30 June 2020: Covid-19 Hoax Implodes! Texas Exposes NIH/CDC Artificially Inflating Numbers (VIDEO)
30 June 2020:Body Language - Bill & Melinda Gates (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Depopulation Agenda/COVID-19 is a scam (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Dr Rashid A Buttar -Trump Knows The Truth About COVID19 (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Fauci & CNN Begin “100% Vaccination Rate” Narrative Push (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Fauci Misleads Public; Complains About Distrust (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Health Canada now stocking Chinese military's COVID-19 vaccine for human trials
30 June 2020: Hearing In Texas Discussing Deadly Lies From Fauci / Birx / CDC / NIH / Gates / China - Vaccine Corporations (VIDEO)
30 June 2020:  NIH Signed Secret mRNA Vaccine Contract With Moderna In December 2019, Before This COVID Event Began (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: Social Distancing - Devastating Consequences of Isolating Children (VIDEO)
30 June 2020: These Sick Bastards Gates - Are The Same As Serial Murderer/Rapists – Taunting The Police (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: After Family Member of mine was indirectly killed by his Hospital, they marked his death as Covid19! (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: Alex Jones Exposes The Biggest COVID Hoax Yet! (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: Covid Chart They Don't Want You To See (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: Fauci Warns We May Not Get Herd Immunity If Too Many People Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: More COVID Tyranny - Mandated Masks, Mental Health Screening & Troops (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: Perpetual Quarantine And Lockdown Mandated (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: Response to Covid-19 was a Hoax Based on False Positives (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate (VIDEO)
29 June 2020: We Have Undercover Footage The Media Don't Want This Out! (VIDEO)
28 June 2020: FDA's Hand Sanitizer Warning - Some contain methanol, which is LETHAL! (VIDEO)
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27 June 2020: COVID Really Means Agenda 21 Heres The Proof (Take 2) (VIDEO)
27 June 2020: COVID-Communism: Wealth Redistribution by the United Nations and their Goodwill Ambassadors (VIDEO)
27 June 2020: Is there a Second Wave, Already? What is Best for the Economy, Now? (VIDEO)
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26 June 2020: National File Speaks With Florida Woman Who Called for Bill Gates' Immediate Arrest (VIDEO)
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25 June 2020: Second Lockdown Approaching (VIDEO)
24 June 2020: 2nd Wave Lockdown Reduced Natural Immunity (VIDEO)
24 June 2020: Covid-19 Has Turned Public Health Into a Lethal, Patient-Killing Experimental Endeavor (VIDEO)
24 June 2020: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated On The Human Race (VIDEO)
24 June 2020: MSM Again Pushes Flu Vaccine For COVID Despite Pentagon Finding This Increases Risk Of Coronavirus
24 June 2020: New CDC & W.H.O. Info Suggests COVID Substantially  Less Dangerous Than Flu, Yet Restrictions Continue (VIDEO)
24 June 2020: Tale of Two Pandemics & the 2nd Wave (VIDEO)
23 June 2020: Contaminated Covid Tests Come Up Positive Causing Hysteria (VIDEO)
23 June 2020: Coronavirus A Proven Hoax, But Dems And Fauci Call For Shutdown And Masks To Continue (VIDEO)
23 June 2020: Fact Check - Polio Vaccines, Tetanus, And The Gates Foundation
23 June 2020: Mike Pence Makes Major COVID Announcement! Puts Fauci On The Bench! FINALLY! (VIDEO)
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18 June 2020: Global Reset into Lockdown for All (VIDEO)
18 June 2020: PEI predicted up to 900 COVID-19 deaths. No one died
18 June 2020: Second Wave Panic Explodes Across the Globe (VIDEO)
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12 June 2020: Another Top Expert "Lockdown Is Total Nonsense'  (VIDEO)
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12 June 2020: Gates Foundation Meets w/ Contact Tracing Participants & H.R. 6666 Drafter Months BEFORE Coronavirus (VIDEO)
12 June 2020: Majority of federal departments no long accepting Access to Information requests due to COVID-19 (VIDEO)
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09 June 2020: W.H.O. Caught Lying About Coronavirus Yet Again (VIDEO)
09 June 2020: W.H.O. Just Admit LIE-Demic Virus Lockdown Was a Hoax. No Covid19 Infection From One Person to Another (VIDEO)
09 June 2020: W.H.O. Makes Bombshell Admission About COVID, Then 24 Hours Later This Happens (VIDEO)
09 June 2020: W.H.O. now says Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’  (VIDEO)
08 June 2020: Communist China has ‘let China off the hook’ for coronavirus (VIDEO)
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08 June 2020: If You Can't Predict the Market, How Did They Predict This Pandemic? (VIDEO)
08 June 2020: Staged Race Riots - A Setup for Pandemic 2 (VIDEO)
08 June 2020: UK Police Receive Orders From "Higher Up" To Ignore Coronavirus Restrictions For BLM Protests (VIDEO)
07 June 2020: Fraudulent Fauci Suppresses Hydroxychloroquine Short Film (VIDEO)
07 June 2020: Gates & Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Delivery + Gates Backed Company To Release GM Mosquitoes (VIDEO)
07 June 2020: Tucker Carlson On Coronavirus – “This Is A Sham, It Was A Front For Tyrants” (VIDEO)
06 June 2020: Bolsonaro threatens to sever ties with W.H.O. as COVID-19 kills 'a Brazilian per minute' (VIDEO)
06 June 2020: COVID Response - Reckless Endangerment of the Public Health (VIDEO)
06 June 2020: Debunked Lancet Study officially retracted over serious questions of scientific credibility (VIDEO)
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06 June 2020: Under Cover Footage W.H.O. Private Forum (VIDEO)
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05 June 2020: Elon Musk tweets Amazon should be broken up after it rejects a book by a coronavirus skeptic (VIDEO)
05 June 2020: Fraudulent Suppression of Hydroxychloroquine by Fauci, WHO, Gates and Tam - (Part 1) (VIDEO)
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04 June 2020: What Pandemic? Maskless Hypocrite Mayors March With Protesters While Millions Remain Unemployed (VIDEO)
04 June 2020: World Health Organization publicly praised China in order to get crucial coronavirus information (VIDEO)
03 June 2020: BLM Activists Menace Reporter For Not Wearing Mask (VIDEO)
03 June 2020: Canada Orders 37M Syringes In Prep For Mass Vaccinations From Corrupt Medical Company BD!!! (VIDEO)
03 June 2020: Canadian Health Minister Says Protests Fine But Don't Yell (VIDEO)
03 June 2020: Censored Nurse Raises Alarm Of More Fake Pandemics (VIDEO)
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02 June 2020: COVID-19 death rate 'tenfold lower' than World Health Organisation claims (VIDEO)
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02 June 2020: Remdesivir Exposed as Fauci Fraud, Rioters Offered Free COVID Testing (VIDEO)
02 June 2020: W.H.O.'s internal documents reveal China's 'cover-up' (VIDEO)
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