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31 August 2020: Baltic Dry Index and Food (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Famines in Cycles are Ice Gains the Indicator (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Food Shortages & Prices Rises Over 15% All Over China!! (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Food Supply Spontaneously Combusting! Controlled Demolition of Supply Chain (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: When Gardens Are Outlawed, Only Criminals Will Grow Food (VIDEO)
29 August 2020: Food Shutdown - Farmworkers flee COVID-19 tests - CA Orders Meat Plant Closure (VIDEO)
29 August 2020: Winter Forecast High Food Prices and Cancelled Credit Cards (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: USA Food Shortage Starting mid-November (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: UN IS Asking for $5 Billion to Fight Global Famine (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Theft of Animals for Food as Global Famine Begins (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Biden Endorses Plan To Starve 8 Million People Under New Lockdown (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Global Climate Craziness, How To Beat The 2020 Clock (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Food Warfare - More States to Test/Close Farms (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: You Are Being Trained for Food Shortages (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Bill Gates wants you to eat Fake Meat (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Record Long Food Lines and Summer Snow in China Again (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Food Inflation Surges With Medical Care Costs, Collapse In Foot Traffic Reveals No V-Shape Recovery (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: NZ Has Worst Food Laws On Planet-Just Outlawed Bartering (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Shortages Begin As 9th Circuit Protects Our 2nd Amendment (VIDEO)
16 August 2020: Dreams, Movements, Revolution! Meet The Author Of "Global Food Revolution" (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: China's Food Crisis - Recycling Food, Limiting Orders, Censoring Eating on Social Media (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: What is The Government Preparing For Now? VIDEO)
13 August 2020: It's All About the Food (Part 1) (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: A Horrific Storm Destroys Iowa, millions of crop fields wiped out & crossing into many States!! (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: It's Official They're Coming But Takng Your Food First (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: States Secretly Stockpiling Food For "Need Ahead"
11 August 2020: Corn Crop Catastrophe, Grain Stores Destroyed, Food Prices (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: How Big Corporate Farming Took Over Your Food Supplies (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: More Farmers Declare Bankruptcy Despite Record Levels of Federal Aid!! (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: States Secretly Stockpiling Food for Need Ahead - "To the Roof!" (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Global Supply Chian Broken - Leader Countries & CEO's Merge (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Transhumanist Fake Food Is Becoming Mainstream As The Food Shortages Loom And The Destruction Of Small Business (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Satellites Go Down as Food Prices Run Away with No Recovery in Sight (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Prices Sky Rocket As Our Economy Implodes - Be Prepared (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: COVID-19 Strike Teams Shut Down Farms - FoodWars Go Hot - Beirut, Aus, China Shortages (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Trudeau Chooses His Family Over Your Farms and Food Supply (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Truckers Will Not Deliver to a Defunded City (VIDEO)
03 August 2020: Will You Starve To Death (VIDEO)
02 August 2020: Rockefeller's "Reset the Table:" Food Tyranny & Transform Food Supply (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: 30 Million Americans Do Not Have Enough To Eat! (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Be Ready For The Shortages - Look Around Folks (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Harvard Wants to Deceive, Sell Lab-Grown Protein as Meat Without Telling You! (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Controlling Water in Africa, a Grand Solar Minimum Cycle  (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: It's Happening! Are You Ready to Become Zimbabwe 2.0? (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Do You See This Future? (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Videos Show Long Queues As Chinese Citizens Attempt to Leave China (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: KFC 3D Prints "Chicken Nuggets" & Reveals Transhumanist "Future of Food" (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: US Canned Food Shortages due to Chinese Tin/Steel Supply Chain Failures (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Largest Floods in Chinese History Wiped Out the Country’s Food & Grain Supply  (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Reason Your Life Has Changed and How Expensive Things Will Become 2021-2023 (Part 1)) (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: When Systems Break Down People and Commerce Migrate (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: Supply Chain Chaos (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: What Are You Really Eating?
17 July 2020: What the Appliance Guy Told Me: Shortages, Food Prep, and a Sound Mind (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Holocaust The New York Times Ignored (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Reestablishing Global Supply Chains How Much Will It Cost You (Part 2)
16 July 2020: Second Wave Panic Buying Is Here! - Fear Is Leading To Another "Supply Chain Breakdown" (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Second lockdown could destroy the supply chain (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Cannibalism Is Being Normalized (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Future of Food - Controlling the Population Through What We Eat (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: How Expensive Will it Get in 2021 (Part 1) (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Comets and Lost Crops as China Buys 2nd Largest Amount in 25 Years (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Perfect Storm Setting The Stage For Massive Food Shortages & Famine (VIDEO)
09 July 2020: Seeds of Death (VIDEO)
09 July 2020: This is How You Will Access Food in The Future (VIDEO)
08 July 2020: America Ramping Up—The Unprepared May Die—Food Shortages Hit Millions In The US As Globalists Prep! (VIDEO)
08 July 2020: Into the Smart Cities With You! The "Biodiversity" Lie & Agenda 2030 (VIDEO)
07 July 2020: Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life (VIDEO)
06 July 2020: Here Comes The Food Shortage (VIDEO)
04 July 2020: Gov. Forces Farms to Shut Down. Food Shortages Imminent. (VIDEO)
03 July 2020: Gun Ban Canada - 2020 Documentary (Part 1) (VIDEO)
03 July 2020: Gun Ban Canada - 2020 Documentary (Part 2) (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Can We Escape All This Fake Food The Elties Give Us? (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Food supply "second wave" Collapse has begun (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Shut Down Farms - New H1N1 "Pandemic Potential" - Your Chickens are Deadly and Illegal (VIDEO)
27 June 2020: Bioengineered Nano Foods - Soylent Green on Steroids (VIDEO)
23 June 2020: Architecting The Beast System - AI Control of Food Supply (VIDEO)
23 June 2020: Dust-Pocalypse Arrives & Scotland Misses Targets (VIDEO)
22 June 2020: Defund Meat - The New Plan to End Meat by Stripping Credit/Capital (VIDEO)
21 June 2020: Stumbling Over Monopoly Money in a Food Recall (VIDEO)
22 June 2020: Food Security at Risk, Cattleman Warns (VIDEO)
20 June 2020: Food, Wealth and Bees Gone (VIDEO)
20 June 2020: IAF on Urban Farmer Curtis Stone: On Grand Solar Minimum & Food Shortages (VIDEO)
20 June 2020: Trump's New Icebreaker Fleet & Grand Solar Minimum 2020 (VIDEO)
18 June 2020: Consolidation of Corporate Delivery and Food Availability (VIDEO)
18 June 2020: Little Political Will to Get Pesticides Out of Food (VIDEO)
17 June 2020: Food Crisis "Things Are About to Get Much Worse"
17 June 2020: Food shortages coming during solar minimum
17 June 2020: Ugly Truth You Need To Know About Eating Lab Food In This Pandemic (VIDEO)
17 June 2020: Why Your Lives Are Changing and What’s Next (VIDEO)
15 June 2020: Grain Shortages Come Next in Lockdown 2.0  (VIDEO)
15 June 2020: Leftist Collapse! Police Resigning Across Country as Truckers Refuse to Deliver to Cities!!! (VIDEO)
15 June 2020: Trucking Shutdown: One Of The Many Effects Of Riots (VIDEO)
15 June 2020: US Pork Production DOWN 40%, Chinese Imports of US Pork UP 400% (VIDEO)
13 June 2020: Bob Kudla (Part 3) - Cities have failed the People
13 June 2020: Food Shortages and Skyrocketing Inflation (VIDEO)
13 June 2020: Is The Deep State Shutting Down Food Processing Plants In The US? (VIDEO)
11 June 2020: Bob Kudla (Part 2) - Predetermined Mission to Block Food Supplies (VIDEO)
10 June 2020: Chinese Hoard Grains after Cold Kills Wheat - Growing Zones Shifting! (VIDEO)
10 June 2020: Just Be Prepared For Empty shelves Very Soon (VIDEO)
10 June 2020: Bob Kudla (Part 1)  - Why Your Cost of Living Will Suddenly Become Expensive (VIDEO)
08 June 2020: Who Gets What When Supply Chains Breakdown (VIDEO)
06 June 2020: Food Inflation Is Becoming Serious (VIDEO)
04 June 2020: Tick Swarms, H.K Money Reset and Seed Shortages Beginning  (VIDEO)
04 June 2020: We are Converting our Lawn to Food! From Grass to Urban Farm!! (VIDEO)
03 June 2020: Harvest of Despair - The Forgotten Genocide of Ukrainians by Communists in 1933 (VIDEO)
01 June 2020: 100% Farm Workers have Covid!? Forces Behind Riots Engineering Food Shortages Next (VIDEO)
01 June 2020: Seafood Shortage? (VIDEO)
01 June 2020: Trump Warns - Need Guns to "Guard Your Potatoes" (VIDEO)
31 May 2020: 9 Million Parents Worried About Not Being Able to Feed Children In June (VIDEO)
30 May 2020: China not drought the biggest concern for NSW farmers (VIDEO)
30 May 2020: Rockefeller Food, AgTech, & The Coming Food Supply Shortage (VIDEO)
29 May 2020: Drought-stricken farmers face greater threat from China (VIDEO)
28 May 2020: Bring Processing of Meat Back to America (VIDEO)
28 May 2020: Deeper The Illusion, More Translucent The Distraction (VIDEO)
28 May 2020: FOOD: What's In It? Who Knows! FDA Drops Labels to hide Food Shortages
28 May 2020: How High Will Food Inflation Go? (VIDEO)
26 May 2020: EU's "Farm to Fork" Exposed: Total Takeover of Food in EU's "Green Deal" (VIDEO)
25 May 2020: EU Is Serving Bug Sandwiches (VIDEO)
24 May 2020: Can You Adapt to Control of the Food Supply (VIDEO)
24 May 2020: Food Shortage=Food distribution centers (VIDEO)
22 May 2020: Get Your Soylent Green Today! [Food Made From Humans] (VIDEO)
23 May 2020: Farm to Fridge – The Truth Behind Meat Production (VIDEO)
22 May 2020: Food Distribution Sites Now Shutting Down Worldwide (VIDEO)
22 May 2020: South Africa: Queue for food donations stretches for kilometres near Pretoria (VIDEO)
21 May 2020: Food Price Gouging, Global Hunger Riots and Real Estate Collapse (VIDEO)
20 May 2020: Are You Hungry? You Will Be! (VIDEO)
20 May 2020: Global Food Shortages Masked by a Lock Down (VIDEO)
19 May 2020: Another Reason the Globe is Being Locked Down - Global Crop Losses (VIDEO)
19 May 2020: China Trade Wars with Australia Its the start of Food Shortage (VIDEO)
18 May 2020: Avoid The Beef Shortage With This One Simple Trick (VIDEO)
18 May 2020: Covid19 Strikes Then Bang! The Sun Goes Into Rare Lockdown Mode That May Cause a Nightmare To Unfold! (VIDEO)
18 May 2020: Shutdown Orders Cause Starvation Of Millions (VIDEO)
15 May 2020: Empty Grocery Shelves Appearing All Across America (VIDEO)
14 May 2020: Connection Between Meat Factories’ Closure, & Bill Gates’ Investments; Amazon etc Still Open. (VIDEO)
14 May 2020: Food Supply In Big Trouble - Overnight You Could Go Hungry (VIDEO)
14 May 2020: No Grocery-Shopping for Test-Refusers (VIDEO)
13 May 2020: Growing Threat of Food Shortages Explained by Crawfish and Rice Farmers in China, Texas (VIDEO)
12 May 2020: Burger Shortage Reflects Disruption of Meat Production; Social Engineering Of Eating Habits. (VIDEO)
12 May 2020: Famine Is A Choice-Don't Let It Happen! Push Back Against The Spreading Darkness! (VIDEO)
12 May 2020: Massive US Food Being Shipped To China Amid US Food Shortages (VIDEO)
12 May 2020: Meat & Dairy Shortage? (VIDEO)
12 May 2020: Ominous Looming Megadrought In West (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: Are Meat Shortages Partially Intended / Being Exploited As a Psychological Operation?  (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: Authority Unwillingness To Solve Agricultural Chain Issues; Long-Term Effects of Herd Destruction  (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: Dust Bowl Speculative Headline, & Other Things Exacerbating The Agricultural Crisis (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: Food Processing Easy To Take Down; Food As a Weapon; Elites Playing With Fire? (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: Hyperinflation is Coming 20k for a Lunch the Rapid Inflation of Food Prices in the U.S. (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: On The Importance of Meat Plants Staying Open; A War On Farmers? (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: War On Farmers Continues Despite Situation; Elite Long-Term Food Production Plans Closer to Fruition (VIDEO)
10 May 2020: Will Record May Cold in Europe and N. America Wipe Out Crops (VIDEO)
09 May 2020: An Overview Of Food Supply Warning Headlines From Around The World (VIDEO)
09 May 2020: Censorship Expands To Discussion on Food Shortages (VIDEO)
09 May 2020: Grim Food Report (VIDEO)
09 May 2020: Is This A Planned Food Blockade of Protein Sources (VIDEO)
08 May 2020: Cattle Rancher Shad Sullivan Warns About Meat You're Buying (VIDEO)
08 May 2020: Technocratic, Transhumanist Total Takeover of Food (VIDEO)
07 May 2020: Guess Who's Growing Your Meat? (VIDEO)
07 May 2020: Prepare For Food Rationing As Supplies Dwindle (VIDEO)
06 May 2020: History Shows Where We Go From Here (VIDEO)
06 May 2020: How COVID-19 is Impacting America's Meat Supply (VIDEO)
06 May 2020: Meat Shortage Just the Start -- Forces Creating Food Shortages (VIDEO)
05 May 2020: Are You Prepared for An Economic Reset & Self Sustainability (Part 2) (VIDEO)
05 May 2020: Beef Prices Explode to Record Highs As Kroger and Costco Limit Meat Purchases (VIDEO)
05 May 2020: In a Covid 1984 World Be Prepared to Beg For Food (VIDEO)
05 May 2020: Meat Shortages? Beef Prices Up 60% In A Month? Where's The Beef or Pork? (VIDEO)
04 May 2020: Are Governments Grabbing Control of the Global Food Supply? ( Part 1) (VIDEO)
04 May 2020: Food Shortages Get Worse, Stores Beginning To ration Meat, Business May Never Reopen (VIDEO)
03 May 2020: 34K chickens die in farm fires in North Carolina & Virginia!! (VIDEO)
03 May 2020: 140K Hogs are being Euthanized Every Day in America!! (VIDEO)
02 May 2020: COVID Food Shortage With Ice Age Farmer (VIDEO)
30 April 2020: Guess Whose Growing your Meat (VIDEO)
30 April 2020: Meat Shortages In Montana? (VIDEO)
30 April 2020: World Postures for Food Shortages (VIDEO)
29 April 2020: Globalists Sacrifice Third World Starving Children on the Altar of Authoritarianism (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: American Farmers Being Ordered To Depopulate Livestock And Destroy Crops (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: Bolshevik Gov't Officials Ordering U.S. Farmers To Destroy Food Supply, Importing From Africa (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: Food Shortages, War & Lies Deep State's Final Stand (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: Foods Disappearing One By One (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: North Farmer Exposes Destruction of Food Supplies (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: When Food Is Not Your Friend: The Starvation Strategy Will Be Employed to Meet America's Emerging Spirit of Disobedience (VIDEO)
27 April 2020: Engineering Famine - Food Supply Starting To Collapse (VIDEO)
27 April 2020: Farms in Maryland & Delaware to Exterminate 2 Million Chickens Due to Staffing Shortages!! (VIDEO)
28 April 2020: Food Supply Chain Falters Signaling Imminent Famine (VIDEO)
27 April 2020: Millions in India facing hunger during lockdown!! (VIDEO)
26 April 2020: Global Famine - Starve or Use Central Bank Issued Digital Dollars (VIDEO)
26 April 2020: We Will Need a Miracle to Avoid a Worldwide Greatest Depression and Famine of Biblical Proportions (VIDEO)
25 April 2020: 9 Large Meat Plants Closed! Why Not Send In the National Guard? (VIDEO)
25 April 2020: Food Riots Erupt In Venezuela And South Africa As COVID Destroys Supply Lines (VIDEO)
25 April 2020: It's Started In Venezuela! Will It Come Here?? (VIDEO)
24 April 2020: Alberta rancher speaks out: Will Cargill's COVID-19 shut-down result in a meat shortage? (VIDEO)
24 April 2020: China can fight a Cold War with food security and technology, not weapons (VIDEO)
24 April 2020: Leading a Food Revolution with Symbria and Sara Patterson (VIDEO)
24 April 2020: Meat Shortages Coming As Packing Plants Close (VIDEO)
24 April 2020: Social Media Censors as Food Shortages Begin (VIDEO)
23 April 2020: Cargill meat packing plant closure - COVID-19 outbreak among foreign workers tops 500 cases (VIDEO)
23 April 2020: Guess Who's Buying All the Survival Food? (VIDEO)
23 April 2020: Meat Plants Are Stopping Production Causing Meat Shortage Fears (VIDEO)
23 April 2020: UN Warns Of Famines Of Biblical Proportions Due To Lockdown Caused By COVID Plandemic (VIDEO)
23 April 2020: UN Warns Of Potential Coming Food Apocalypse (VIDEO)
22 April 2020: China Triggers Global Starvation
22 April 2020: Famine 2020 - Food Rationing Begins
22 April 2020: UN Confirms Corona Lockdown Killing More Than Virus After 30 Million Now Starving (VIDEO)
21 April 2020: CO2 Shortage Threatens Food/Water - National Guard Deploys to Meat Plants - Summer Outlook (VIDEO)
20 April 2020: Newer Distraction to Divide Families - Everything Will Return To Normal (VIDEO)
20 April 2020: Preparing for Food Shocks What You Should Consider (2/3) (VIDEO)
19 April 2020: Beef processors are closing U.S. plants, warn of beef shortages and hoarding!! (VIDEO)
19 April 2020: Stock Up While You Can - Food Riots Now World Wide (VIDEO)
19 April 2020: When Will The Real Food Shortage Hit? (VIDEO)
18 April 2020: State of Global Food Production What You Are Not Being Told Ice Age Farmer  (VIDEO)
18 April 2020: Stressing About Food Prices, This Will Help (1/3) (VIDEO)
17 April 2020: Depression vs Plague - Seeds of Starvation Being Sown Now (VIDEO)
16 April 2020: Sudden Food Shortage Alarm (VIDEO)
16 April 2020: Out of Lock Down Right Into Food Shortages  (VIDEO)
15 Aprl 2020: Cascading Failures & Shortages - USDA To Buy Food, Distribute via Food Banks (VIDEO)
15 April 2020: Coming Food Shortages (VIDEO)
14 April 2020: Food Shortages Occurring World Wide - NOW! (VIDEO)
13 April 2020: Mega Frosts Slam Europe with a Looming Food Crisis (VIDEO)
13 April 2020: No More Meat - Plants Close "Indefinitely" (VIDEO)
11 April 2020: Federal Food Control, Federal Debt  (VIDEO)
10 April 2020: Truckers And Logistics Workers Warn America - The Food And Water Supply Is About To Run Out! (VIDEO)
10 April 2020: Prepping for Normal People on a Tight Budget-Which food to Buy & Grow in 2020 for Supply Chain Shock (VIDEO)
09 April 2020: Canadian Prepper - When Food Runs Out (VIDEO)
09 April 2020: Hunger Games Society - Crashing the Economy by Design (VIDEO)
09 April 2020: Lack of Air Travel with Free Food for Caretakers of the Earth (John Hickman 2/3) (VIDEO)
09 April 2020: Millions Will Starve to Death as Authoritarian Lockdown Wrecks Economy (VIDEO)
09 April 2020: There's no such thing as "Panic buying" (VIDEO)
08 April 2020: Food Shutdown - Farmers Told to "Quit Farming" (VIDEO)
07 April 2020: Pennsylvania banning selling seeds for farming & Forced Farmers to sell all Cattle! (VIDEO)
07 April 2020: Planned starvation? Walmart Bans sales of Garden Seeds (VIDEO)
06 April 2020: Victory Garden? Govt Bans Seed Sales as “Non-Essential” (VIDEO)
05 April 2020: Global Food Shortages Are Almost Assured Behavioral Changes Over Food  (VIDEO)
04 April 2020: Coronavirus - How To Grow Food in your house Survive (VIDEO)
04 April 2020: FEMA/DHS Food Shortages Timeline Leaked / China Panic Buying Food / Have Hope (VIDEO)
04 April 2020: Protein From Volcanoes as Food Becomes Unaffordable (VIDEO)
04 April 2020: States Ban Sales of Seeds - Meat Packers Closed - Food Shutdown (VIDEO)
02 April 2020: 5 Tips for Small Farmers During A Pandemic (VIDEO)
02 April 2020: Food Shortages and How the Lock Down May or May Not Finish (VIDEO)
02 April 2020: Growing Our Own Food in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic (VIDEO)
02 April 2020: Govt Gremlins - Destroying Our Farms & Food Supplies to “Protect” Us (VIDEO)
01 April 2020: Sequence of Global Financial Reset, What Will Keep Its Value?  (VIDEO)
31 March 2020: Italy Braces For Food Riots Dispatches Police, Countries Are Hoarding Food (VIDEO)
31 March 2020: UN is already blaming the food shortage on the Coronavirus!! (VIDEO)
30 March 2020: Timeline to Governments Taking Control of the Global Food Supply (VIDEO)
30 March 2020: When Times Get Tough Having Access To Real Food Is Essential For Survival! What You Need To Know!!.. (VIDEO)
29 March 2020: Is Global Food Rationing Here ? (VIDEO)
29 March 2020: UN Warns - Global Food Shortages Start Now (VIDEO)
27 March 2020: Garden Center Hoarding Begins, Spring On Hold Europe (VIDEO)
26 March 2020: Think beyond Stored food and start Growing food (VIDEO)
25 March 2020: For the first time in a generation, People Value Food (VIDEO)
25 March 2020: Global Agriculture Locks Up Do We Starve (VIDEO)
24 March 2020: We Are Coming For You - Preppers & Food Supply Crisis
23 March 2020: Earthquake and Global Cooling Cycles, Whats Next to 2024 (VIDEO)
23 March 2020: Starvation as a Weapon of War (VIDEO)
22 March 2020: CON-trived Food Shortage! (VIDEO)
21 March 2020: Let's talk about what happens when the trucks stop....(VIDEO)
21 March 2020: People Will Not Understand Why Food Is Suddenly Unavailable (Part 2)
20 March 2020: Why Aren’t Our Governments Informing Us About Imminent Crop Shortages? (VIDEO)
17 March 2020: Amazon to Fail, Meat to Skyrocket - Wholesale Replacement of Agriculture (VIDEO)
17 March 2020: Government to Control Food Distribution (VIDEO)
16 March 2020: Feds Take Control of Food/Trucking as Grocers Unable to Get Food (VIDEO)
14 March 2020: No Bread, No Circus - Spread Word Now of Food Shortages Ahead (VIDEO)
12 March 2020: Last Year of Stable Food Supply We Have On This Planet (Part 1/3) (VIDEO)
10 March 2020: Fruit, Vegetable, Meat Vanishes Across the Globe (VIDEO)
07 March 2020: Food Supplies Are Dwindling World Wide (VIDEO)
06 March 2020: A Progression of Supply Chain Snaps (VIDEO)
03 March 2020: Empty Shelves Around the World -- A Huge Opportunity!! (VIDEO)
03 March 2020: What Will Determine Who Gets Food Moving Forward? (VIDEO)
25 February 2020: Social Credit Will Transfer into Food Welfare When Shortages Begin (VIDEO)
23 February 2020: Shipping Shutdown - Exporters Warn of Global Food Trade Collapse (VIDEO)
22 Febraury 2020: Asian Supply Chains starting to unravel, Lock down in Korea (VIDEO)
21 February 2020: Is There Enough in the Global Supply Chain to Satiate Everyone’s Need? (VIDEO)
17 February 2020: You Don’t Matter When There is Corporate Money in The Way (VIDEO)
15 February 2020: Food Supply to Collapse after Outbreak? Billionaires Predict "Global Problems" (VIDEO)
10 February 2020: Supply Chain Disruptions Will Explain Away Food Shortages (VIDEO)
01 February 2020: China - It's Not About the Coronavirus -- It's About the Food (VIDEO)
24 January 2020: War On Meat & Food Science Censorship Exposed (VIDEO)
24 January 2020: About That Corn Basis Anomaly ... Can USDA Keep Hiding Losses? (VIDEO)
20 January 2020: Food Wars 2020 - USA Sold Out & Will Go Hungry By Design (VIDEO)
09 January 2020:  DHS - China Can't Feed Itself -- Food Wars Have Begun (VIDEO)
08 January 2020: Canada's Carbon Tax At Work - Final Straw for Agriculture? (VIDEO)
08 January 2020: Global Food Rationing - You Have Been Warned (VIDEO)
18 December 2019: Nations Scramble for Food -- Shortages Blamed on "Nationalism" (VIDEO)
05 December 2019: Collapsing Food Distribution and 5G Entities (VIDEO)
24 October 2019: Food Shortages in Economic Collapse What Really Happens to Calories (VIDEO)
24 October 2019: Top Farmer Warns: Forces At Work to Hide Massive Crop Losses (VIDEO)
14 October 2019: It's not about 'safety' - Alberta NDP's Bill 6 bans family farms (VIDEO)
07 October 2019: US Has No Grain Reserves - Feed/Seed Shortages (VIDEO)
20 September 2019: China's 10,000 Tons of Pork from Strategic Reserves & the Great Chinese Famine (VIDEO)
20 September 2019: Global Lock Down Begins as Food Shortages Loom (VIDEO)
20 September 2019: Meat To Be Outlawed by Soros' Weaponized Vegan Army + Animal Rebellion + Bill Gates' Geoengineering (VIDEO)
12 September 2019: Rise of the Soylent Greens & Meat Prohibition (VIDEO)
05 September 2019: Save the Planet -- Eat Humans (VIDEO)
15 August 2019: Alberta - Flooding Disaster & Hail Destroys Taber Corn (VIDEO)
15 August 2019: Food Shortages Now: How to Prepare? Dr. Anita Bailey's COLD TIMES: Preparing for Mini Ice Age (VIDEO)
14 July 2019: Economic Collapse 2020 - Cosmic "Perfect Storm" cause Rising Food Prices (VIDEO)
14 July 2019: USDA Fraud - Masking Crop Losses in Grand Solar Minimum (VIDEO)
04 June 2019: End of Cheap Food, Meat Rationing, and Free Beer (VIDEO)
13 June 2019: China Can't Afford Apples - "Fruit Freedom" Lost (VIDEO)
06 June 2019: Black Swan? 31M ac Unplanted. $65 hay bales in Ohio.(VIDEO)
08 May 2019: Burger King Launches Transhumanist Meat - Lord Birkenhead Smiles (VIDEO)
23 April 2019: Crop Losses, Retail Shortages - Media Covers up - Grow Biointensive - Grand Solar Minimum (VIDEO)
08 April 2019: On the Ground - Brent in Saskatchewan - Grand Solar Minimum Report (VIDEO)
03 April 2019:  USA Border Shutdown = Food Shortages!? (VIDEO)
02 April 2019: Global Protein Shortage -- Why Meat Prices are Exploding (VIDEO)
24 March 2019: Crop Destroying Blizzard and Planting Delays on the Way (VIDEO)
21 March 2019: Nebraska Flooding $1 Billion Ag Damages - Censorship & Eco-Fascism Rising (VIDEO)
15 March 2019: Too Much Ice: Canadian Ferry Service Interruptions [VIDEO]
07 March 2019: Food Shortages & Unrest - Italian Olive Growers Mobilize for "Frost Emergency" - Grand Solar Minimum (VIDEO)
21 December 2018: Harvard/Gates Buying up Farms/Water - Food Theft Rising in Grand Solar Minimum (VIDEO)
19 November 2018: Worst Harvest Ever * Russia Moves Farms Indoors for Grand Solar Minimum (VIDEO)
16 November 2018: Wordpress Censors Climate Truth - Catastrophic Loss in Ontario/Kashmir - Stocks Declining (VIDEO)
08 November 2018: Dr. Valentina Zharkova warning of Global Cooling, Food Scarcity in Grand Solar Minimum (VIDEO)
28 September 2018: Time is Short - Record Colds Globally - Cover-up in Overdrive - Prepare NOW (VIDEO)
20 September 2018: Food Shortages Growing - Media Hiding Crop Losses (VIDEO)
30 August 2018: Global Wheat Shortage / Hungersteine / Vegan Death Cult (VIDEO)
08 August 2018: Tech Censorship Goes Out of Control as Crops Fail - Food Shock Looms (VIDEO)
18 August 2018: Internet going Dark as Climate goes Cold - War on Reality Is On (VIDEO)
Connecting The Dots To Show The Parallel Lines
Real World News for Real World People
Biden Ends Beef? 90% Reduction in Red Meat by 2030 for Climate Plan
Liberals Admit Slaves Weren’t Allowed To Eat Meat While Attempting To Ban Meat
Masks & Slavery Presentation
Family Food Security