31: How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions
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29: Chinese CDC Says "Didn't Isolate" COVID-19, GameStop Fiasco, Revisiting Masks & Bacterial Pneumonia
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28: 26% Die In Irish Nursing Home After Covid Vaccine
28: Before you get the jibjab watch this video!
28: Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Could be Stopped Early to Hide Serious Harms!
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27: Coof Experts Now Recommend Anal Swabs To Detect COVID
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26: 1500 PCR tests were sequenced and found to be influenza A & B, not SARS-CoV-2
26: 6000 Jabs And 53 Dead In Gibraltar
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26: Falkland Islands Population 3500 Will Receive The Oxford Jab
26: MSM Just Admitted They Didn't Isolate The Virus! It's All Based on a Lie!
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26: Pfizer Hotline Confirms A Lot Try It For Yourself
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26: W.H.O. Lost On Herd Immunity
25: 26% die in Nursing home after vaccine needs investigating
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23: Dec 30th Final Zoom Call of 2020!
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23: Irish Government Admit That They Are Falsifying Ireland's CONvid Death Numbers
23: PCR Test is Useless for Covid-19 (But Useful for Crooked Governments)
23: VCC Members Discuss Solutions & Importance of Coming Together
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18: Bio weapons
18: Former Radiographer Ann Devlin On What She Is Seeing Regarding Covid19 - Great Information Included
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09: People Dropping Like Flies from the Vax, Empty Hospitals!
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08: Frontline Workers Refuse COVID Vaccine
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08: If we succeed in vaccinating all those groups we will have REMOVED huge numbers of people UK PM
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