Corona Virus Scam - February 2022

28: JAMA study shows that ivermectin is extremely effective against covid; vaccines not so much

28: mRNA Vaccines Can Alter Human DNA, Study Shows

28: Ohio & Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in Mailed At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

27: COVID Deaths in the VaXXed Rise While Those in the UnVaXXed Fall, UKHSA Data Show

27: COVID-19 Vaccine Responsible for False-Positive Syphilis Tests

27: Fully VaXXed individuals are shedding graphene and infecting the UnVaXXed...

27: Health Insurer - Gov' Is Wrong on VaXX Side-effects; Real Numbers Are an “Alarm Signal”

27: New Zealand High Court - Vaccine Mandate Not "Demonstrably Justified", Breach Of Rights

27: Official Gov't Data - 2X as Many Deaths Following VaXX in 1 Year as Deaths Following All VaXX For...

27: Official NZ M.o.H Data suggests the Fully VaXXed are developing AIS; & the M.o.H is trying to hide it

27: Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Incorporates into Human DNA In as Little as Six Hours, A New Study Finds

27: Spike Protein Shedding & Toxicity

26: Bombshell New Study Proves Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Permanently Alters Human DNA

26: Is CDC Hiding Data to Serve Its Political Narrative?

26: Pfizer TV & radio ads warn the world about serious heart problems, like atrial fibrillation, but leave out...

26: Moderna CEO Squirms When Asked Why Covid-19 Genome Contains DNA Sequence Patented...2016

26: More Evidence Covid Was Tinkered With in a Lab?

26: MSM Outraged As Vaccination ‘Grinding To a Halt’ In US, ‘Demand Has Collapsed’

26: Ontario data shows vaccines aren't preventing COVID infection

26: Whistling past the mRNA vaccine graveyard

25: 400,000 Cases of COVID VaXX Injuries Found in Data Analyzed by German Health Insurer

25: Are COVID Vaccines Causing AIDS-Like Illness by Destroying Immune Function?

25: California Bill Would Punish Doctors Who Promote COVID ‘Misinformation, as Other States Move...

25: Case of the Migrating VaXX

25: Coronavirus - Key Genetic Sequence for Furin Cleavage Site Patented by Moderna in 2016

25: England Destroyed Millions Of Covid Vaccine Doses

25: Follow the Data, They Said, and Then Hid It

25: French Court - Insurance Company Wont Pay Out on VaXX Death, As Side Effects Public & Death...

25: Graphene Is Being Transmitted from the “Vaccinated” to Vaccine-Free People

25: Increased Death, Pfizer’s Fraud, and Big Pharma Collapsing (Embedded Video)

25: Insurance Company Board Member Blows Whistle on REAL Number of COVID VaXX Side Effects

25: PCR Scam - PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2

25: Pfizer Data Manipulation - Dirty Details of the Fraud in Pfizer COVID-19 VaXX Clinical Trials

25: Pfizer Steps Up Advertising for Its ‘Blockbuster’ Drug to Treat Heart Conditions, Including Those Caused...

25: Scientific Fraud and the CDC

25: Shankara Chetty - Severe COVID Illness Is Due to An Allergic Reaction to The Engineered Spike Protein

25: VaXX Injuries and the Road Ahead

25: VaXX Side-Effects Up to 10X Higher Than Official Figures, Insurance Company Board Member Reveals

25: Virus DNA matches code patented by Moderna 3 years before pandemic

24: 33% of NZ’s Covid-19 Hospitalisations in the last 6 months have occurred in the past 12 days...

24: A German ins database of 11 million people reportedly shows a huge increase in severe side effects...

24: Board Member of Large German Health Ins Co Sounds the Alarm - VaXX Side Effects Far Higher...

24: COVID Spike Protein Contains DNA Sequence Patented By Moderna 3 Years Before Pandemic Began

24: German Health Ins Claims Show 31,254 Deaths Following VaXX While Official Gov't Stats...Only 2,255

24: Murder for money - Whistleblower reveals hospitals get PAID for every COVID patient admitted

24: New JAMA Paper Show Ivermectin Blows the Covid Vaccines Out of the Water

23: CDC Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering Myocarditis by 13,200%

23: Devil is in the (Contractual) Details

23: FDA Expert Urges CDC to “Tell the Truth” and “Present the Data” After it Refuses to Publish Data...

23: Leaked emails reveal COLLUSION between three major drug regulators to approve Pfizer vaccine

23: New US FDA Chief Says He Will Mandate  Misinformation

23: Novavax COVID jab linked to aborted fetal cells through laboratory testing

23: PHS scrubs COVID "case" rate data now that it “demonstrates conclusively” that the jabs aren’t working

23: Researcher sounds alarm after finding PARASITES, nanobots and graphene in COVID VaXX

23: Scientists Call For an Immediate End to ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research

23: What’s Behind the New AIDS Scare?

22: CDC finally admits, casually, that covid nasal “testing” swabs were used to sequence people’s...

22: CDC Refusing To Publish Data on Booster Jab Over ‘Fears It Might Show Vaccine Is Ineffective’

> 22: We the People, Demand To See the Data!

22: COVID Social Murder

22: Lab Analysis reveals undisclosed ingredients & probable graphene in Pfizer, Moderna, & AstraZeneca...

22: Stroke is 11,361% more likely to be suffered as an Adverse Reaction to the VaXX than The Flu...

22: UK Covering Up Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

22: US Government Has Withheld Health-Mandate Data From Americans

21: 40,000 Deaths Following COVID Shots in European Database

21: 68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA & HIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After VaXX

21: CDC is hiding data showing vaccines don’t work

21: CDC Officials Admit Agency Has Withheld Critical Covid Information From the Public, Including Data...

21: COVID VaXX are almost 50x Deadlier than the Flu VaXX per Number of Doses...official USA data

21: COVID VaXX now have Negative Effectiveness among Triple VaXXed as low as MINUS 206%

21: Dr. Ryan Cole - Covid VaXX cause Catastrophic damage to organs

21: Euthanasia In The COVID Years - How The Liverpool Care Pathway Never Went Away

21: FDA Considers Approving a Second Covid Booster Shot – FOUR Doses Total… And Counting

21: How rare are vaccine side effects? Not very rare at all.

21: Scotland Stops Publishing Covid VaXX Death Statistics, Blames ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ For Raising Alarm

21: UK To Roll Out Fourth ‘COVID’ Jabs For The Over-75s & Vulnerable

21: Very quietly, 2 federal agencies are studying post-vaccination neurological issues

20: Canada Data Showing VaXXed Mostly Infected

20: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clots

20: Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes the Pfizer Fraud

20: List Of Over 100 Studies Proving How COVID VaXX Are More Harmful Than What We’re Being Told

20: Official data suggests Triple VaXXed Brits are just weeks away from developing AIDS

20: Scientists Reluctant to Study Vaccine Side Effects, Notes Top Journal

20: VaXX Effectiveness Continues to Fall – Triple VaXXed Now Up to Three Times More Likely To Be Infected

19: 40,000 Deaths Following COVID Shots in European Database as Life Insurance Death Claims Skyrocket

19: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Nanotechnology to Track People, Scientists Say

19: Striking Evidence of Covid Vaccines Failure

19: Yet another paper shows all-cause mortality risk>benefit for the COVID vaccines

18: Anti-Vaxx Concerns Prompt Scotland to Hide Data of COVID-19 Hospitalizations & Deaths...

18: Australia - Another Country Where COVID Infections & Deaths Have Been Far Higher...VaXX Rollout

18: Corporate Vaccine Mandates & VaXX Passports — Brought to You by BlackRock & Vanguard?

18: COVID Criminal Network Leads to the Gates of Hell

18: Data about the vaccines is disappearing

18: Drager CEO - No public healthcare for the unvaccinated

18: FDA Exec Officer: “Almost a Billion Dollars a Year Going into FDA’s Budget from the People we Regulate”

18: It's the jab - Top insurance companies report spike in excess deaths

18: MSM Beings To Warn Of HIV & COVID-19 Variants Together

18: New Zealand’s Pandemic of the Fully VaXXed - Up to 100% of Covid-19 Hospitalisations are among...

18: No wonder China isn't using mRNA shots

18: VaXX Pass Will Soon Be Integrated into the European Digital Passport

18: VaXX-Induced Susceptibility to HIV?

17: 1.5 million Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccine including Stroke, Cardiac Arrest & Paralysis...

17: CDC Casually Admits Covid Nose Swabs Ended Up in a Lab for Genomic Sequencing Analysis

17: NHS publishes Job Advert for MULTIPLE posts in Vaccine Damage Payment Team

17: PfizerGate Scandal - Worldwide Cover-up of Data to disguise the fact Covid-19 VaXX cause VAIDS

17: Vaccine die-off - Fully vaccinated and triple-vaccinated deaths skyrocket

17: Why Are Deaths in Highly-Vaccinated Denmark Approaching a Record High?

16: As COVID VaXX spread AID & “VAIDS,” media pivots to incoming AIDS “VaXX” that will...Genocide

16: Covid-19 VaXX are causing people to develop AIDS according to wealth of Scientific Evidence &...

16: Of Course Vaccines Still in Phase 3 Clinical Trials Are ‘Experimental’

16: Pfizer panicking after judge orders accelerated release of COVID VaCC documents amid fears...

16: Pfizer Trial Whistleblower Presses Forward With Lawsuit Without US Government’s Help

16: UKHSA Data Continue to Show Vaxx Effectiveness Highly Negative Against Infection & Dropping...

16: VAERS Data May Be Woefully Out of Date

16: Vaccine Safety Update #26

15: CDC, ‘Everyone Can Get Blood Clots, Even The Healthiest’

15: CDC data signaling vaccine catastrophe

15: Covid-19 Deaths are at record levels in Australia & 4 in every 5 of them are among the Fully VaXXed

15: Dr. Ben Marble - They Have Already Dosed Half the Planet with Slow-Acting Lethal Injections

15: France, Italy, Germany & Spain suspend use of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaxx amid blood clot fears

15: Fully VaXXed account for 7 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths across Canada according to Government data

15: Global cardiac pacemaker market experiencing MAJOR “uptick” due to deadly COVID VaXX...

15: Involuntary Manslaughter by COVID-19 VaXX?

15: New Zealand Fights A COVID Outbreak In Spite of 77% "VaXX" Rate

15: Pfizer Issues Urgent Warning about Pulmonary Embolisms Caused by Blood Clots

15: Pfizer Quietly Drops VaXX Application After Regulator Demands Safety Trial

15: Plan to Turn You Into a Genetically Edited Human Cyborg

15: See the CDC corruption for yourself

15: Triple vaxxed deaths skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of all new covid cases are fully jabbed

15: VaXX AIS Infecting Jabbed Worldwide

14: Bogus Science Of COVID VaXX, Lockdowns And Mask Mandates

14: Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data

14: Contagious Vaccinosis - Are the VaXXed a Threat to the UnVaXXed?

14: COVID 'VaXX' Are Causing Micro Blood Clots In Millions, And There's No Medical Solution

14: Creepy Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the God-Father of Death Panels, Was Dr. Fauci’s Director of Dept. of Bioethics

14: Dramatic Rise in Vaccine Adverse Events

14: EU - MEP wants clarity on graphene in COVID VaXX

14: Global COVID VaXX Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe

14: Graphene COVID Kill Shots - Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

14: Johnson & Johnson Quietly Shut Down Production of COVID-19 Vaccine — Reportedly Making...

14: Pfizer CEO: We Created COVID-19 in a Lab – Stunning Admission

14: Triple VaXXed accounted for majority of Covid-19 Cases, Hospitalisations & Deaths in England...

14: Whats causing the soaring post-jab death toll? And why no urgent investigation?

13: COVID VaXX Injection Secret Ingredients

13: COVID-19 VaXX cause AIDS; here’s all the evidence…

13: Moderna CEO Just Dumped $400 Million in Stock and Deleted His Twitter Account

13: Myocarditis Cover-up Exposed

13: Official U.K. Lab Report confirms Covid-19 Vaccines definitely contain Graphene Oxide

13: Over Half The Deaths Seen By This Funeral Director Were Caused By COVID Vaccines

13: Spanish Drug Safety Expert Says Mass COVID Vaccination Is Unprecedented Global Experiment

12: COVID Booster Effectiveness Wanes After 4 Months, CDC Says

12: Embalmer reveals 93% of cases died from the VaXX

12: How the Covid-19 VaXXed became Genetically Modified Humans

12: Moderna Has Started Clinical Trial Of Its mRNA-Based HIV Vaccine

12: New study - Almost 1 in 3 older adults develop new conditions after COVID infection

12: UK Gov't data suggests the Fully VaXXed Elderly & Vulnerable have developed AIDS and the young...

12: WHO Chief ‘Acute Phase’ Of Pandemic Will End When 70% Of Global Population Has Been Jabbed

11: CDC Admits - PCR Tests Cannot Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

11: Deaths among Triple VaXXed increased by 495% in January with the VaXXed accounting for 4 In Every 5...

11: Documents Expose Pharma Effort to Kill Africa's Covid Vaccine Project

11: German doctor confirms - COVID VaXX are the cause of excess mortality

11: Johnson & Johnson Stops COVID Vaccine Production

11: MSM prepares the public for incoming AIDS outbreak – COVID vaccine link?

11: Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine Declares ‘The Non-Vaccinated Will Save Humanity’

11: Pfizer quietly warns investors about tidal wave of potential fraud revelations soon to come (op-ed)

11: Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines contain nanotechnology to track people, scientists say

11: UK Gov' data proves the VaXX cause damage to the innate Immune System that worsens by the week

10: 1,000 Different Studies Show Extensive Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events

10: COVID VaXX reach full Poison Status: Double VaXXed now have highest Case, Hospitalison & Death...

10: French Health Minister Finally Acknowledges the Existence of Serious Side Effects Linked to VaXX

10: Heart Problems After COVID Are Much Worse for the Vaccinated, Nature Study Shows – But It's...

10: Pfizer Expects $54 Billion in Profits in 2022 From COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments Alone

10: Pfizer reports nearly $37 billion in COVID vaccine sales in 2021

10: Scientists Discover Genetic Material Suggesting COVID Came From Chinese Lab

10: US Military Caught in Severe Data Manipulation Following COVID Reveal, No Way "Revised" Numbers...

10: Virus that causes COVID-19 has NEVER been isolated in a lab

09: COVID VaXX are causing micro blood clots in millions… and there’s no medical solution

09: COVID VaXX Production Quietly Suspended at Johnson & Johnson + More

09: Murdered gov't whistleblower warned in 1995 about global depop using engineered bioweapons...

09: Pfizer Caught Quietly Changing Fine Print To Warn Audit of ‘Safety Data’ May Impact Business

09: Why the ‘Healthy VaXX Effect’ is a Myth &  Cannot Explain the Spikes in Deaths...VaXX Rollout

08: 80% of Serious Cases of “COVID” Are The Fully VaXXed in Pfizer CEO’s “World Lab”

08: Australia’s Pandemic of the Fully VaXXed - 4 in every 5 COVID-19 Deaths are among the Fully VaXXed...

08: CDC May Be About To Change COVID VaXX Schedule to Address Heart Inflammation

08: DoD, NIH caught changing data after whistleblowers expose COVID “VaXX” fraud

08: Evidence shows COVID VaXX cause serious damage to the immune system

08: FDA Duplicity on Covid-19 VaXX

08: FDA now burying incriminating documents showing Moderna’s COVID “VaXX” to be harmful

08: Federal Judge Restructures Timeline For FDA To Release FOIA Pfizer Vaccine Documents...

08: Italy ‘Most COVID deaths are VaXXed people’

08: Mysterious white clots found in deceased VaXXed individuals

08: Official UK Gov't Data now suggests Fully VaXXed Brits may already be suffering COVID-19 VaXX...AID

08: Report: COVID VaXX inflicting far more deaths than previously thought: Could be looking at..."

08: Whistleblowers reveal COVID VaXX are causing cancers and AIDS

07: Hospitals intentionally inflating COVID cases to collect financial incentives, whistleblower says

07: International Alert Message about COVID-19. United Health Professionals

07: Israeli research - Vaccines don’t prevent serious COVID-19, but Vitamin D does

07: Medical Marvel or the Second Coming of Al Capone? Pfizer’s Sins and Crimes. We Have a Vaxx Which...

07: VaXX Death Report - Evidence of Millions of Deaths and Serious Adverse Events Resulting From...

07: VaXX Researcher Admits ‘Big Mistake,’ Says Spike Protein Is Dangerous ‘Toxin’

07: What Are the Truly Verifiable Facts Surrounding COVID-19?

07: Why Weren’t These Vaccines Put Through the Proper Safety Trials For Gene Technology, Asks A...

06: 80% of Serious COVID Cases Are Fully VaXXed – Israel Hospital Director

06: Canada’s Pandemic of the Fully VaXXed - 7 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths are among the Fully VaXXed

06: Cancers coming back with a vengeance is very common after the COVID VaXX

06: Confidential April 2021 Pfizer Document confirms Covid-19 mRNA Jab may cause VaXX AED &...

06: COVID-19 VaXX - Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

06: Evidence of Manipulation of Disease & Injury Data in US Military Database Suggests Fraud & Cover Up

06: FDA, Doctors’ Group Reach Agreement on Production of Pfizer Vaccine Documents

06: German doctor confirms that excess mortality is directly linked to Covid 19 VaXX

06: Germany - Cases of Serious Jab Injury Have Increased Twenty-Fold

06: Official Gov't of Canada data suggests the Fully VaXXed are just weeks away from developing AID

06: This medical data from the US DoD DMED database is explosive. MSM has been ordered to ignore it

05: 1/2 of People Deliberately Infected With Coronavirus Did Not Get Sick, Study Finds

05: 290 Fully VaXXed Massachusetts Residents Died of COVID-19 Over Past Week

05: 38,983 Deaths and 3,530,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in EU VAERS as Mass Funeral...

05: CDC Panel Backs Moderna ‘Spikevax’ for 18 and Older, as VaXX Injuries Continue to Rise, VAERS...

05: CDC still hasn't supplied promised figure on COVID vaccine deaths

05: Doctors are testifying that COVID-19 VaXX are giving people cancer & AIDS

05: Documents on Moderna FDA Approval Missing From FDA Website

05: Dr. Francis Collins Used Religious Leaders to Push COVID Origin Narrative & Masking & Vaccine Policies...

05: FDA Suddenly Scrubs Moderna Document From Website After Reporters Ask Questions

05: German hospital bills show cases of serious VaXX injury increased twenty-fold

05: India Forced VaXX: “Discrimination, social divide, medical apartheid & hatred must be stopped..."

05: Judge Rules In Final Order FDA Must Produce All Pfizer Documents This Year, Not In 55 Years...

05: Red Cross withdraws from ‘Austria VaXX’ campaign

05: Sales of Biden's Murderous Covid Treatment Remdesivir Soar to $5.6 Billion

05: Vaccine Mania - Fauci, Big Pharma Detail Plans for ‘Indefinite’ Rollout of Shots

04: Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data

04: Country with One of the Highest VaXX Rates Has Highest Number of COVID Deaths Per Million...

04: Culprit in COVID and VaXX harm - Micro blood clots

04: Evidence of Increased Infection Risk Following 3rd Dose Exacerbated by VaXX Drive...UKHSA Data

04: Excess deaths soaring in every country where covid “vaccine” uptake is high: data

04: FDA Suddenly Removes Data on Moderna VaXX Approval Which Showed 2.6x Heart Inflammation

04: Israel - 80% of serious COVID cases are VaXXed

04: Novavax COVID VaXX Approved by U.K. – And This One Isn’t Gene Therapy

04: Reaching Covid-19 “Turning Point of Critical Mass”: Is Nuremberg 2 Next?

04: Real-World VaXX Effectiveness against Death now as low as MINUS 112% according to official  PHE

04: Shocking analysis finds that VaXX Death-Rates are much higher than what is being officially reported

04: Stunning German analysis finds that VaXX death rates are FAR higher than previously reported

04: Vaccine Safety Update #25

03: 28-Year-Old Woman Speaks Out After Suffering Functional Neurological Disorder Following Pfizer VaXX

03: CDC Admits Natural Immunity Trumps Vaccine Immunity — 5 Months After Touting VaXX as Superior

03: FBI Raids HQ of Covid-19 Testing Company but Ignores Vaccine Makers For Dangerous & Faulty...

03: Official Data shows VaXX cause serious Immune System degradation; and every shot makes...

03: Pfizer FOIA Proves Covid Jab’s a Bioweapon & Government Knows They’re Committing Genocide

03: Sweden to End Restrictions as Health Agency Declares COVID-19 “No Longer a Danger to Society”

03: They are lying to your face with malice aforethought as the death toll climbs remorselessly

03: Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest - Austrian Health ‘experts’ Linked to Pfizer

02: Biden Administration Paying Doctors to Push COVID-19 VaXX

02: Billion Lives Covid-19 Fraud - The Vaccinated & Boosted have 3 years to live…

02: COVID VaXX have a negative effectiveness of -425% in Canada after Fully VaXXed account for 89%...

02: Covid-19 VaXX are projected to kill 10X the number of Holocaust victims in 2022 alone

02: High excess death cases worldwide linked to COVID VaXX

02: Medical Marvel or the Second Coming of Al Capone? Pfizer’s Sins and Crimes.

02: Show Us the Data - High Court Demands Austrian Government Justify COVID-19 Restrictions

02: Truth Is Coming Out About Pandemic Deaths

01: 37-Year-Old Man Suffers Severe Brain Rupture & Cardiac Arrest After Receiving Booster Shot...

01: Biden poised to ROUND UP anti-vaccine doctors and force them into insane asylums

01: Japan’s Kowa Company Finds Ivermectin is Effective Against Omicron & Other COVID-19 Variants...

01: Pfizer Protest in Paris

01: Pfizer Set to Roll Out Omicron Shot in March, as Experts Warn 'We Can't Vaccinate the Planet Every...'

01: Pharma Liability Shields Could Be at Risk if Fraud is Found, says Former Blackrock Investment Executive

01: US Military casualties mount in wake of attack disguised as “medical treatment”

01: Why Won’t Educators and Politicians Investigate the Dangers of Ethylene Oxide on Covid Test Swabs?

Connecting The Dots To Show The Parallel Lines
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Corona Virus Scam  - February 2022