18 September 2021: We Sucked Each Others' D*cks -- Mom Reads Sexually Explicit School Library Book to Board
16 September 2021: Ohio Mayor Tells School board: "Resign or Face Criminal Charges For Distributing Child Pornography"
15 September 2021: They’re literally teaching your kids to be gay pedophiles in school
31 August 2021: Childhood Obesity INCREASED During Pandemic. DUH! Leaders Should Be ASHAMED Of Themselves!
27 August 2021: Zoom Education Has Failed An Entire Generation
12 August 2021: Schools are used for propaganda not education, get your kids out
12 August 2021: They're Coming For Your Kids Because It's All About Control
09 August 2021: Hypersocialized Generation
07 August 2021: Trudeau's enviro office holds “Draganza” workshop (during work hours)
03 August 2021: Social-Emotional Learning: “Trojan Horse” For Ideology in School
03: Why The Deep State is Sexualizing Kids
01 August 2021: Leave Our Kids Alone
28 July 2021: Fourth Graders Expose Woke Curriculum Teachers Tell Them NOT To Tell Their Parents About
22 July 2021: Trans madness and children - New film exposes the horror and why we should be hopeful
21 July 2021: 2-Yr-Olds Taught Transgenderism in Daycare
19 July 2021: Society Is Breaking Down As The Left Supports Child Strippers
14 July 2021: We fail our children if we send them to a public school
13 July 2021: Exposing the Lies in Government Schools
13 July 2021: Liberal Teacher Brags On Tik Tok About Indoctrinating Kids Into Racism And Fake News
10 July 2021: A Shocking Revelation and Warning for Parents From South Dakota State Senator Julie Frye-Mueller
09 July 2021: Criminal Cult Announces Plan to 'Come For Your Children'
09 July 2021: Satanists Officially Declare War on Children, Blue Cities Publicly Endorse Pedophilia
09 July 2021: Tactics of child grooming. This is some great information that you can use to protect children
08 July 2021: Gay Choir Admits They Are Targeting Your Children
07 July 2021: MK Ultra Trauma-based Mind Control on Children Sexually Abused
07 July 2021: US Now Attaching Unconstitutional Education With UN's Mental Health Plans
07 July 2021: Watch This if You Have Children or Care About Our Future
03 July 2021: Middle School Students HORRIFIED after Lib School System Hands Out These Abortion Flyers
03 July 2021: Schools Are Brainwashing The Kiddies To Accept The New World Vaccination Games
02 July 2021: Leftist War on Logic Targets Children Sexually as Virtue Signal to Trans Rights
01 July 2021: WaPo Celebrates Grooming Kids To Be Kinksters
30 June 2021: Liberals Promote Bikinis For Young Boys In Sexualized Modeling Shoot
29 June 2021: Sex Books Being Taught In School From Age 10 Up!
28 June 2021: How schoolboard has set your child up to FAIL?
27 June 2021: Sordid paedophile agenda behind the rainbow flag
26 June 2021: Liberals 'drag' kids into early sexualistion
16 June 2021: Disgusting Clips Shows Toddler Twerking In Streets of New York
16 June 2021: School Work Order - Technocratic Globalization Of Corporatized Education
16 June 2021: Woke School Indoctrinates Kids To Snitch On People Over "Bias" Violations, CRT Is Infecting School..
13 June 2021: HPV Vaccine Is Coming To Your Children's School. The People's Truth: GARDASIL
10 June 2021: LGBTQ Mafia Won’t Let Us Live Our Lives Without Their Indoctrination
09 June 2021: Hospitals Forcing Autistic Children to Transition Gender (Or Else)
07 June 2021: Your Child's 67% At Risk of Growing Up Illiterate..
04 June 2021: Candy Exchanged For Sex In Pubic Schools...
04 June 2021: Destruction Of Children!
04 June 2021: Stop Childhoods Being Cut Short by FGM
03 June 2021: They're Coming For Your Kids - Canada Has Fallen - Speak Out And Get Arrested
02 June 2021: Children Aren't Safe Anymore
02 June 2021: Creepy! The People Teaching Your Children Are Sick!
02 June 2021: Drag Queen Teaches Polyamory & Pedophilic Propaganda To 1st Graders On #1 Kids Show
02 June 2021: Parents Afraid To Speak Up Against Children's Sex Ed Gone Too Far
02 June 2021: They're Coming For the Children
02 June 2021: Tipping Point - Jessie Lee Peterson on The Left Pushing the LGBT Agenda on Kids
02 June 2021: Woke Public Schools Imploding as School Choice Surges Homeschooling Skyrockets 700 Percent!!!
01 June 2021: BLM school board member accused of violently raping 62 DACA high school students as young as 14
01 June 2021: Media Tells the TRUTH About the Surge in Trans Kids Causing IRREVERSIBLE Damage
29 May 2021: Texans Organize TO Stop Gender Reassignment Surgeries For Children
27 May 2021: Drag Queen Story Hour Supporter Caught Sexualizing Children..AGAIN!!
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26 May 2021: How Schools Turn Your Kids Against You
24 May 2021: Escape Deep State Brainwashing With Private Schools
24 May 2021: Schools Trying to HIDE Their Indoctrination From Parents!
24 May 2021: Top New York School Slammed for Teaching Porn to Kids without Parents' Knowledge
23 May 2021: Anti-White training almost mandatory on state's schools, Tucker reacts
23 May 2021: US Schools Keep Failing, While 3rd World Countries Overtake us!
22 May 2021: Democrats Want To Remove Parental Consent For Children In Schools Everywhere
21 May 2021: Abbott Challenger Slams His Pro-Child Sex Change Policy
20 May 2021: Coming to school near you all of you should be questioning your kids headteachers
19 May 2021: Indecency For All, Sayeth Tyrannical Government
19 May 2021: School of Darkness
19 May 2021: Texas Republicans Let Kids Get Transgender Surgeries To Please Their Corporate Donors
18 May 2021: Teacher Threatens Parents
18 May 2021: Knitted penis for small girls to wear in their pants if their parents believe them to be trans
18 May 2021: Knit Penis For Transgender Girls Being Marketed to Babies
17 May 2021: Burgess Owens: "Racist," "Divisive" Critical Race Theory Taints the Minds of Our Children
14 May 2021: Black Parent Blasts Virginia School Board Over Sexually Explicit Books, Critical Race Theory
14 May 2021: COVID fraud in schools
13 May 2021: Critical Race Theory Mandates Third Graders Asked If They Are Bisexual
13 May 2021: Parents Dicovers WOKE ABC's In School Used To Indoctrinate Children Into Communist Revolutionaries
12 May 2021: Pandora's Gender Box
12 May 2021: Shocking Truth Of Child Genital Mutilation Being Promoted By The America Left And Texas Republicans
07 May 2021: Child Sterilization Tied To Pedophilia and Population Control
04 May 2021: Radical Trans Doctor In Charge of 500 Orphans Turning Trans
03 May 2021: Lesson from History - Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse (14 December 2021)
02 May 2021: New Normal Is Medical Experiments On Children
29 April 2021: FDA Harvests Baby Organs But TX Passes “Resolution” Against China’s Organ Harvesting
29 April 2021: Our Child Sacrifice Society
23 April 2021: War on Children - Sex Education Agenda
21 April 2021: New Website Exposes Classroom Radicalism as Public School Enrollment Plummets!!!
20 April 2021: Cartoon Brainwashes Youngsters About Gender Identity
19 April 2021: Children Strut Across Stage with Drag Queens, Pose For Cash at Night Club
18 April 2021: Incestophobia - When will we Start Hearing this Word?
15 April 2021: Conversion Therapy Bill Being Debated / Garnett Genuis, Kevin Cavanaugh, Rob Parker & others
15 April 2021: Hundreds gather at Vancouver protest against medical transitioning of children
14 April 2021: Hasbro Helping to Sexually Groom Children with their Sneaky toys?
11 April 2021: Gendercide Bill Being Debated In Canada with Cathay Wagantall
10 April 2021: Speaking Out On Transitioning Minors
09 April 2021: Newsweek Talks About Using The Blood Of The Young
09 April 2021: Quebec Distributed "Potentially Toxic" Facemasks to DAYCARES!
09 April 2021: White Toddlers Taught to Hate Themselves
08 April 2021: Caring Mother Deals with School-related “Child Abusers”
08 April 2921: Gender 'transitioning' for children is the biggest 'child abuse scandal' of our time
08 April 2021: Jailed B.C. father offered plea bargain after speaking against teen’s medical transition
06 April 2021: Alternative Math - Short Film
02 April 2021: Creepy video shown to kids 6-14 yrs old
02 April 2021: Striptease for Children - Spain
31 March 2021: Connecticut School District Exposes 2nd Graders To Oral Sex With Men
30 March 2021: Halton District School Boards Served Notice for Crimes Against Children
28 March 2021: War on Children – Exposing the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda!!!
27 March 2021: Commie-Red Sex Ed
24 March 2021: Pantene Promotes Transgenderism For Children
23 March 2021: Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board is Put on Notice for Crimes Against Children
13 March 2021: Biggest Lie About Homeschooling
13 March 2021: Parents Successfully pushing back against out-of-control School Board — Here's how you can too
12 March 2021: Teaching Transgenderism To 1st Graders in CONSERVATIVE States
11 March 2021: Asking If Kids Should Change Genders Is Off Limits
10 March 2021: Biden DOJ Nominee Vanita Gupta Won't Say if Parents Should Consent to Child Sex Change Surgery
10 March 2021: Kindergarten Teacher Flips Off Parent In Zoom Call When She Thinks The Parent Has Left
09 March 2021: Democrat Pushes Schools to Teach 'Anal Sex' & 'Gender Identity' to Kids as Young as 5
05 March 2021: Demented Woke Left are Targeting Children
03 March 2021: GayBCs' LGBTQ Alphabet Book Is Pure Child Grooming Material
03 March 2021: Gov Funded Transgender Surgery for Kids
03 March 2021: Rachel Levine Refuses  to Answer Gender Modification Questions for Minors
02 March 2021: Transgender Stupidity - Protect Your Children
01 March 2021: Irreparable Damage - Epidemic of Girls Getting Mastectomies & Puberty Blockers Without Parents Consent
28 February 2021: Democrats Will Allow Minors To Amputate Their Genitals
18 February 2021: Stop Lying - Virtual public schooling is not homeschooling
17 February 2021: War On Our Children
17 February 2021: Young children are being taught ‘utterly inappropriate’ conten
16 February 2021: History of sex education. Unethical sexual philosophy surrounding UK Policy
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29 December 2020: Brooklyn School Hands Out ‘Drag Queen In Training’ Stickers To 4-Year-Olds
11 December 2020: Public school FORCES teachers to admit they're racist colonizers
04 December 2020: NHS gender change conveyor belt
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04 December 2020: More Anti-White Brainwashing In Public School
04 December 2020: SD Unified School District Forcing Teachers To Do White Privilege, Anti- Racist Training!
04 December 2020: Swinney's obscene sex ed. lessons: now we know what the public think!
02 December 2020: Transgender Industrial Complex
01 December 2020: UK Court Rules It Is Now Unlawful To Prescribe Puberty Blockers To Children!!!
30 November 2020: Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is Occultism & Indoctrination
29 November 2020: Indoctrination Camps
29 November 2020: People Are Pulling Their Kids Out of Public Schools
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21 September 2020: 1619 Project - Fake History in School to Destroy US
18 September 2020: Confirmed Mass Testing in Canada Schools / Freemason Symbols On Cops Masks!!
18 September 2020: It’s Idiotic to Think Govt Will Give A Patriotic Education (VIDEO)
17 September 2020: Power2Parent fights against graphic sex ed in Las Vegas schools (VIDEO)
16 September 2020: Anti-conservative Bias In Education (VIDEO)
16 September 2020: Father of transgender child risks prison by speaking out on cross-sex hormone court case (VIDEO)
16 September 2020: UN's Education Agenda Advances Under Trump With Cover Of Scamdemic Via CDC & HHS (VIDEO)
16 September 2020: What About Dating? (VIDEO)
15 September 2020: South Africa Tranny Runs UN Pro Teen Prostitution Post (VIDEO)
14 September 2020: UN Chooses Teen Prostitution Advocate For Top Human Rights Post (VIDEO)
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11 September 2020: Operation Legend Exposes BLM's War On America's Children (VIDEO)
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11 September 2020: Public Schools, Private Hell (VIDEO)
11 September 2020: There Is A Full-Fledged Effort To Sexualize Children In Our Culture (VIDEO)
09 September 2020: Government School System Reaches Its Slimy Tentacles Into The Home (VIDEO)
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08 September 2020: Denis Rancourt on the psychological impact of physical distancing on kids (VIDEO)
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26 August 2020: Tent City formed across from Elementary School in BC: residents feel abandoned by local government (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Deep State Using Child Soldiers in War on America (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: More Desperate Attempts by Schools to HIDE What They’re Teaching Your Children (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Toronto Teacher Explains the Brainwashing of Canadian School Children (VIDEO)
23 August 2020: Parents Asked To Ignore Kids Online Classes As Far left Indoctrinates Kids (VIDEO)
23 August 2020: Save the Children Rallies in Liverpool & London reporting Ding Dong The Witch is Dead! (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Babysitters Club Reboot is Child Exploitation (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Red Alert! Schools Turning In Virtual Students for What Is Seen by the Teacher (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Covid Testing At Schools ? (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Expert in civilization collapse warns transgender mutilation of children is the FINAL sign of cultural decline (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Red Flagging Children - CPS Takes Kids, Maybe Due Process Later (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Remember Kamala Threatening Parents? She’s Not the Only One (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Woke Teachers Complain They Can't Brainwash Children Anymore, Zoomers Take the Red Pill (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Fired for Accidentally Calling Transgender Student ‘She’  (VIDEO)
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29 July 2020: California Passes Bill to Fund Sex Hormones and Transgender Surgeries for Children (VIDEO)
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17 July 2020: Left Wants to Turn Men Into Femboys (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Teen Boys FORCED To Take Female Hormones As "Experiment" By LA Government According To Lawsuit (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Exposing the Filth in Kids' Books (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Public schools wants to get rid of Father daughter dances! (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: How The 'Great Reset' Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To 'Reimagine' Humanity (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Second Wave - Planned 60GHz Millimeter Wave Attack In Schools (VIDEO)
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10 July 2020: Premier of Ontario, Canada Doug Ford's Family Transvestigation (VIDEO)
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03 June 2020: Child protection ‘obviously not a priority’ for Queensland government (VIDEO)
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20 May 2020: School Closures Are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Schools (VIDEO)
19 May 2020: Gender fluidity madness resurfaces in 'the Genderbread Person' (VIDEO)
12 May 2020: Elementary School Repeatedly Dismisses Sexual Allegations Against Principle, Until FBI Sting (VIDEO)
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