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28 August 2020: Why We Got A Harvest Right Freeze Dryer (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: 10 Essential Foods Every Prepper Should Buy NOW! (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Protect YOUR Home During SHTF: 10 Layers of Home Defense (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: People Are Building These Everywhere, Are They Crazy? (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Top 10 Preps to Buy At COSTCO Upon Every Visit (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: 4 Reasons to Buy a Countertop Water Filter (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: It’s Crunch Time! People Are Moving To The Suburbs And Investing In Privacy Coins Because Of COVID-19 (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Bartering May Be the Only Means of Exchange We Will Have Left (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Gun Sales Skyrocket As Prepping Grows In Popularity! - What Does This Mean? (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Almost Off Grid! How I Use My Solar (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: 10 Best Survival Foods to Stockpile for Disaster (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: Homesteading, Natural Medicine, and Food Production in the COVID-19 Era (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Raising Meat Birds (VIDEO)
03 August 2020: First Aid Kits (VIDEO)
02 August 2020: Online Course Launch and Why Preppers Were Right in 2020 (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: Food as medicine - Garlic and lemon juice combined can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Strategic Relocation - North American Guide To Safe Places, 4th Edition (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: During A Total Collapse, Learn the Safest Places to Live in North America (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Prepping 101 - Building an apothecary garden (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Covid Revealed To Us We Will Need This Item...(VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Got Gold?, Got Food?, Get Truth! (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: New Normal Economy Will Force Survivors to Do These 3 Things (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: 10 Reasons You Wont Survive Whats Coming (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Prepping Haul from the Dollar Tree: What I got and Why I got it (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Why You Should Stockpile Food - Now! (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: How to Hide Resources As You Prepare For the Inevitable (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: What You Should Be Doing for Local Intelligence (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: Luxury, Necessity, & SHTF ! (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: What I Bought Today and WHY for Food and General Preps (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Survival, Top Trend 2021 (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Be Ready When This Happens...(VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Preparing for the Underground Economy & Collapse of Civilization (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: How to easily build a 2 week emergency food supply (VIDEO)
10 July 2020: MMS "Bug Out" Pharmacy supplies with MMS for under $200. SHTF medicine (VIDEO)
08 July 2020: 3-Part System for Food Security - Grow Your Own Food (VIDEO)
06 July 2020: CO2 - Another Shortage You Don't Know About (VIDEO)
05 July 2020: 10 Portable Prepping Items (VIDEO)
05 July 2020: How to Start Prepping Before Its Too Late - Complete Guide (VIDEO)
03 July 2020: Bug Out or FIGHT? Defending Home During Civil Unrest (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2) (VIDEO)
28 June 2020: Survival Tools For SHTF! (VIDEO)
21 June 2020: Complete Guide to Survival Gear (Part 1) (VIDEO)
20 June 2020: Why Sweden Is Encouraging Preppers (VIDEO)
11 June 2020: We Must Do More For Ourselves To Create Abundance For Our Families (VIDEO)
07 June 2020: Emergency Tools for SHTF (VIDEO)
28 May 2020: Why Preppers Were RIGHT: C-Vid, Looting, and Psychos (VIDEO)
27 May 2020: Everyone Became a Prepper in 2020
23 May 2020: SHTF Essential Prepper (VIDEO)
06 May 2020: 53 Items you shouldn't forget when stockpiling for emergencies (VIDEO)
31 March 2020: Twilight Zone City Exodus Nobody Welcome (VIDEO)
25 March 2020: 11 vegetables and herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow Forever (VIDEO)
23 March 2020: Home canning tips - 3 Ways to sterilize jars (VIDEO)
27 April 2020: Federal Law Enforcement Insider Reveals How to Prep and Survive What Is Coming to America (VIDEO)
24 April 2020: 53 Items you shouldn't forget when stockpiling for emergencies (VIDEO)
10 February 2020: A Stunning Admission on the So-Called Population Crisis (VIDEO)
10 February 2020: We are facing Depopulation, not Overpopulation (VIDEO)
08 February 2020: Bioweapon Warfare Is The Eugenics Movement In Action (VIDEO)
28 January 2020: Bill Gates Admits To Depopulation Plan Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (VIDEO)
23 January 2020: Coronavirus Is Bioweapon For Population Control (VIDEO)
22 January 2020: End Game Approaches Global Depopulation Via Engineered Violence (VIDEO)
21 January 2020: Amount of Humans is Not Sustainable,” Says Professor at UN (VIDEO)
20 January 2020: UN Agenda 21and UN Agenda 2030. A Must See for Every Canadian (VIDEO)
18 January 2020: Ignore The Eugenics Plan At Your Own Peril (VIDEO)
12 January 2020: Greta Thunberg's New Demand Will Kill Millions Of Poor People, She's Dangerously Naive
30 November 2019: Mad Max Scenario Inevitable (VIDEO)
04 November 2019: Fires - Behind The Smoke - The Death Agendas (VIDEO)
26 September 2019: Interview with Dave Hodges about Depopulation, revolution and collapse (VIDEO)
13 September 2019: Child Sacrifice Precedes The Collapse Of Civilizations (VIDEO)
08 September 2019: This Group Seeks To Collapse Civilization (VIDEO)
06 September 2019: Learn How To Combat Leftist Policies From Collapsing Civilization (VIDEO)
05 September 2019: Expert Forecast - The Collapse Of Civilization (VIDEO)
02 September 2019: A Population Disaster No One Ever Expected! (VIDEO)
26 August 2019: How The Left Is Collapsing Civilization (VIDEO)
13 May 2019: Why Civilizations Collapse (VIDEO)
08 April 2018: Will Civilization Collapse (VIDEO)
08 May 2017: End Game - Why The West Is Lost (VIDEO)
11 October 2016: 1177 BC - The Year Civilization Collapsed (VIDEO)
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