31 July 2020: Bill Chill - Gates’ Control of Global Health & Political Institutions (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: CA Child Psychiatrist ‘Pandemic of Fear’ Has Led to ‘Substantial Increase in Emotional Illness' (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: Censoring The Highwire “We Saw It Coming” (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: Censorship Dam Is Breaking! More Doctors Speak Out! (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: Efficacy, Effectiveness & Immunogenicity - NIH Explains Why No Vaccine is Ever Tested for Efficacy (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: Jim Jordan Triggers Fauci, Gets Him to Admit His Own Stunning Hypocrisy (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: One Nation Under House Arrest (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: What Happened in Ohio with HCQ Should Scare Everyone (VIDEO)
31 July 2020: Wow New Trouble For Bill Gate Vaccine As Nigeria Doctor Discovered Food Drugs For Cure (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Another Doctor Exposed W.H.O. And Bill Gate Vaccine Agenda Agenda (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Bill Gates Travel Guide: Identification Tattoos, Mandatory Vaccines and Robot Covid Police! (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Covid-19 and the Censorship of Medical Doctors - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: COVID-19(84) Purge Continues As YouTube Terminates Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire”!!!(VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Debating Corona-Phobia (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: How Media Attacks on Trump Put Our Kids in Danger (PROMO) (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Major Statistician Proves Covid-19 Numbers are a Hoax (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: New Report - COVID Lockdowns Killing 10,000 Kids per Months (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: NIH Knew About CHLOROQUINE and Suppressed the Info (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: Road to Mandatory Vaccination (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: UN Says 10,000 Kids Dying of Hunger Monthly Due to Coronavirus Restrictions (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: We Won't Be Silenced! Another Doctor Speaks Out (VIDEO)
30 July 2020: World Shocked By Bill Gates Statements On COVID-19 Vaccine (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: 1976 Swine Flu Virus = 2020 Coronavirus (Same Cabal, Same Game Plan, New Criminal Puppets) (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Big Pharma Takes a Hit, HCQ V The Censorship (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Bill Gates' Final Solution (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Bill Gates Planning To Use Schools To Quaratine & Vaccinate Your Children (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Bombshell! AI Publicly Censors American Doctors (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: CDC Director Says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Donald Trump Defends Censored Doctors for Recommending Hydroxychloroquine (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Dr. Simone Gold - Squarespace Shuts Down America’s Frontline Doctors Website (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Gates Demands MORE Censorship & Smears: Technocrats Fear Doctors (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Mandatory Vaccinations: Potential Insidious and Coercive Strategies (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Phase 3 “Testing” is a LIE That’s Both Subtle & Massive (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: Two Cringeworthy Bill Gates Interviews (VIDEO)
29 July 2020: White Coat Summit Scares Establishment Fearmongers into Desperate Actions (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: 30,000 Volunteers for Phase 3? All Fake (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Big Tech Censored Trump Video About Doctors And COVID, This Is The Biggest Censorship Scandal Ever (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: BBC - Vaccination Tattoos to Travel by 2022 (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Big Tech Censorship Scandal is Going Just As Viral As The Banned Doctors Video!! (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announce Plan to Microchip Everyone on Earth (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Bill Gates Destroyed In His Own Words (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Black Actors That Will Convince You To Get The 2020 Vaccines (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Brainwashed Is More Dangerous Than The Pandemic (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: CBS Telling Interview with Gates About the Vaccine (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: COVID-19 Not a Conspiracy, But a COUP! This Heavy Hitting Timeline Reveals All They Want Kept Quiet (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Del Bigtree interviewed by the Health Ranger: Covid-19, vaccine mandates and Big Pharma Fraud (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Docs Expose The Lies & Fear So Google, Twitter, Facebook Censor Immediately (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Exaggerated COVID Cases Coming To Light (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Face Scanning Tech Integrated Into Covid Rollout (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube Are Now Your Doctors (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Former Obama Advisor Wants 90% Lockdown for Six Weeks (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: From Sweden To Uruguay The Evidence Is Clear - Lockdown 'Cure' Worse Than The Disease (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: New Jersey Gym Owner Stands Up Fearless to the Tyranny of the Government (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Real Numbers Are Being Exposed to the Public (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: RFK Jr. Dishes On Debate & Current Censorship (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Strange Things Are Happening In New Zealand - Dr Rashid Buttar (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: Ted Cruz Lays the Smackdown on the Left’s Effort to Keep the Country Closed (VIDEO)
28 July 2020: U.N. Censors President Trump for Promoting Unauthorized Working Covid Cure (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Bill Gates Tells Viewers To Ignore Life Threatening Side Effects of His New Coronahoax Vaccine (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: COVID-19 and the Scientific Uncertainty Excuse for Bad Science
27 July 2020: COVID-19 – Is Fear Porn Hysteria based On The Worst Junk Science Ever Created (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: COVID Scheme And How It's Executed (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Democrat Orders Arrest Of Business Owners, They Support Riots Over Working People...(VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Fast Tracked COVID-19 Vaccine Could Lead To Massive Death Rate of 80% (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Fauci Says a 2 Year Lockdown Is Needed (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Fauci says he briefed Pres. Trump on Moderna entering phase three of a clinical trial for a vaccine (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Investigative Journalist Exposes Secrets of Gates / Epstein Satan Cult (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Lockdown Killing More Than COVID (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Microsoft 060606 RFID Commercial (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Only 4 Weeks Left of COVID Says Professor…If It’s So Deadly Then Why Isn’t This Happening…(VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Science Of COVID Testing (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: SHOT Modifies Your DNA - You Become Property (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Three Buildings Didn’t Fall From 2 Planes, Global Lockdown is NOT Because of a Virus (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Truth from front line workers dealing with the virus (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Virus of Mass Destruction & Brave New Totalitarian Normal (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: When Will Covid Tyranny End? W.H.O. Director: 'Never!' Unless...(VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Why Are COVID Cases Still Going Up (VIDEO)
27 July 2020: Why Is Bill Gates So Happy About All This Watch Along (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Are You Prepared for Forced Vaccinations? Protect Our Rights & Keep Families Safe (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Flip Floppy Ford ( WE are paying the price!!) (Explicit language) (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Flu and Flu Vaccines - What's Coming Through That Needle? (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Investigation finds several deaths in Florida county wrongly counted to COVID19 (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: More Evidence of Grossly Inflated COVID-19 Death Numbers (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Morphing Virus Narrative
26 July 2020: Protecting prisoners from COVID-19 part of Liberal parole process (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Psychological impact of COVID - What parents must know (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: UK changes legislation to permit mandatory vaccines and removes patient confidentiality (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: #ExposeBillGates Day of Action 2, AND Gates Questioned on Vaccines! (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: 5G Proven to cause flu symptoms and more news (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: 7 Reasons Why This Is The Greatest PSYOP In History, Yet the Threat Is Real (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Australian Resistance (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Coronavirus vaccine will no doubt kill more people than the coronavirus itself (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Exposing Rockefellers COVID Lockstep Plan (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Fauci Comes In From the "Bull"Pen to Throw out the 1st Pitch (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: NY Gov. Cuomo MOCKED for this Outrageous Outside Dining Rule (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: There Is No Pandemic Exception to the Constitution - Judge Dever (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Top Expert: Most of the US already Has Herd Immunity (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Trump Warns Gates Controlled U.N. Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: WTF!?! You'll Need Your "Immunity Passport" (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Your Chances of Dying From COVID-19 (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: C V Enforcement Measures Get Stronger, As Idiocy Gets Louder, Making Tyranny More Obvious (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Coronavirus Lockdown Did Not Work (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: COVID 19 Is World War 4 (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: COVID Vaccine & It's Implications (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Dark Agenda of Tyrannical Lockdowns Explained (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Doctors Refused Access to Hydroxychloroquine for this COVID-19 Patient (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Dr Rashid Buttar - What We Need To Know (Part 4) (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Epstein, Bill Gates Pedophiles & 'Vaccine" Industry (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Guess who's funding and promoting gene drives? (VIDEO)
24 JUly 2020: How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’ – An Animated Film Explanation (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Is Big Tech Planning A Massive Purge To Coincide With The COVID Vaccine Release? (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Kicked out of Ford's PCs: Belinda Karahalios ejected for voting against COVID-19 emergency powers (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Look who's coming to the rescue! (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Minnesota Doctor: “If It Can Happen To Me, It Can Happen To Anyone" (VIDEO)
24 July 2020: Why Do The Psychopaths Really Want To Vaccinate The World (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: 5 COVID-19 Stories the MSM Won’t Report (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: 13 Questions for the Lockdown Zealots (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: A Day In New Orleans After Lockdown! - NOLA Economy Has Been Destroyed (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Bill Gates and the population control grid (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Bill Gates Vaccine & The Great Population Reduction (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Bill Gates' Plan to vaccinate the world (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: CDC Swine Flu Psyop Of The 70's (Revealed On 60 Minutes) And How Relevant It Is To COVID-19 (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Coronavirus cases in Texas prison system reveal mortality rate could be as low as .03 percent (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: COVID-19 A Category 2 Pandemic (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: COVID-19 Exit Strategy (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: COVID-19 Fake Pandemic (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: COVID-19 Testing Hoax Is About To Go Mainstream (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Dr. Fauci is NOT America's Doctor (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Gates Says Multiple Vaccinations May Be Necessary (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Hospital Closures Amid COVID-19 (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: How Everyone Will Test Positive For COVID-19 (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Is America Facing A COVID Collapse? (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Mark Of The Beast Trial-Run Begins In Africa, Courtesy Of Bill Gates And Mastercard (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Restaurants whining about 'no shows' (UK) (VIDEO)
23 July 2020: Trump Must Go Beyond ChiComs and Hold Fauci / Gates Accountable for Pandemic Hoax (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: 5G And The Induction Of Coronavirus In Skin Cells (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: 5G Dangers and the Medical Tyranny Attack on Your DNA (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Alex Jones Covered DNA Altering COVID-19 Vaccine Months Ago (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Bill Gates' globalist vaccine agenda by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: California And Cuomo Go Full Corona Crazy! (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Coronavirus scare - the hoax of the century (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Coronavirus Update with Stefan Molyneux: What Is The Plan?!? (VIDEO)
22 Jul 2020: Coronavirus What are we doing to our children (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Dept. of Defense and DHHS Announce $2 Billion Deal w/ Pfize (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Flawed testing data leads to hospitals inflating number of COVID-19 patients across nation (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Florida Citizens Who Never Took Test Being Phoned and Told They're Coronahoax Positive (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Forced Vaccinations At The Hands Of The State (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Kalifornia Apartment Building Locked Down Under Mandatory Quarantine (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: NIH.gov - 5G Coronavirus Link via DNA (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Psychological Operation to Dehumanize the Population Exposed (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Stay Inside Mantra (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Test is Giving You the Vaccine - Don't Get the Test! (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Testing Positive For The Corona Virus Even Though You Never Got Tested (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: W.H.O. Using Same Propaganda Firm As Gulf War (VIDEO)
22 July 2020: Y'All Best Listen to the CDC...Ya Hear?!
21 July 2020: A Fist Full of Dollars, Fifties & Hundreds Please (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: A Quick Look at How the COVID Lie Has Morphed (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Alberta man dies after “non-essential” surgery cancelled due to COVID-19 (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: All the Times Dr. Fauci Was Wrong (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Both COVID Deaths & Tests Are Months Old Data (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: CDC Fatality Data Appears to be Heavily Manipulated - Lets See by Analyzing the Data (VIDEO)
21 JUly 2020: CDC Is A Vaccine Company With Vaccine & Virus Patents & Makes $B Of Dollars A Year On Vaccines (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Coronavirus - a way to control the population for NWO (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Dr. Claims New COVID-19 Vaccine Is Untested And Will Alter Your DNA (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Five Battles We Cannot Afford to Lose (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Indisputable Science Behind the Covid Hoax Medical Tyranny Takeover (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Next Deep State Plan To Fake A Pandemic And Keep America Locked Down  (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: On the Operation 'Warped' Speed COVID-19 Vaccine (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Orange County, Calif. citizens say second lockdown not justified, demand Gov. Newsom step down (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Our Kids Are Now Lab Rats (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Trudeau Government Sued For “Draconion & Unjustifiable” Response To COVID-19 with Rocco Galati (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: US Senate Candidate Daniel McCarthy Calls Out The COVID Numbers (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: Your Body is Their Weapon - We're all Patients Now (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: W.H.O. Cares What Celebrities Think (VIDEO)
21 July 2020: What's It Like To Have Covid-19? An Infected Doctor Speaks (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: 2 vaccines for every Canadian when they are ready!! (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Another Gates Vaccine Scandal In Africa (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Another Revelation About Bill Gate Vaccination & 5G Network  (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: CDC Hoping July Effect Increases COVID-19 Deaths (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Contradictory COVID Stats (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Covid-19 Is Massive Mental Illness Not Global Pandemic (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Covid-19 Martial Law Hoax (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: DecipheringThe Agenda Of Bill Gates (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Dr Rashid Buttar - What We Need To Know (Part 3) (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Digital Identity Required In 2021 To Travel Abroad (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Fake Tests and Fake Surges and Hot spots (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Fauci Thinks NY Is a GOOD Example of What to Do for COVID-19 (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D'état (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Government Officials Globally Expose Themselves and The Big CV-19 Lie (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: Second Wave Covid and Elephant Training (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: W.H.O. and U.N. Act to Censor Social Media to Stop a "Infodemic" (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: And This Is All Just The Beginning (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: Arizona Mandates the Vaccine- ARS Tttle 36 Sections 787-789 (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: Covid Trick (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: Kentucky Couple Put On House Arrest For Catching COVID, Given Ankle Bracelets By Cops (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: Trump administration seeking to block funding for CDC, contact tracing and testing (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: UN Calls for Permanent C-19 Lockdown (VIDEO)
19 July 2020: U.N. Pushes Permanent Covid-19 Lockdown! (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: 160 Doctors Bring Down The Coronavirus Narrative...(VIDEO)
18 July 2020: CDC Exposed! Inflating COVID counts (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: CDC/COVID Testing Issues “Lack of Expertise” (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: Covid Lockdown - Illegal Enforcement Worldwide (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: Don't Be A Walking Dead The Mark Of THe Beast Chip Is In The 2020 Vaccines (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: MSM has Blood on their Hands (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: Prof. Sanjaya Senanayake Confesses No Gold Statndard for Covid-19 Virus (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: Unbelievable UK Covid Reporting (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: An Inconvenient COVID Truth (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Bill Gates Admits Injecting Modified Organisms Into Children (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Bill Gates Lobbying Our Destruction (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Corona Depression Sweeps The Nation (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Covid Is The Excuse To Inject A Nightmare On Humanity (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Dr. Andrew Kaufman Debunks Official COVID Narrative  (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Dr. Fauci, Melinda Gates & Barack Obama At Wuhan Lab in 2015!! (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Dr Rashid Buttar - What We Need To Know (Part 2) (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Fauci Exaggerated Covid Hoax Death Numbers Almost 100 Times (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Fauci issues warning to states reopening too soon (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Florida Motorcycle Crash Death Counted as Coronavirus Death (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: How Do C-19 Deaths Compare to Other Social Disasters? (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: My State Authorized Mandatory Vaccination... Has Yours? (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Pollution, PFAS & COVID-19: ‘Forever Chemical’ Under Investigation (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Prof Carl Heneghan - Can we trust Covid-19 death numbers? (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Scamdemic: Why Has No One in America Been Filmed Falling Over? (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Selling The Second Wave to Extend (Keep) the Lockdowns (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Top 10 reasons I don't have Corona Phobia (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Trump Goes to War Against Fauci/Gates' Covid-19 Hoax (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Trump Guaranteed Reelection If He Does This…(VIDEO)
17 July 2020: UK Scientists Expose ‘Over-Exaggeration’ Of Covid-19 Deaths & Immunity Passports Begin In Miami (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: W.H.O. Refuses To Investigate Wuhan Lab! - Insists Pandemic Is Natural In Their Investigation! (VIDEO)
17 July 2020: Your Body, Their Choice (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Almost 50% Of All COVID Deaths In The US Are In Three States Near Fort Detrick, Maryland (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Bill Gates Predicts Corona Vaccination Will Produce 700,000 Victims (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: COVID-19 Lockdown - Economic & Social Impacts (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: COVID-19: What We Don't Know (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: COVID's Tyrannical Jackpot (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Dr Buttar Examines COVID-19 (Part 1) (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Dr Buttar Examines COVID-19 (Part 2) (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Dr Buttar Examines COVID-19 (Part 3) (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Dr Buttar Examines COVID-19 (Part 4) (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Dr Buttar Examines COVID-19 (Part 5) (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Gagged NHS Insider Breaks Their Silence! You Won’t Believe What They’re Trying To Hide! (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Huge News About the (You-Know-What) Clinical Trial That MSM is Hiding!! (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Media Pushes Back on Florida “Surge” Lies: They’re Still Lying (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Numbers Don't Warrant The Economic Shutdown! (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Officials combining ‘probable’ cases of COVID-19 with confirmed cases(VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Politicians' Covid War = Poverty & Crime (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: People Win As Serbians Force Government to Scrap Curfew (VIDEO)
16 July 2020: Yes, Fauci LIED. No, Trump Will NOT Fire Him — “On Same Team” (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: A Central Global Intelligence Behind Lockdown Regulations
15 July 2020: Clay Clark calls Bill Gates a Pedophile live on Newsmax!(VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Gates Began Operation Warp Speed 3 Yrs Ago at Davos (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Coronavirus Circus (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Coronavirus vaccine production to begin this summer (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Cuomo Has No Authority To Restrict Travel Under Commerce Clause of Constitution (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Dr Andy Kaufman MD - The Agenda Behind the COVID Hoax (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Dr. Tam hired WE Charity for unspecified “services” (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Florida - Fox 35 Is Starting To Get The Idea Of Fraudulent Testing For COVID...(VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Florida’s Corona Virus Rate Reported as 100% But Medical Centers Admit REAL Rate is 9% Or Less! (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Invasion Force We Never Expected Has Just Ripped Her Heart Out! COVID Fear Freaks In Charge! (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Joker Truth on COVID Reset (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Like the Berlin Wall, the Lockdown Rules Are Coming Like a Thief In the Night (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Look What They Have Done To Us In 4 Months? (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Lords of Lockdown Target Florida in Fear Campaign (VIDEO)
>> 02 December 2015: This Is Your Brain on Too Much TV (VIDEO)
>> 03 September 2011: How Television Affects Your Brain Chemistry (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: MSM Gaslight's Public Into Medical Tyranny Submission with Fake Numbers (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: No One Has Died From The Coronavirus Says The President Of The Bulgarian Pathology Association (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Politicians’ Covid War Will Kill The Economy, Crime Will Rise (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Stanford Says Risk Of Death From COVID 'Almost Zero' If Under 40 & Another Doctor Speaks Out (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Trump Needs to Shut Down Phony Pandemic Testing (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Trump Takes Control of Covid-19 Task Force After Discovering W.H.O./ Chicom Plot (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Warning on 2020 COVID VACCINE Dr. Carrie Madej (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Watch Australian Cops Force a Man into Locked Down With People Who Tested Positive (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: 2nd Great Covid-19 Lockdown is Here, and The Truth Will Set You Free (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: 600 Doctors Advise Pres Trump on the Medical Harm of Lockdowns (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: California Lockdown Even As Case Count “Mistakes” Are Exposed (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: ICU Nurse Tested Negative For COVID-19 Hospitalized For COVID-19! (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Final Stand (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Florida Testing Labs Exposed (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: It is unconscionable for any province to continue with this lockdown (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Labs Reporting 100% of People Testing Positive For COVID—It’s Impossible! Lockdown 2.0! (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Coronavirus (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Lockdown 2.0 Is Here: Texas to Follow California Shutdown Within Days (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Medical Tyranny Hitting Melbourne Australia Hard!! (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Meet The Man who First Exposed the Covid-19 Hoax (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Operation Lockstep - Toying With The Masses (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Rocco Galati Joins Us to Discuss His Latest Court Filing on Behalf of Vaccine Choice Canada (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Suicide: National & Individual (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci’s Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize Winner (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Trump Goes There -  Calls Dr. Fauci Out on His Mistakes that Panicked America (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: Uncertain Promise of a CoVID Vaccine - What we're Not Being Told (VIDEO)
14 July 2020: What Is The Real Purpose Of The Lockdowns? (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: California Orders Bars, Gyms & Indoor Dining To Close In Biggest COVID-19 Reopening Rollback Yet (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Coronavirus Bomb Shell Game (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Coronavirus Shell Game (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: COVID-19 'Numbers Are Being Cooked' to 'Scare the Public' and Steal the Election (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Cure for COVID 1984 - Texas family doctor Dr. Richard Bartlett joins Debbie Georgatos (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Fauci: “We’ll Get Vaccine to Most Vulnerable First” (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Film Your Covid19 Testing Site!! (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Florida ATF Invades Restaurant Full of People to Shut Down Owner (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Former FEMA Officer Explains Covid AI Interface and Phase II Lock Down (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: How Behavioral Scientists Terrify and Manipulate the Public during the Plandemic (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Lords of Lockdown Target Florida in Fear Campaign (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Mayor Lies About Refrigerated Trucks for Bodies, NBC Doc Admits He Lied About Having COVID (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Miami - Restaurant Owners, Workers Protest COVID-19 Restrictions (VIDEO)
13  July 2020: Must See Facts That Destroy The COVID-19 Hoax And It's Evil Agenda (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: National Guard Servicemember Confirms Covid-19 Hoax (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Notley shames beach-going “COVIDiots” — minutes after praising NDP rally! (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Shelter In Place Is Weakening The Immune Systems Of Everyone Who Complies (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Shutdowns Destroyed Lives - Now The Government Wants To Hike Taxes To Pay For It! (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Sunbelt Covid 'Spike' - Just A Lot Of Hot Air? (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Trump Takes Action Against Fauci/WHO & The Covid-19 Psychological Bioweapon Attack (VIDEO)
13 July 2020: Undercover Nurse Turned Journalist - Exposes New Yorks Elmhurst Hospital  (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Hard Pandemic Questions For World-Class Virologist (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: It Is Not The FIrst TIme The W.H.O. Faked A Pandemic (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Make Fauci Lead By Example (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Medical Expert Explains Fauci / Birx Conflict Of Interest (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Must See Facts That Destroy The COVID-19 Hoax And It's Evil Agenda (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Oh No, W.H.O.! (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: One size fits all: Cities are just "cutting and pasting" mask-wearing orders (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Should The W.H.O. Face COVID-19 Consequences? We Asked Their Health Tech Expert (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Bill Gate Finally Speaks On Consipracy Vaccine To Depopulate Million Of Africa Nation (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Dr Rashid Buttar - What We Need To Know (Part 1) (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Gavin Newsom caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China in massive face mask money... (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Is Herd Immunity Our Best Hope For Combating COVID-19? We Asked Dr. Scott Atlas (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Las Vegas Goes Full Tyranny! - Second Shutdown Begins! - Millions Lose Job! (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan & The UN's NWO Website As The CDC Goes Door to Door (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Newsom To Release 8,000 More Prisonersto escape COVID-19 What Could Go Wrong? (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Phoenix Mayor Caught Lying About Overflowing Morgues! - More Fear Mongering To Gain More Control! (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Protests in Serbia send clear warning to President Vucic (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Senior Citizen with medical emergency told to get out of the Hospital because she can't wear a mask! (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Shady Gates Is Nothing New! (VIDEO)
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