Corona Virus Scam - December 2021

31: 96% Of Germans With Omicron Were 'Fully VaXXed,' 28% Triple Vaxxed, Only 4% Unvaxxed, Gov Says

31: As 3 More Studies Show Negative Vaccine Effectiveness, When Will Health Authorities Face Up...

31: Attorney Siri - The CDC is Hiding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data

31: Doctors Warn of Vaccine Damages in Patients: 'People Are Being Deceived'

31: Numbers Killed by these Vaccines is Much Worse than What We Thought

31: Year 2021 was Americas Holocaust - Unprecedented Lives Destroyed by Exp COVID-19 VaXX

30: A List of People Who Had Their Leg Amputated Shortly after Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

30: CDC Admits that the COVID Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test

30: CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test As a Valid Method for Detecting..."Cases"

30: CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID and Finally Admits the Test Can Not Differentiate...

30: COVID-19 “VaXX” and the Nuremberg Code. Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide

30: Dr. Meryl Nass - It’s Clear the Covid Injections Are Dangerous but The Evidence Showing That...

30: EU - Number of infections & COVID deaths hugely manipulated

30: FDA Now Warns Rapid COVID Tests Might be Invalid

30: Graphene Hydroxide in the mRNA Vaccine Vial - Assassination of Dr. Andreas Noack

30: Nanotech Expert Charles Lieber. First High Level Covid Criminal Convicted

30: New Zealand May Approve Assisted Suicide for COVID Patients

30: Pandemic of the VaXXed: Two Studies Show New Evidence that Covid-19 VaXX “Cause More Illness...”

30: Real efficacy rates of the COVID vaccines

30: Study - Most of VaXXed Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs

30: WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed Estimates of Positive Cases are Meaningless

29: 3X VaXXed 40-49 year olds are 10.3x more likely to catch Omicron than the UnVaXXed According to...

29: 360X increase in the rate of adenopathy after vaccination

29: As Three More Studies Show Negative Vaccine Effectiveness, When Will Health Authorities Face Up...?

29: CDC Quietly, Deceitfully Changes the Definition of “Vaccinated”

29: Compilation of Nurse Whistleblowers from Around the World Warning About COVID Vaccines

29: Endless Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function

29: Every single Covid-19 Vaccination is a Vote for the new Global Dictatorship

29: Lancet Paper Reveals The Vaccinated Are Perpetuating The Pandemic

29: Over 10,000 vaccine deaths in South Korea shortly after vaccination

29: Protests Erupt In South Korea Over Massive Vaccination Deaths

29: Study Confirms AT LEAST 400K People Have Died From The COVID “Vaccine” In The US

28: Brain Bleeds, Heart Attacks in Younger 50-Year-Olds. No Doctor Will Admit This Is from the Vaccine...

28: German November Excess Deaths Reach 20%…Week 48 Excess Deaths Reach 28%

28: Indian Researchers Find that Natural Immunity Protects Better...than the AstraZeneca VaXX

28: Latest VAERS Data Published – Safe And Effective?

28: Oxford Study Dramatically Undercuts Dem COVID Narrative, Finds Shockingly Low Death Rate

28: Study - At least 400,000 people in America have died from covid “vaccines”

27: COVID vaccines “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history”

27: COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport?

27: Deception or Incompetence? UK Health Chief Under Fire Over ‘Dodgy’ Analysis of Coronavirus Data

27: Graphene Oxide use in VaXX is denied by health experts & governments & can get bloggers...

27: Just How Bad Is The Batch Of COVID-19 Shot You May Have Taken? – Take A Look!

27: Nano-Technology in ‘Covid’ Injections – It’s for Communications, It’s Technological Parasitism

27: One in Three Covid Patients May Have Caught Virus in Hospital

27: Politicians Have Stock In The “Plandemic” Vaccine Companies – Makes Sense Now Why It Hasn’t...

27: VaXX Escape Mutations “Will Become a Major Mechanism of Transmission”, Say Researchers

25: 65% of COVID Patients in England’s Hospitals Tested Positive AFTER Being Admitted For Something Else

25: COVID Government Advisers Finally Face Accusations of ‘Fearmongering’

25: Moderna Began Developing Covid-19 Vaccine Weeks Before First Official Outbreak Recorded

25: More than 400 studies on the failure of compulsory COVID-19 interventions, yet the scam continues

25: Nano-Technology in Covid Injections – It’s for Communications, It’s Technological Parasitism

25: New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently

25: Number of Athlete Collapses/Deaths Following Vaccination Is Shocking

25: Pfizer to continue distributing version of COVID-19 vaccine not fully approved by FDA

25: Police Open Criminal Probe Into U.K. VaXX Rollout After Medical Dissenter Presents Evidence...

25: UK Government admits that the vaxx have damaged the natural immune systems of the double jabbed

25: Vaccine Effectiveness Drops to Minus-75% in 18-29 Years-Olds as Omicron Slices Through Vaccine...

25: Vaccine Injury is Everywhere - Extraordinary New Chart from ” “OpenVAERS” Charts & Graphs...

25: Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

24: 2/3 of New Covid Hospital Patients in England Only Tested Positive After Being Admitted For...

24: 48 COVID Cases Reported on World’s Largest Cruise Ship, among which 47 Fully Vaccinated

24: CDC Confirms Comirnaty Not Available In USA, Meaning No FDA-Approved COVID Vax Is Available...

24: Center for Vaccine Development’s Dr. Hotez: Not Biden’s Fault that 200,000 ‘Defiant’ Unvaccinated Died

24: Covid-19 pandemic extended due to vaccine

24: FDA Releases More Data On Adverse Reactions To Big Pharma product

24: In Denmark, an omicron pandemic of the vaccinated

24: Omicron Delusion - Fauci and Biden Are Pathological Liars

24: Omicron through the two ends of a telescope

24: Pfizer, FDA Dodge Media Questions About Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine

24: Pfizer Injection Contents: La Quinta Columna Confirms Findings of Polish Scientist and Dr. Madej

24: Pfizer/BioNTech Covid Injections reprogram both adaptive and innate immune responses

24: UKHSA Report Confirms Omicron Causes 62% Fewer Hospitalisations Than Delta

23: 70% of London’s COVID Hospitalisations Diagnosed After Being Admitted For Other Ailments

23: 80% of Omicron Variant Cases are Fully VaXXed Individuals

23: 367 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 209 Dead, After COVID Shot

23: 34,337 Deaths 3,120,439 Injuries Following COVID Shots In EU VAERS Database...

23: FDA Authorizes Pfizer Antiviral Pill for COVID-19 Home Treatment

23: Merck’s new “miracle” covid drug found to cause cancerous mutations in hamster experiments

23: More than 90 percent of Omicron cases in Denmark are vaccinated, shocking data reveals

23: Oregon Health Authority: 622 Fully Vaccinated Residents Died Of COVID

23: Pfizer, FDA Dodge Media Questions About Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine

23: Pfizer Injection Contents: La Quinta Columna Confirms Findings of Polish Scientist & Dr. Carrie Madej

23: Pfizer’s Analysis of Vaccine Data Reveal Safety Concerns, Newly Released “Confidential Documents"...

23: Shocking Data on the CCP Virus-Proving Vaccine is Ineffective

23: UK Gov't admits that the VaXX have damaged the natural immune systems of the double jabbed

22: Boosters Boost Infections, “Omicron Mild”, Least VaXXed Countries Fewer Deaths, VaXXed at Greatest Risk

22: FOIA Emails Reveal Doctors Anthony Fauci & Francis Collins Worked to Smear Anti-Lockdown Scientists

22: Hidden health dangers in COVID shots are proving that the cure is worse than the disease

22: Lancet science paper destroys false narrative of covid vaxx, reveals vaxxed are perpetuating...

22: Looking at COVID Infection Levels after Vaccination Versus Natural Immunity

22: Researchers Show How COVID Damages Immune System, Increasing Cancer Risks - Science Says...

22: Shocking court cases show hospitals would prefer that you die rather than take ivermectin and live

22: Whistleblower says young fully vaccinated Australians are DYING due to vaccine complications

21: Evidence shows COVID VaXX Side Effects are unusually Severe (PODCAST)

21: Horrifying Vaccine Damage Testimonies of Australia’s Silenced Nurses

21: Most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage COVID jabs can do

21: Omicron is Not Normal

21: Unintended Consequences of mRNA Shots

20: 20,000+ Deaths Reported to VAERS Following COVID Vaccines

20: CDC endorses Pfizer, Moderna jabs over J&J, citing blood clot risk... but data show all 3 carry similar risk

20: Compensation For Injury & Death Caused By Covid-19 Countermeasures Will It Ever Happen?

20: IVF Clinics Started Having Serious Problems Right After the Vaccines Started Rolling Out

20: Pharma scientists admit the COVID VaXX can cause blood

>> 20: Time Magazine names mass murdering VaXX scientists “heroes of the year” while VaXX deaths...

20: Stunning COVID Data from Denmark

20: What the VAERS Data Tell Us About COVID Jab Safety

19: CDC Caught in their Own Lies - UnVaXXed in the U.S. for COVID-19 is “Millions” More Than...

19: CDC Panel Unanimously Advises Agency to Promote mRNA Shots, Not J&J

19: COVID-19 patients should know they have the right to refuse treatment with remdesivir

19: FDA Should Need Only 12 Weeks to Release Pfizer Data, Not 75 Years

19: Myocarditis and the COVID-19 Vaccine - Much Ado About Nothing?

19: Pfizer CEO aggressively pimping 4th booster shot, proving it was always going to be a series...

19: Triple & Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England Ove The Past...

19: Vaccine Safety Update #21

19: Vaccines are very good for the drug companies

18: 97.8% of under age 21 patients who suffered myocarditis was within a month after their Vaccine shot

18: CDC just warned that 15,000 Americans will die EACH WEEK by Christmas; but It's Actually...

18: CDC projects deaths to hit 15,600 per week in the US, but blames the deaths on COVID, not the vaxx

18: FDA Faces Legal Challenges for Refusing to Disclose All Vaccine Data

18: FDAs forced hand drops Pfizers Bombshell Safety Document

18: J&J vaccine found to produce ZERO antibodies against omicron strain… vaccine is now worthless

18: Operation Omicron - Globalists are Preparing for Mass Murder in the Weeks Ahead

18: Risk of heart inflammation is higher from Moderna vaccine than from COVID-19 among people under 40

18: Vaccinated people have 600% higher risk of covid infection compared to those with natural immunity

17: Corona Outbreak - Texas Prison Study Shows Zero Benefit for Vaccinated

17: CDC Admits COVID-19 Shots Causing Heart Disease but Won’t Stop the Injections - Does Pfizer Now...

17: Pfizer document confirms ‘Covid VaXX Shedding’ leading to ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ & ‘Miscarriage’...

17: US Pilot Deaths increase by 1,750% after Covid Vaccine Rollout

17: Vaccine Effectiveness Drops Below Zero in 18-29 Year-Olds for First Time – But Boosters Appear...

16: 32,649 Deaths 3,003,296 Injuries Following COVID Shots in EU VAERS As Young, Previously Healthy...

16: CDC Omicron Variant Rates Highest In Heavily Vaxxed New York, New Jersey

16: Columbia study - True U.S. COVID vaccine death count is 400,000

16: Columbia University Study Proves COVID VaXX Deaths Underreported By A Factor Of 20!

16: Déjà vu – UK is about to experience a huge wave of deaths among the Elderly & Vulnerable...

16:  EU, UK, US combined report 7 million COVID VaXX adverse events, over 42,000 registered deaths

16: Evidence shows COVID Vaccine Side Effects are unusually Severe

16: Latest VAERS estimate - 388,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

15: 90% of all covid deaths since August occurred in fully vaccinated

15: 310 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 177 Dead, After COVID Shot

15: Covid jabs “appear to expose people to an increased mortality” – science

15: COVID jabs can cause the central nervous system to go absolutely HAYWIRE, possibly for life

15: Data Reveals COVID Shots Triggering Psychiatric Disorders In Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

15: Documents obtained by Judicial Watch blow the lid on Fauci’s illicit bioweapons research schemes

15: High-vaxxed Vermont Releases Numbers… and We Have Questions

15: Second Pathology Conference Reveals that 12 Out of 15 People Died from Vaccines

15: What They Are Not Telling You About Covid-19 Hospitalizations & Deaths And What You Can Do About It

14: 3 shots Pfizer COVID vax 4x less effective against Omicron than Delta

14: 160,000 Side Effects From Pfizer COVID VaXX Recorded In Initial Months Of Rollout...FDA Documents

14: Everywhere you look, covid “vaccines” are failing

14: Research by HKU & CUHK found that Omicron significantly reduces VaXX protection by at least 32X

14: Something Abnormal Lies Buried in England’s Death Data 

14: US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout

13: 35 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy that Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates

13: 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines...

13: Are >100 dead US airline pilots trying to send us a message about vaccine safety?

13: AstraZeneca Vaccination Side Effects

13: Big Pharma Documents reveal variety of Product side effects

13: COVID Shots Are Killing People

13: Covid-19 VaXX are causing people to suffer Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

13: Epidemic Of Heart Disease Caused By COVID Vaccines And Related Stress

13: Is Vaccine Effectiveness Against Death Mostly a Statistical Illusion?

13: Killer Vaccine Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People

13: Pfizer Documents Reveal Over 1,200 Deaths Following COVID Jab During 90-Day Trial Period

13: Pfizer Smoking-Gun Secret Document: Their Deadly COVID Vaccine

12: New study confirms link between COVID-19 vaccines and serious heart problems

12: Over 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory COVID Interventions. 0 in support

12: Pfizer Jab Is Only 23% Effective Against Omicron, South African Study Finds

12: Reality Is – The COVID Shots Are Killing People!

12: Young Healthy Athletes Are Suffering From Heart Attacks & Even Death After Taking The Exp VaXX

11: 292 athletes got cardiac arrest and 167 passed away after being vaccinated against the CCP virus

11: Cases of vaccine-induced VAIDS on the rise due to mass covid vaccination

11: Covid-19 Vaccine - Engineered & Synthesized

11: Fully VaXXed Staffers Responsible For COVID Outbreak

11: Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on 'Vaccines' - Requires Informed Consent

11: Medicare Data Shows 48,465 Deaths Over 80 Within 14 Days Of Shots

11: More people died following Pfizer’s COVID-19 VaXX vs. a placebo during clinical trial

11: Pfizer Vaccine Data – The Bombshell Document Dump

11: Speaking out against the mRNA “Vaccine”: Dr Sam White’s Legal Victory...

11: VAERS Summary for COVID-19 VaXX through 12/03/2021

10: Another Study Finds That Natural Immunity Protects Better Against Infection Than the Pfizer VaXX

10: Corporate media trying to discredit VAERS reporting of COVID VaXX side effects because it’s the only...

10: In the UK 300K Are Suddenly Facing Heart Problems Which Two ‘Doctors’ Claim Is Due to Pandemic...

10: Scientific evidence suggests the Covid Vaccines reprogram the innate Immune System & cause...

10: Vaccines Are Sabotaging the Immune System – Shingles May Hold Some Answers

10: Why Did Pfizer Refuse to Distribute the Vaccine in Countries Which Didn’t Grant Indemnity?

10: Why does Pfizer want its vaccine research protected?

09: 552 Fully Vaccinated Oregon Residents Died of COVID-19, Half Received Pfizer Vaccine

09: 5G-Related Risk Revealed

09: After a history of medical ethics violation, Pfizer is using the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out yet...

09: AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Prevention Jab Granted Emergency Authorization for Immune Compromised

09: COVID Fact-Check "ICUs Are Filled With The Unvaccinated"

09: COVID PCR test is a complete fraud

09: FDA & CDC Ignore Damning Report 90+% of Hospital’s Admissions Were VaXXed for COVID-19

09: FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data

09: Is VaXX Efficacy Being Overestimated Because Deaths in the VaXXed Are Delayed Compared With...

09: Israeli Health Official Tells Public to Prepare For Endless Boosters: 'We Will Need to Take The 4th Shot,...

09: Los Angeles Unified School district likely to lose court fight to impose vaccine mandates

09: New Research Finds That Covid VaXX-Resistant Mutations Strongly Correlate with VaXX Rates

09: Pfizer Accused Of Paying Experts To Spread Lies About COVID Vaccine Reveals Explosive Documentary

09: Study finds 5G technology a ‘significant factor’ in higher COVID case and death rates

09: Vaccine Safety Update #20

09: VAERS Data Indicates the COVID VaXX Have Killed At Least 140,000 Americans

09: With 76% Of France Fully “Vaccinated,” COVID Cases Hit a Record High

09: Yet Another New Side Effect From These Experimental Vaccines, Are We Safer Without Them?

08: American Toxicologist Calls for An Immediate Halt to Covid Injections Due to Multiple Safety Concerns

08: European Union Approves Mixing Different COVID-19 Vaccines

08: FDA & Pfizer: Accomplices to Murder

08: Get Your Copy of All the VAERS Symptoms for the COVID-19 Jabs

08: Investigation finds 278% increase in Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths among Soccer Players in 2021 so far

08: Multiple Logical Fallacies Elevate COVID Vaccines Over COVID Treatments

08: Pfizer Controls Health Policy of 110 Countries

08: Pfizer smoking-gun secret document - their deadly COVID vaccine

08: Researchers Warn That Vaccine ‘Side-Effects’ May Actually Be Covid

08: Vaccine Side Effects Are More Common in Those Who’ve Already Had Covid

08: W.H.O’s VigiAccess Shows More than Two Million Adverse Events Following COVID Vaccination

07: Analysis of German Data Shows the Higher the Vaccination Rate, the Higher the Excess Mortality

07: CDC’s Legendary Chief Virus Investigator Found Dead

07: How Covid Jabs Harm Immune System & help new variants evolve

07: Pfizer Documents Reveal: Both Pfizer & The FDA Knew The Risks of Vaccine Adverse Events & Deaths

07: Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests after Taking...

07: Scientist Behind UK-AstraZeneca Covid VaXX Says Next Pandemic May be More Contagious & More Lethal

07: Spike Protein Induced By COVID Vaccines Inhibits DNA Repair & Is Linked To Cancer Finds...

07: Vaccine Death Report - Evidence of Millions of Deaths & Serious Adverse Events...

07: VaXXed Serving As Breeding Ground For Virus Warns Renowned Virologist

06: Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data

06: Congressman Introduces Bill to Force FDA to Release Pfizer Documents Within 100 Days...

06: Dr. Aseem Malhotra - Report Finds Dramatic Increase of Heart Inflammation Linked to Jabs

06: Graphene COVID Kill Shots - Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

06: If You Take the COVID Vax, You Can Never Achieve Full Immunity Again – Government Stats...

06: Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine”

06: JAMA shill and assistant professor of Neurology at Harvard  claims severe VaXX injuries...

06: One of Floridas Biggest Hospital Systems Suspends All Covid Vaccine Mandates

06: Pfizer Vaccine Batch Suspended in Vietnamese Province As Over 120 Students Hospitalised

06: Researchers Refuse To Publish Major Study Linking Covid VaXX To Massive Increase In Heart Attacks...

06: They can't explain why the vaccinated are more likely to get COVID and die

06: Why Hide What Happens In The First Two Weeks After Vaccination?

05: 2,809 Dead Babies in VAERS Following COVID Shots as New Documents Prove...

05: Data Scientist Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘VAERS Is Telling a Very Frightening Story’

05: First batch of FOIA documents released by FDA about Pfizer’s covid vaccines shows 1,223 Deaths...

05: Here Comes COVID Vaccine No 4

05: Implanted Microchip COVID Passports Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

05: India Declines Pfizer & Moderna Request For Legal Protection Over Adverse Reactions To COVID Shots

05: Over 100,000 psychiatric disorders like hallucination & suicide reported after COVID VaXX

05: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks & Destroys Immune ​System

05: Top 8 most COMMON and SERIOUS adverse reactions to Covid VaXX

05: World Health Organization publishes the horrific death toll from the Omicron variant of COVID

05: World’s First VaXX Murder Case Against Bill Gates

04: FDA documents show over 150K serious adverse events in first 3 months of Pfizer jab approval

04: Fraud and Crimes Against Humanity Enabled by Virology’s Unscientific Voodoo Scientism

04: J’Accuse! The Gene-based “Vaccines” Are Killing People

04: Japan warns of cardiac health risks from COVID vaccines

04: Research “Game-changer” Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ​System

04: UKHSA Efficacy Stats Death Watch: Week 48

03: Cardiology researchers are BURYING their own research showing spike protein mRNA damage due...

03: Case for compulsory vaccinations is dead…Omicron just killed it.

03: Evidence Indicates COVID-19 is a Designed Bioweapon with a Toxic Structure that May Be Replicated...

03: Fully VaXXed account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths since August according to latest Official Data

03: New Study by top UK Biomedical Scientist proves the Covid-19 Fraud is a Crime against Humanity

03: Official Data Confirms “Fully Vaccinated” Account For 9 Out Of Every 10 “COVID-19” Deaths Since Aug

03: Omicron Variant Sends Vaccine Makers’ Stocks Soaring, as VAERS Data Show 913,000 Reported...

03: Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs

03: Pfizer Documents Reveal Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths Over 90-Day Trial Period

03: Researchers Review COVID Database, Make a Huge Discovery When They Exclude VaXXed People

03: Study finds Covid Vaccines increase the risk of Heart Attack by 127%

03: VaXXed are clearly dying off faster than the UnVaXXed, according to UK data

02: Definition of Insanity – BioNTech CEO says Fully Vaccinated may get infected with Omicron, so it's...

02: Dr. Fauci’s got some ‘splainin to do

02: FDA Document Deems Pfizer VaXX “Favorable” Despite Long List of Adverse Events From Jab, Including...

02: Federal Judge Rejects DOD Claim That Pfizer EUA & Comirnaty Vaccines Are ‘Interchangeable’

02: Ignore the Latest Nonsense About ‘Variants.’ Stay Focused on Dangers of COVID Shots

02: New Data on the Link Between COVID Vaccines and Myopericarditis + More

02: UK Government Orders Enough Vaccines For Two More Covid Boosters Per Person

02: W.H.O. Says “No Evidence” Booster Jabs Would Offer “Greater Protection” to the Healthy

01: 20 Year Old Young Woman Suffers Acute Psychosis One Week After Pfizer COVID Vaccine

01: Authorities are manipulating death-rate figures because the actual rates show fully VaXXed are 286%...

01: Breaking Down 'The Thing' Of Nightmares Causing Blood Clots, Seizures, Heart Attacks, Deaths...

01: COVID Vaccine Failure

01: Fauci and the Medical Elites Block the Effective Treatments of Ivermectin & HCQ for CCP Virus Patients

01: MEP Demand Answers: 'When Will Vaccine Deaths Be Counted'

01: Moderna CEO - Covid Boosters May Need A ‘Double Dose’ To Protect Against Omicron

01: mRNA Vaccines Put You at Risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome

01: Omicron Variant Places Question Mark Over Vaccine Efficacy – But Evidence for the Enduring Power of...

01: Ovarian Cancer Appearing in Official Data, As Well As Newborn Deaths

01: Over 100,000 Psychiatric Disorders Like Hallucination & Suicide Reported After COVID Vaccination

01: Pfizer’s Clinical Trials Show All-cause Mortality Higher among the VaXXed

01: Study - Covid vaccines double risk of cardiac incidents, 29x more stillbirths

01: Ted Cruz Crowns Fauci “The Most Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History;” Says Gain of Function...

01: Vaccination Causes Covid Variants

01: Vaccine Cult Exposed by Government’s Own Data

Connecting The Dots To Show The Parallel Lines
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Corona Virus Scam  - December 2021