.T. Cities & 5G (Agenda 21) Digital Concentration Camps

24: States Are Making A Move Away From The CBDC, In The End The Central Bank Will Fail

Crypto / Economic / Environmental / Family Food Security News

24: And Now . . . Climate Lockdowns!

24: Demolition of supply chains is pre-civil war SABOTAGE to shape the Battlefield For Domestic War

24: Diesel Runs Dry At Truck Stops As The System Prepares To Implode...

24: Global warmists lie, phantom people die

24: Hidden In Plain Sight! The Fed's Balance Sheet Is Increasing. Economy Continues To Crater

24: Interactive Map Details Destruction of Numerous US Food Manufacturing Plants, Grocery Stores, etc...

24: List of diesel engine oil additive manufacturers declaring "Force Majeure"

24: Mass Layoffs Have Begun Everywhere

24: North Dakota attorney general probes $13.5 million farmland purchase by a trust linked to Bill Gates

24: On gas prices, Biden is in Fantasyland

24: PBO says Trans Mountain pipeline in the hole for $600 million

Entertainment / Censorship / MSM Lies / Surveillance

24: Ben Stiller Knows The Best People

24: Enhanced Surveillance

24: Full-blown assault on free expression: Bill C11 or the “online streaming act” will allow the Canadian...

24: It Happened Again. Another Huge News Story Hidden From the Public

24: Keith Olbermann loses it over 2A SCOTUS ruling, demands court be 'dissolved' — then disparages...

24: Legacy media is running interference for Justin Trudeau

24: Legacy media is running interference for Justin Trudeau in the mass shooting scandal

24: MRC CensorTrack Tallies 156 Times Big Tech Censored Users Who Affirm Science on Gender

24: Nebraska wants to test body and facial scans that work from a distance

24: Netflix Lays Off Hundreds More Amid Major Subscription Losses

24: New Brave Search Engine

24: Study Reveals Massive Divide Between Media & Public

24: Twitter bans epidemiologist Dr. Andrew Bostom who linked to vaccine-sperm study

24: Woke Media Desperately Tries Claiming The Babylon Bee Is NOT FUNNY When It Objectively Is

24: YouTubers pledge to leave Canada if Bill C-11 passes

General Canada

24: A Stephen Harper cabinet minister hires Gerald Butts & the CBC to come up with a Great Reset...

24: Are Pollsters Hiding Trudeau’s New All-Time Low Approval Rating?

24: Armed Forces veteran James Topp holds meeting with Conservative MPs in Ottawa

24: Canada expected to be 3.5 million houses short in 2030, largely due to mass immigration

24: Canada Should “Wake Up To Trudeau Dictatorship” Says American Radio Host

24: Complaint withdrawn against U of S law student who was forced to defend his opinions on racism...

24: Dr. Samuel West explains more about the Museum of Failure

24: Firsthand Account of January 6th with Treniss Evans

24: Holocaust Denial Now Punishable By Prison Time In Canada

24: Jagmeet Singh supports investigation into allegations surrounding NS mass shooting

24: JCCF applies to participate in Emergencies Act Inquiry

24: Latest Liberal Scandal - Either Lucki Has To Go, Or Trudeau And Blair Do

24: Lucki Gate

24: New $5M art project up in Montreal has Calgarians seeing double

24: Pro-freedom actress to run for Quebec Conservatives in upcoming provincial election

24: RCMP Commissioner Co-Operated with Trudeau Government to Create Ban on Sales of Handguns

24: RCMP veterans rally behind source of Brenda Lucki political interference allegations

24: Reclaiming Our Voice - Conversation with Courageous Medical and Scientific Leaders

24: Rempel Garner will not run for UCP leadership, Alberta premiership...

24: SCOTUS Recognizes 2A Rights While Canadians Have ZERO Rights To Self Defence!!!

24: Seven times Justin Trudeau politicized tragedies

24: They Put Him In Jail Twice for Pastoring His Church!

24: They're Lying About the Emergency Act - Rex Murphy

24: Trudeau ally Gerald Butts unscathed after SNC-Lavalin scandal

24: Trudeau spends a quarter billion in Rwanda

24: U.S. Supreme Court overturns New York handgun law in landmark ruling

24: UCP Leadership Panel tonight! Hosted by the Free Alberta Strategy

24: Unhinged Canadian professor gets brutally RATIO’D

24: UWinnipeg EXTENDS mask mandate but province doesn't — whose science is right?

24: What is the RCMP scandal?

General EU

24: A Dire Message From Lithuania

24: Austria to formally abolish COVID jab mandate after months-long suspension

24: Daily Skeptic News Round Up

24: Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/23/2022

24: German Inflation Surges 33.6% Among Producers in May, Highest Level in Over 70 Years

24: Munich flirts with illegal property confiscation

24: Russia Is Now More Powerful Than Ever After Biden’s Sanctions Continue To Backfire

General Far East (Including China)

24: Correlation Between Non-polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India

24: Food Riots Continue In Sri Lanka As The Military Begins Shooting

24: Oral Polio Drops Linked to Paralysis in India

General Middle East & Africa

24: Sudan - The Genocide No One Talks About

General NZ / Australia

24: Aussie ABC - Electric Vehicles Could Overload the Grid

General USA

24: Biden Admin Is Paying Illegal Immigrants And ‘Sponsors’ For Their Travel To Settle In US, Document...

24: Biden Energy Secretary Admits Current Policy Will Collapse The Country

24: Biden FBI raids Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark, GOP officials, staffers in multiple states...

24: Biden's border crisis continues unabated

24: Cold Civil War Is Heating Up As Dem's Vow To Ignore SCOTUS Gun Ruling

24: FBI Seizes GOP Chairman's Phone, Subpoena Republicans Over Jan 6th Probe As Civil War Moves Closer

24: Investigators - Pelosi Is Responsible For Security Breakdown on Jan 6

24: Lawless NYC Mayor Eric Adams Promises to Ignore Supreme Court Ruling on Concealed Gun Laws

24: Texas & Arizona Decertify 2020 Election! The First Dominos to Fall! From 2000 Mules to 2500 Sheriffs

24: US Supreme Court overturns New York's racist gun law

24: What's Happening In Dem Cities Shows How Bad Liberalism is for America

Global & Globalist News / Great Reset (You'll Own Nothing...)

24: NWO is Here and Soon You'll Own Nothing, But Will You Be Happy

24: World Economic Forum To “Freeze Bank Accounts” of Meat Eaters To “Educate Them”

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