31 August 2020: Canada - Citizens issue Stand Down Order to authorities after nullifying and outlawing COVID regulations (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: CDC Blows The Lid Off The COVID Pandemic—Media Goes Into High Gear to Cover It Up! (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: CDC Bombshell: Only Six Percent Of "Covid Deaths" From Only Covid! (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Covid Hoax Officially Collapses as CDC Admits Only 6% of Reported Deaths Covid Alone (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Covid Numbers Will be Corrected Before the End of this Year (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: DoJ Investigates Governors In Nursing Home Deaths (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Global Tyranny In The Name Of Corona (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Has HERD IMMUNITY already been achieved for COVID-19? Dr. Paul Cottrell explains (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Medical & Psychological Effects, What The Lockdown Is Doing (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gates Microchip Speaks The Truth (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Queen of England Sued Over COVID Measures, Judge: "Information Needs to be Heard"(VIDEO)
31 August 2020: This is what Dan Andrews is REALLY waiting for (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Twitter Removes Claim About CDC And Covid 19 Coronavirus Deaths That Trump Retweeted (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Vaccine-Derived Polio Sweeping Africa? (VIDEO)
31 August 2020: Would conservatives allow COVID-19 to shut down the country if it wasn't under President Trump? (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: CDC Report Says Only 9,210 Died From Virus Not 153,000  (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: How the Coronavirus Hoax has Permanently Destroyed Health Care (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: I Am Not Your Human Guinea Pig! (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: Is Lockdown 2 Just Around The Corner For New York? (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: It’s Here! Senate Bill Proposes COVID Detention Centers & Forced Vaccination…Are We Too Late? (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: New Hawaii Lockdown to Include Checkpoints and Forced Innoculations (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: NHS worker under investigation after claiming coronavirus is ‘load of bollocks’ (VIDEO)
30 August 2020: Vaccine Choice Outlines their Lawsuits against Trudeau, Tam, Doug Ford, & CBC (VIDEO)
29 August 2020: Covid-Gate, The Political Virus - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (VIDEO)
29 August 2020: Gunpoint Vaccines coming to Democrat-run states (VIDEO)
29 August 2020: Why SARS-CoV-2 Has NOT Been Isolated, Chromosome 8/PCR Testing & The H1N1 Illusion All Over Again (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Australian News Anchor - “Coronaphobia Killed More Then Corona Virus “ (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: COVID-1984 Update Q and A (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Covid Case Counting Exposed (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Covid Death Counting Exposed (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Doug Ford Uses COVID Case Count Chart to Address Concerns about Reopening the Border (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Facebook Fact Checkers (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Facebook Fact Checkers Bought and Paid for By Gates Foundation? (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Fauci Silent As CDC Makes Sweeping Changes To COVID Policy (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Govt Locks Church Doors? We’re Reverting Back to Tyranny & Dark Ages (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Has Sweden Beaten C0VlD - 1 Death for the Entire Month of August, No Lockdown, No Masks (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Is America Still The Home Of The Brave (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Nest Of Vipers At Corruption Inc (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: One Mainstream Journalist Dares To Question The Authority Of Bill Gates! Thank You! (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Panic in the Deep State, It's ALL Falling Apart for [Them] (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: Truth About the August 1st Anti-Lockdown Protests in Berlin (VIDEO)
28 August 2020: W.H.O. Should Be Held Accountable For This! (VIDEO)
27 Auust 2020: 98% Fake Covid Cases Exposed in Texas County Audit (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: A COVID Christmas: Masks, Vaccines & Govt Pricks Playing Santa with Fake Cash (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Air Canada - No standing, you might catch COVID! (packed planes are perfectly fine though) (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Banned On YouTube Italian Doctor Explains Vaccine Is For Depopulation (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Coronavirus now identified by professionals ...As a hoax!! (Explicit) (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: COVID 19 - Fact-Checking & Flip-Flopping (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: COVID 19 Testing, On Again, Off Again! (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: COVID 19 Vaccines? Here is the awnser...FY! - Lair Media, you are so Finish! (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Covid 1984 Pandemic Surveillance in Australia (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Covid War, Fight for Freedom or Die in Fear (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: DoJ Looking at Governors Re:Nursing Homes (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Dr. Judy Mikovits & Dr. Robert Young - COVID, Vaccines & Viruses (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Forced Vaccinations: Forced Rape by the “No Lives Matter” Globalists (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Global Medical Tyranny (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Idaho Votes To End The Executive Order! Power Hungry Governor Says No Way AMA! (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Is This Fraud Ever Going to End? (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand are carrying out Crimes Against Humanity (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Proof ! Regina ,Canada Forcing People With Negative Test Results Into Quarantine!  (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Scrubbed from Internet - History of Gates Foundation Sterilizing 100,000's of Young Girls in India with HPV Vaccine (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Sweden Discovered Thousands of False Positives In Chinese Made COVID-19 Test Kits (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Trump & RNC Declare COVID “Mission Accomplished”, But Like “W”, the War of Based on Lies Continues (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: World Rising Up Against the Lockdowns As Protests Mount (VIDEO)
27 August 2020: Zika Psyop to Justify Releasing Millions of Bill Gates’ GM Mosquitoes in Florida (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Berlin Bans Anti-Establishment Demonstration (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: COVID-19 Mandates Reveal Brainwashing Agenda (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Exposing the Real Threat Behind COVID-19 (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Finally! Someone in the MSM Exposes Bill Gates (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Leading COVID-19 Manufacturer Exposed For Intentionally Selling Faulty Untested Products, Again (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Lockdown Depends on Tests b/c Asymptomatic Transmission, But Fauci Says That Doesn’t Drive Epidemics! (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: More Experts Concede - Covid Lockdowns Were A Disaster (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Shocking Truth!!! This Is The Real Anthony Fauci (VIDEO)
26 August 2020: Studies Found That Pandemics Create Perfect Storm For Controlling Populations & Creating Conformity (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Australia Draconian No Jab, No Job. W.H.O. Musical Vaccine Instruments. Fauci Chameleon (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: BC, Canada MLA Info Booklet Progress...August 25th (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Burnaby Covid Testing Center 5 Months Later (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Deconstructing the Covid Narrative (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Did Joe Biden Know About The Fake COVID Pandemic Before It Happened? (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: DNA & COVID 19 (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Fauci’s Gift to Gates. “Enhanced” Vaccines Do Not Have to be Tested on Animals (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: FDA Condemns 'Wonder Drug' That Some Doctors are Calling a 'Cure' (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Fundamental freedoms lost over a lie....now what (Explicit) (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Gates Foundation Expose of Evil (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: George Soros, Bill Gates and Fauci! Revealing! (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Govt. Scientist Admits Lockdown a 'Monumental Mistake on a Global Scale' (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Here’s What Senators Should Ask Fauci About HCQ (VIDEO))
25 August 2020: Lockdown Resistance Rises — Against REPUBLICAN Tyrants (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Mall security allegedly harass, assault couple for sitting on steps, citing COVID-19 rules (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Police Raid Man's Home, Forcibly Quarantine for Refusing COVID-19 Test (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Tombstone, Arizona After Lockdown! - How The Wild West Town Stays Independent (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Will Mandatory quarantine facilities be the new norm in Canada? (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Australians have lost their minds over COVID-19 (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Beach hypocrisy - Big city beaches open, small town beach closed; downtown festivals allowed (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Biden's Covid Policies Would Eliminate Millions (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Bombshell Evidence that COVID is Chromosome 8 Human DNA - Faulty PCR Test! (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: CDC Admits Vaccines Safety Failures (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Conspiracy...Or Ignorance? Why World Leaders Are Covid Copycats (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Courthouse COVID-19 Protocol in Canada is Intense (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Covid Numbers - Politicians and Media Pushing Fear (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Creepy Truth About Biotech Giant, MODERNA! (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Sally Fallon Morell on Building Natural Immunity (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: Shocking COVID Lockdowns In Ireland (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: UN Announces Plans For Forced COVID-19 Injections Worldwide (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: 'Virus' test revelations with David Icke and Andrew Kaufman (VIDEO)
23 August 2020: A Morality Pill for the Masses? (VIDEO)
23 August 2020: Is COVID-19 out of control in Edmonton? Or did the Edmonton Journal lie? (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: 2018 Corona Predictive Programming – JennAir Commercial (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: As COVID-1984 Accelerates Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Bill Gates in the studio (just pretending) (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Dr. Kulvinder Gill Cancelled by CBC for COVID-19 tweets (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Glen Beck Interviews Fired Frontline Doctor Simone Gold (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Katie Hopkins on Melbourne Lockdown (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Nurse Speaks Out, Empty Beds, and no Coronovirus Cases in Devon Hospitals UK (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Premier of Queensland Getting Jab With Cap Still On!!!! (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: States Prepare to Mandate Vaccination (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Two Covid Studies You Need To See (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Vaxxed...Mandatory Enslavement (Explicit language) (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Virginia "Officials" to Force Vaccines into Your Body! (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Virus is in the Vaccine (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Will You Accept the Mark of the Beast? (VIDEO)
22 August 2020: Will You Be A Good Slave & Comply? (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: COVID Vaccine's Dirty Secret (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: COVID 19 & Artificial Intelligence (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: COVID-19 is the Virus That Made Socialists’ Dreams Come True (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Covid Testing At Schools? One More Action Needed (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Do NOT Send Your Children Back To School. They will quarantine the schools! (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Fact-Checking The Fact Checkers - Is the CoviPass Fake News?
21 August 2020: Frontline Doctor Silenced By YouTube and Facebook Speaks Out About Hydroxychloroquine (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: German Politicians and MSM Misinterpret Data - Latest Increase in Positive Cases is an Artefact! (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Mainstream Media Goes Herd (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: NIH Head Francis Collins: Christians Must Get Vaccinated (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Nurse Whistleblowers, Dog Cones & Other COVID Absurdities (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: NY Caught Deleting Gov. Cuomo's Order that Obliterated Nursing Homes with Covid-19 (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: Plandemic 3 Judy Mikovits (Follow-Up Interview) (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: UN Covid Hoax Wants Your Children (VIDEO)
21 August 2020: What is the W.H.O.? (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: 5G in Schools will Murder Millions of Children (2nd "COVID" Lockdown Approaching) (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: 1000's Pack together in Wuhan China While Dems Try to Convince YOU it’s not Safe to Vote (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: British Doctor Surgeon General says coronavirus is a New World Order HOAX (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: COVID19 - Connecting The Dots (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Doctor Calls On Boris Johnson & NHS To Provide Evidence COVID-19 Exists (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: English Reporter Says Brits Will Only Take So Much COVID-19 Abuse Before Pushing Back (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Fast-tracked Moderna GMO DNA-Altering Vaccine (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Germany The COVID 19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee Start Conference 03 July 2020 (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Gov. Newsom's COVID-19 testing blunder continues to affect millions of Californians (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: I Can't Believe They Are Trying To Make This Mandatory! (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: LA Democrat Just Violated Human Rights Over COVID  (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: No Travel Anywhere, If No Vaccination (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: OMG I'm Speechless! Unbelievable Mainstream News from Spain - UNREAL! (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Public Health bragged about Canada's pre-COVID stockpile (of expired masks) (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: This is what is WRONG with journalism today (VIDEO)
20 August 2020: Truth and Freedom - COVID-19 Testing and More (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Addressing the Covid Narrative in Ireland with Dr Marcus De Brun (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: As Covid Hospitalizations Disappear, Authoritarians Refuse To Give Up (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: CoronaFraudus Casedemic Parasitico (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Federal Government Using The COVID Hoax To Go After You & Your Children (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Gates Was Never Hammered Like Mike Lindell “MyPillow” (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Last chapter of the Plandemic is Extermination of humanity (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Plandemic - How "big tech" control the narrative (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Solitary Confinement & Mandatory (I Mean “FREE”) Vaccines (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: These Documents Should Terrify Any Normal Thinking Human! (VIDEO)
19 August 2020: Trump Issues Sealed Indictment On Dr Fauci (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Alex Jones Predicts Globalists' Culling Of The Elderly (2012) (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Bill Gates Did It Again! Politicians Going Mad With Power! (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Bill Gates Goal is to Collapse Civilization, YOU Can Stop Him! (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: College Student Fights Back On Mandatory Tracking Device (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Doctor Demands Evidence Of "Novel Coronavirus SARS-COV-2" (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Dr. Mercola - Bill Gates Mastermind Behind Medical Tyranny Takeover (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Emperor Has No Clothes, The COVAIDS Plandemic Is All A Fraud And Is Voluntary (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Everything St. Fauci Got Wrong about the Coronavirus (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Good News! Up To 50% Of Us May Be 'Pre-Immune' To Covid-19 (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Plandemic 2: Indoctornation (Full Movie) (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Right on schedule (for the arrests?) Covid mutates to something 10 times worse (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Tarot Cards COVID Projections & Phony “Hot Spots” (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued Over COVID Measures; Sets Worldwide Example (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: United Collective Millions rise up Australia (VIDEO)
18 August 2020: What Is A Life If It's Lock Down? (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Back To School In The Age Of COVID (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Coronafraudus (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: COVID Covert Surveillance State — Bipartisan Corruption (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Cuomo Indignant As NY Investigates Nursing Home Deaths (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Fox Doc's Shocking Push For Kids To Wear 'Yellow Buttons' (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Let’s read BC’s guide to “inclusive” coronavirus language (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: No Debate Over Forced Medication, Only Whether You Will Be Told (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Pour Lithium Into Our Drinkinhg Water (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: South Carolina Woman’s Death Certificate Says CV19 Family Said She NEVER Had It (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: This Is How We End Lockdown From Community Up (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: This is what makes #DictatorDan so dangerous (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: Toronto Protestors Review Fraudulent PCR Nasal Swab Tests (VIDEO)
17 August 2020: We Will Not Comply! (VIDEO)
16 August 2020: Fake Pandemic Empty Hospitals Footage (Summer 2020) (VIDEO)
16 August 2020: Forbidden Truths (VIDEO)
16 August 2020: New Zealand & Australia........ Lockdown or Martial law? (VIDEO)
16 August 2020: New Zealander’s are in trouble. Forced detention & family separations for testing Covid positive (VIDEO)
16 August 2020: Nine Doctors Speak Out (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: CDC - 50 Million Allergic Reactions To Big Pharma Drugs In America Every Year (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: CDC's Fall Warning: 'Worst Fall Ever" and the Vaccine (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: COVID Vaccine Will Cause The Same Symtoms As COVID & The MEdia Will Call It A "2nd Wave" (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: Digital Pass and Lock (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: Dr. Carrie Madej Warns of Vaccine, Covid, Gates and more! (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: Kill Bill Is "Particularly Excited" About The Billions He Is Going to Make From the Vaccines (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: NZ and Australia Are Showing You What's Coming to America (VIDEO)
15 August 2020: Tucker - Lockdowns are destroying America (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: COVID-19 Back To School Special
14 August 2020: Covid-19 Transforming Culture and Media in The United States (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Cruise Ship Crews, Stranded for Months, Expose Fauci’s COVID Lies (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Don't Believe The Hype! (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Draconian laws in Melbourne, Victoria. New Zealand gov panics. South Africa falling apart (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Fauci Goes Hollywood, Abbott Pushes Fake Data to Extend Lockdown (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Fraud of the Millenia (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: If Everything Is Going To Be Fine, Then Why Did Officials Just do "This"...Should We Prepare? (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: LIVE With Australia And Their Lockdown Measures (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Pamela Popper & Dustin Nemos on The Plandemic - Organize & Resist (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: This Agenda Is Moving Warp Speed Unfortunately- So Canada Wake Up Fast! (VIDEO)
14 August 2020: Virologist Confirms: China Created COVID-19 In A Lab And Fauci And UN Are Involved In Cover Up
14 August 2020: Why Are COVID Numbers Always Wrong? "When They Adjust The Numbers, They Never Add" (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Another Cure Fauci & Gates Don’t Want YOU To Have (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Big Pharma had to destroy hydroxychloroquine to receive emercency approval for covid Vaccine (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Corona Virus Covid19 Vaccine Will Be Voluntary Until It's Not! Warped Vaccine! (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Coronavirus Update - Vaccines Are Coming (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: In France Pedophiles Are Pushing For Mandatory Vaccines! You Can’t Make This Up!!! (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Melbourne’s Regional Lockdowns Are What’s Coming For Us All (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Soros sees 'revolutionary moment' in pandemic: 'The range of possibilities is much greater' (VIDEO)
13 August 2020: Trump Administration Inks $1.5 Billion Deal with Moderna for 100 Million Vaccine Doses (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Bill Gates Wants To REMOVE Your Privacy! This Is A Big Deal! (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Deanna Lorraine Speaks Out Against Lockdown After Interview Cut Off in Australia (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Doctors Confirm Forced Vaccinations are Coming & Punishment for those who Refuse it!! (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Gates On His Conversations With Trump On Vaccines (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Great News From Washington (And It's NOT Kamala Harris!) (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: How Many Billion Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage? (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Katie Hopkins On Lockdown Bankrupts Britain. No Sh*t Sherlock (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Learn the History Behind the Build-Up to the Covid Lockdown Takeover (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Mexico Under Lockdown - Week 2 - Unemployment Crisis! (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Pandemic Vaccine Will MARK You For Life (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Panic Pandemic - More COVID-19 Facts the Media Doesn't Want You (VIDEO)
12 August 2020: Trump JUST Changed The Entire COVID Game With a Single Appointment & Fauci Makes HUGE Admission (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Are even more heavy-handed government measures coming? #YahooNation responds (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Cradle to Grave Isolation & Ostracism & Yellow Badges for Unvaccinated Kids (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns about risks of coronavirus vaccines (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Gates Foundation Commits Another $150 Million to Accelerate Covid-19 Vaccines (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Herd Immunity Deniers Can't Bear Sweden's Truth (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: How Dr. Fraudci Has Run This Same Billion Dollar Scam Decades Ago And Is Getting Away With It Again (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: NIH Tests Vaccine PROPAGANDA, Not Vaccines (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: NM Gov Wants To Make COVID Tyranny Permanent - "These Are good Public Health Practices" (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Nullify The Health Orders (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Prrposed LA COVID Violation Comes with Ankle Bracelet (VIDEO)
11 Augst 2020: Putin and Bill Gates Drop Bombshells About COVID! You’ll Be Floored By What They Admitted! (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: Rocco Galati - Suing the Government for Covid-19 Tyranny (VIDEO)
11 August 2020: See The Covid-19 Report Censored by the United Nations (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: America's Most "Dangerous" Doctors Say HCQ is Safer than Tylenol (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Another Frontline Doc Speaks Out (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Bill Gates - America offers the most worthless COVID-19 test results in the world (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Fauci The Fraud (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Fauci's Amazing Revelations About the Vaccine (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Highwire’s Del Bigtree on Censorship And The coming Mandatory Vaccination Program!!! (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Hysteria, Mockery, and Censorship Around COVID Treatment (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Katie Hopkins on Brits Being Groomed for a Vaccine (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Mainstream Media & Science Exposes COVID-19 As A Hoax (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Patrick Brown’s 5 Lies - Mayor caught breaking own lockdown rules at hockey rink (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Predictive Programming Before The Coronavirus Outbreak (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Roll-Up Your Sleeve or Go to Jail (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Selective Enforcement And The Stay Asleep Sheep! (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Temperature Checks Ineffective at Detecting COVID?? (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: British Government Admits the COVID 19 Deaths are Inflated (VIDEO)
10 August 2020: Update on Craziness In Australia (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Alex Jones Exposes Eugenicist Bill Gates and his Vaccination Agenda (2011) (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Government's Management of COVID-19 (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Here's How Much Your Government Cares About You During this Pandemic (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: How Bad Can Things Get? Look At Australia (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Is The (covid) Narrative Falling Apart? (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Land Grab Asutin Mayor Uses Covid - 19 to seize largest city parks in North America (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Moderna and the COVID Vaccine What Kind of Lunacy? (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Only 42% Will Comply (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: They've Been Planning This For Years - COVID-1984 (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: What??? New Zealand "Got Rid Of COVID"??? How? (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: What is Coming This Fall is Horrific (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: World Health Organization "Covid 19 Vaccines Don't Work" (VIDEO)
09 August 2020: Would You Trust These People With Your Life (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: 50 Million Dead - Not Bad (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: Are German Hygiene Protestors All a Bunch of Lunatics Who Will Not Accomplish Anything? (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: Completely Preventable Deaths of N.Y.’s Elderly (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: COVID Vaccine Maker Released From Liabilty (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: COVID-19 Censorship Has Killed People (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: I Believe Drs. Fauci & Birx and You Should Too! (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: Katie Hopkins On Why the Number of Corona Cases Don't matter (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: LARPING On Main Street Is Devastating My Community! (VIDEO)
08 August 2020: New Normal is Complete Isolation and Total Dehumanization - If You Allow It (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Americans rejecting failed lockdown policies, holding politicians accountable for double standards (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Bill Gates Makes SHOCKING Admission! (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Canadian Forces prepared anti-“Civil Disobedience” coronavirus campaign (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: CDC and false exploding cases narrative ruining Big Medicine (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Cops Gone Wild - Smashing Windows, Cutting Off Water, Bulldozing Homes... For Your Safety! (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Cornell's Alliance for Science "Exposes" "Top 10 C-ViD Conspiracy Theories" (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Coronavirus - Frontline Pushback (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Democrats Announce COVID-19 Tracing For All Americans (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Doctor Investigated For ‘COVID Msinformation’ Exonerated (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Doctors Love It, Fauci Hates it. Why? (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Dr. Wakefield Warns 300 Forced Vaccines Coming (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Gates & Big Pharma Cartel With The Help Of Politicians (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: How to protect your health against a Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Global Pushback Has Begun (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: If Bill Gates Was President...(VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Pro-Vax Leaders Issue Warning For COVID-19 Vaccine (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Temporary Hospital Specifically Built For The Chinese Corona Virus Wasn't Needed After All
07 August 2020: They Want To Mandate This Shut Off Your Power And Destroy Buildings! (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Trudeau’s mishandling of the pandemic begins to show (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Truth Behind the News (VIDEO)
07 August 2020: Tyranny Enters Behind The Virus (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: And You Thought This Was About Saving Lives And Not Profit! (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Australia - This Is Not A Pandemic, It Is ‘Catastrophic Government Failure’ (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Can The U.S. Government Force You To Take A COVID-19 Vaccine? (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: CDC Numbers Show Trump Is Right About Children Being 'Almost Immune to Covid-19' (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Covid Strengthens Ruling Class Grip on the U.S. (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Fake Tests = Fake Cases = Fake Reasons For Lockdowns - Mass Murder Of The Elderly (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: How are YOU spending lockdown? Toronto's wild COVID-19 safe sex tips (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Pfizer & Moderna (The vaccine scandal ) (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Social Media Censors Trump on COVID-19 (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Suicide Via Vaccine (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: W.H.O. is Lying to you? (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Cuomo Talks The Reset Button And Invokes God! Oh Yea And Mandatory Checkpoints Are Coming To NYC! (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Destruction of Corona hype (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Dr. Zelenko on the Front Lines of HCQ. Why is the Media and Fauci against HCQ? (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Fiction-Flu The Documentary - Know The Truth - Don't Be A Covidiot! (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Learn The Hidden Motive Behind RNA Vaccine Technology (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: HCQ Nazi's Take Over Media! (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: No Fraud Is Ever Successful Without Your Consent (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Orwellian Sickness Checkpoints Have Arrived! NYC Now In Lockdown! (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Pfizer & Moderna Contract With Canadian Government For Eventual Mandatory Vaccination Program!!! (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Serious Covid-19 Scam with guest Roger Landry (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Think The Covid Vaccine Will End Lockdowns? Think Again! (VIDEO)
05 August 2020: Truth About Internet Censorship (VIDEO)
04 August 2020: 4 Shocking Statistics about the COVID-19 Lockdowns (VIDEO)
04 August 2020: 5G kill grid - Its interlinked with the contaminated vaccines to commit genocide (VIDEO)
04 August 2020: A Glimpse of the Future From Melbourne, Australia (VIDEO)
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