19 June 2021: Parents Send Masks For Analysis, & Findings Need To Be Circulated, Esp. Since CDC Recommended Masks
19 June 2021: Serious Illness On The Rise In Children
19 June 2021: Unvaccinated Children Putting Vaccinated At Risk! HANCOCK Mandatory Vac Might Be REQ
18 June 2021: New Study Exposes Dirty Masks
17 June 2021: Child Vaccination Ethics - YouTube Banned Discussion
16 June 2021: British Police Allowing Children To Be Murdered By CONvid Injection
16 JUne 2021: Doctor Issues Stark Warning on Children's Vax
16 June 2021: Dr Bose Ravenel, Children Should Not Be Vaxed
16 June 2021: Lockdown Depression Causes 5 Year Olds To Call Suicide Hotline
14 June 2021: COVID shedding = Children bleeding
14 June 2021: From the VAERS system. 15 year old dead two days after getting the jab
14 June 2021: Media Telling You The Vax Is 100% Safe - Here Is What The Vaccine Is Doing MYOCARDITIS In Children
14 June 2021: They Are Coming For The KIDS Rollout September Including School Lockdowns!
13 June 2021: If We Allow BIG Pharma To Inject Our Children With NO Liability, Its Game Over !!
13 June 2021: Vax... The Kids - The Nanobots... The Kids With Kate Shemirani & Dr. Carrie Madej
12 June 2021: 3 million youngsters get text messages asking them to get vaccinated
12 June 2021: Death of a 1 Year Old Baby from MODERNAS Needle via CDC
12 June 2021: Gates and Fauci's Vaccines Giving Children Heart Conditions
12 June 2021: Masks are harmful and limit communications in and out of the classroom, so why would you use them?
11 June 2021: Dr Fauci voices plans to give the Covid vaccine to any age child / baby, via "age de-escalation."
11 June 2021: If you breastfeed after vaccination you are essentially vaccinating your baby don't do it
11 June 2021: OMG Magnetic Kids Now!
11 June 2021: Psychopaths are killing your kids. Where the hell are you?
10 June 2021: Dr Michael Yeadon - Injection 50x More Likely To Cause Death In Children Than No Injection
10 June 2021: How Are Our Children Faring Through This Scamdemic
10 June 2021: If You Tolerate This, Then You're Children Will Be Jabbed Next
10 June 2021: It's time to wake up and realise your children will be human guinea pigs
10 June 2021:You must say NO to child vaccination
09 June 2021: 12 year old says Doctors tried to force vaccinate him
09 June 2021: Lies on the BBC will Result in Children Dying
09 June 201: Doctor Warns Some Children Will Die If All Senior School Kids Are Given The Injection
09 June 2021: Pandemic Effect On Children Is More deadly Than You Think
08 June 2021: Scotland getting ready to vaccinate 12 years and over
07: 60-80% of Kids Had Bad Reaction To Jab But 18% Were Cured Of The Sniffles. All Will Die From This
06 June 2021: Child Vaccine Study Results, Magnet Test, Mold Infections, Medical Tyranny & Cover-Up
06 June 2021: Dark Reality of Covid-19 Guidelines for Children in Schools
06 June 2021: Putting Kids First: How Covid-19 Guidelines Are Affecting Our Children
05 June 2021: Another kid’s heart almost blows up after getting the vaccine!
05 June 2021: Bullshit Pfizer video to entice children to get jabbed`
05 June 2021: Public React To Kids 12-15 Years Pfizer Approved Jab
05 June 2021: Watch This Before Your Chld Takes These Vaccines!!!
04 June 2021: Child Vaccine Study Results, Magnet Test, Mold Infections, Medical Tyranny & Cover-Up
04 June 2021: Israel Wants To Track Children's Social Distancing By Microchipping Them
04 June 2021: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Bribes Children To Take The Covid-19 Vaccine Coronavirus Lockdowns Quarantine
04 June 2021: Serious Injury And Death In Babies Being Given Vaccine
03: FDA / CDC Knew Well Ahead Of Vaccine Harm To Kids - They Didn't Care
03 June 2021: Germany Ignores Warning from Medical Experts - Jabs for 12yo Children!
02 June 2021: Putting Our Kids First: A Look At COVID-19 School Guidlines And How They're Affecting Our Children
31 May 2021: 86% Of The Kids Have "Adverse Effects"
30 May 2021: Federal Legal Case Filed to Protect Our Children During COVID-19
30 May 2021: Heart issue warning in kids after COVID vaccination
30 May 2021: NO vaccine injury program if your child gets paralysed AFTER Covid vaccine
30 May 2021: Will The Shot Kill Puberty - Dr Sherri Tenpenny
29 May 2021: USA has started vaccinating children as young as 12 years old
29 May 2021: Heart Inflammation In Youth Recently VAXXED
28 May 2021: Adorable Baby Has A Seizure After Receiving The Jab!
28 May 2021: Dr Bhakdi: Don't Give These to Your Children, That's A Crime (Blood Clots)
28 May 2021: Older VAXXED Child Is Shedding To Younger Child
27 May 2021: Calling for court-ordered executions of researchers who use children for COVID Medical Experiments
27 May 2021: Parents’ FURY at Demand to Vaccinate Kidz!; How Lockdown Anger Could Lead to Positive Things
26 May 2021: Bus driver Slaps Child over a mask on Camera
26 May 2021: Canadian Police Stop Parents From Entering Clinic Where Children Are Being Vaxxed
26 May 2021: Children Being JABBED without parents! Ridgfield High School! (Part 1)
26 May 2021: Children Being JABBED without parents! Ridgfield High School! (Part 2)
26 May 2021: Doctor Issues Stark Warning on Children's Vax
26 May 2021: Media Tell Kids How to Get Vaccine WITHOUT Parental Consent
26 May 2021: Vaxxed Kids will be GPS Tracked in Realtime for Pedo Elites
25 May 2021: Dr Charles Hoffe explains why you must say ‘No’ to child vaccination
25 May 2021: European Commission wants to Mass-Vaccinate Virus-Resistant Children? Why?
25 May 2021: Forced ⁣Vaccinations For Children and Data - A Conflict - Dr Scott Jensen
25 May 2021: Police Guard A Vaccination Centre For Children In Toronto, Canada, No Parental Consent Is Needed
24 May 2021: Canadian Doctors Speak Out - Protecting Our Children From Harm
23 May 2021: Child Vax vs Gillick Competence vs Reality
23 May 2021: Experienced ER physician sounds alarm bells on Pfizer's vaccine being approved for children
23 May 2021: Experimental Vaccines - Now They Are Bribing School Children!
23 May 2021: Mask Tets Shows Toxic Levels Of CO2 Parts Per Million Off The Charts
23 May 2021: Schools & Teachers Will Jab Your Kids Its All About The Money - Keeping The Job
23 May 2021: We're Here To Kill Your Kids - What's Really In The Vaccine & Those Masks
21 May 2021: MSM Was Wrong (Or Lied) On All Things COVID & The Desperate Push To Experimentally Inject Your Child
21 May 2021: Severe adverse reactions in children who took the covid 19 vaccine!!!
21 May 2021: Tyrannical School Boards Still Want To Mandate Children to Wear Masks
20 May 2021: Children School Tyrants On Forced Mask Child Abuse. Where Are The Men?
20 May 2021: Criminal Vaccine & Mask Experiments on Children Must Be Stopped!
20 May 2021: Mom Fights Palm Beach School District Over 'Inhumane, Criminal' Masks on Kids
18 May 2021: Baby Becomes World's Youngest Person to Get 2 Pfizer JABS
18 May 2021: Using His 12yr Old As Propaganda To Coerce Others To Take The Jab.
17 May 2021: Actress Armstrong Gives Powerful Call for Moms to Fight Back Against Filthy Disgusting Masks on Kids
16 May 2021: NHS Consultant Dr Anthony Hilton Warns AGAINST Vaccinating Healthy Children!
16 May 2021: Relentless Israeli Gov War Crimes, Children To Get COVID Jab w/o Parental Consent & Biden's Cyber EO
15 May 2021: Race To Inject Children With COVID Vaccine
12 May 2021: Parents That Defended Their Children NOT Wearing Masks Deemed Criminals & Calls For Arrests
09 May 2021: Millions of Kids to DROP OUT of School, and Thousands are Committing Suicide Because of the Shutdown
07 May 2021: I can’t breathe in this mask - End the child abuse! Masks Don’t Work!
07 May 2021: Kids Swallow DNA of Lethal Pig Virus in Vaccine
07 May 2021: School Administrator Cries At The Child Abuse Of Forcing Students To Wear Masks
07 May 2021: Stop The Child Abuse: Vaccine & Tyranny News (Part 1)
07 May 2021: Stop The Child Abuse: Vaccine & Tyranny News (Part 2)
06 May 2021: Our Kids Are Not Guinea Pigs - Mass Exodus from Public Schools if Govt Mandates Covid Vaccines
03 May 2021: School nurse who said masks were harmful to students suspended
02 May 2021: A Psychotherapist Warns Of The COVID Lockdown Dangers to Children
30 April 2021: Arizona Moms Fight Kid Mask Mandate in Schools: It's Child Abuse
30 April 2021: Masks Destroying Lives, Kids Scared to Breathe Outside
30 April 2021: No Science Or Impact Assessment! The Govt Just Asked Lefty Teachers When Mandating Masks In School..
30 April 2021: School Mum Speaks Out On COVID Masks And Lockdown Risks To Children
29 April 2021: Forced Masks In Schools Illegal Under Texas Law
29 April 2021: New Normal is Medical Experiments on Children
29 April 2021: Parents Overrun School Districts To Save Children From Masks
28 April 2021: Take This Mask Off My Child
27 April 2021: Mother warns of testing vaccines on children
27 April 2021: Mom in Tears - Take the Mask Off My 6 Yr Old
27 April 2021: Pfizer's Child "COVID Vaccine" Trials
26 April 2021: Security guard drags a little girl out of the shop because her mask isn’t covering her nose
23 April 2021: Children Being Vaccinated Without Consent!!!!
23 April 2021: Masks poison our children
23 April 2021: Suffer Little Children - Jabs For Them Too
22 April 2021: After Son Takes His Own Life, Father Warns Against Extended Pandemic Lockdowns
22 April 2021: Georgia Mom Explodes on School Board: "Take These Masks Off My Child!"
20 April 2021: Masking Children Is Child Abuse! - Doctor Calls Out Michigan's Whitmer On Unscientific Mandate!
18 April 2021: Fauci's Intent Is To Harm & Murder Your Children - Will You Allow This?
18 April 2021: Masks = Criminal Child Abuse? Dr. Chris Schaefer -  Masks Are Causing Permanent Damage To Children
18 April 2021: Vaccines for kids omg we still in testing phase - save YOUR children
17 April 2021: Doctor Issues Dire Warning Against Covid-19 Vaccine for Children
16 April 2021: 1st Casualties Of The Children Vaccine Trials
16 April 2021: mRNA Gene Therapy Testing Now Extends To Children As Young As 6 mths
15 April 2021: Kate has been warning you - They want to kill your children
15 April 2021: Pfizer have started Vaccine Trials on babies and young children
15 April 2021: Sacrificing Children to The Vaccine God
14 April 2021: See the Shock Video of Cops Forcing Vaccines on Special Needs Children
14 April 2021: Unmask Our Children
11 April 2021: Lady Goes Off On Orange County CA Board Of Education For Wanting To Secretly Vaccinate Children
10 April 2021: Judge Mandates Mom & Child Must Get COVID Vaccine or Lose Custody
10 April 2021: Our Kid's Are The Next Target Of These Psychopaths!
08 April 2021: Listen To how Lockdown Learning & Wearing Masks In Class Affects Children
07 April 2021: Every Parent Needs To Watch These Parents Stand Up For Their Children Being Brainwashed
06 April 2021: Cycling from Toronto to Ottawa to raise awareness for children suffering under COVID restrictions
05 April 2021: ISRAEL To Start Giving Schoolkids JAB
05 April 2021: Toxic Masks Distributed in Canadian Schools
04 April 2021: It's A Killer: Child & Pregnancy Experimental Injections With Kate Shemirani & Dr. Kevin Corbett
03 April 2021: Mask Moron Pushing Masks On Kids...When She Can't Breathe In Her Own Mask
03 April 2021: Pfizer's gene therapy vaccine: Now for schoolchildren!
03 April 2021: ‘They’re Going After the Kids’ + More
30 March 2021: Children Need Masks to Play Outside According to Dr. Fauci
30 March 2021: Medical Deep State Declares War on Children
30 March 2021: Vaccines Harm Children! It's Up To You (And Me) To Save Them!
28 March 2021: Coming to Your Town School Temperature Checks and Health Passports Scan Codes
27 March 2021: Criminals Are Coming For The Children - It's Not A Vaccine And It Never Was A Virus
26 March 2021: Parents Do Not Let Your Children Get Tested At School - Ethylene Oxide
23 March 2021: It's unethical to ignore the harms of lockdowns on kids
23 March 2021: Spain This is insane They are making children wear masks whilst Soccer/Football training
23 March 2021: Vaccinating Infants? This is Getting Crazy...
22 March 2021: Children To Be Force Vaxxed! - As Countless People Die, Government Targets Kids!
22 March 2021: Taking The Child Abuse Masks Off Our Children - Action Needed From All
21 March 2021: Children In 2021 - So Very Sad - No Words
19 March 2021: Watch Dr Naomi Wolf and Meghan Mansell Discuss How Masks Harm Children's Linguistic Development
18 March 2021: Children Attempting Suicide Due To Fear Of Family Catching COVID
18 March 2021: Fauci Wants to Vaccinate Children as Young as 6-Months by the Beginning of 2022
18 March 2021: What's In Vaccines? That We Give To Our Children
17 March 2021: Moderna begins study of Covid NWO Genetic Code Injection in Children and Babies!
16 March 2021: What Are We Doing To Our Children? This is So Wrong!
14 March 2021: Lockdowns Caused 100% Increase in Child & Teen Suicide
14 March 2021: Masks In Schools! UK Kids Are Sad They are Not Happy This Is Wrong
14 March 2021: We Must Never Forgive Politicians Whose Lockdowns Have So Badly Damaged Our Youth
12 March 2021: Back To School Bubble - Disturbing School COVID Programming Exposed
12 March 2021: Elementary school principal overrules doctor, demands child wear mask
12 March 2021: Netanyahu - "We Will Renew The Vax Every 6 Months & All Children Will Participate"
11 March 2021: Concerned Moms Across Canada - #SaveOurYouth​​ -The Long Term Effects of a Culture of Fear
09 March 2021: For Your Safety! Child Cruelty Masks For Newborns
09 March 2021: Joe Biden Approves Experimental Vaccines Targeting
09 March 2021: Trial COVID Vaccine To Be Tested On Infants With Potentially Deadly Side Effects
07 March 2021: Vital Revelations About How Masks Damage Childrens Health - Parents Must Watch
06 March 2021: Children Forced to Wear Masks Will Become Weak and Stupid
05 March 2021: BBC pushing Tory child abuse over coronavirus (UK)
05 March 2021: Teachers Unions are Using Our Kids as Bargaining Chips, While Children Commit Suicide
03 March 2021: COVID 4 Kids -  Protocol demands 2 Weeks with no parental contact
03 March 2021: German Dr Speaks Out Children Are Dying
03 March 2021: They Are Now Vaccinating Kids In UK Under Trials - I Thought Kids Could Not Catch It?
03 March 2021: Toronto-Area Authorities Say Isolate Kids Within Their Own Homes - Some Parents Actually Comply
02 March 2021: COVID Vax Newest Guinea Pigs
02 March 2021: Covid19 Criminal Child Abuse
02 March 2021: Parents Blasted For Isolating Children in 2 Week Quarantine, Doctors Say it's Abuse and Not Science
02 March 2021: You DON'T Love Your Kids If You Can Do This To Them
01 March 2021: Isolating Children For 2 Weeks? Viva Rant Against the Machine
01 March 2021: This Is Criminal What Children Are Subjected To - This Has To Stop
01 March 2021: Vaccine (mRNA Gene Therapy) For Babies? (6 Months Old Babies Vaxxed In Moderna mRNA Trial)
28 February 2021: Peel guidelines to place children in solitary quarantine for 14 days
28 February 2021: Young People`s Lives Being Destroyed By Idiots!
27 February 2021: School Pressure Parents To Get Kids Tested
26 February 2021: Masks In Schools trapped By Their Own Lies
26 February 2021: This Is how They'll Kill your Kids - Schools To Test Kids Twice A Week
25 February 2021: JAB Kids “as fast as we can” Say 'SAGE' On 'BBC'
25 February 2021: Michigan Parent - Teen Committed Suicide Amid Mental Health Issues Caused by Virtual Learning
25 February 2021: Millions of young people are depressed, and it's getting worse
24 February 2021: Compulsory CON-vid Tests For Kids Or No School.
24 February 2021: Protect Your Son's & Daughter's From This Medical Abuse In Schools, Homeschool NOWl
24 Feburury 2021: UK Insane! Call the school and demand your child is not participating in this
23 February 2021: Former Pro-Vax Pediatric Nurse (18 November 2019)
23 February 2021: Masks in Classrooms & Corridors
21 February 2021: JAB Kids “as fast as we can” Say Sage On BBC
20 February 2021: Gymnast Hero Jennifer Sey Speaks out Against SF Kids in"Lockdown": "Child Abuse"
20 February 2021: Healthy Babies Don't Just Die (September 2019)
20 February 2021: Instill Fear In A Generation And You Have Them Trapped Forever. Sad!
20 February 2021: Two Tests A Week
20 February 2021: UK parents have to test their kids for the covid-19 twice a week communism
20 February 2021: Mothers Speak Up Against School Closings And Bill Gates Influence
19 February 2021: ADHD Diagnoses Have Skyrocketed During Pandemic
17 February 2021: Microchip Track And Trace School Kids
17 February 2021: QCV - Covid & Children
16 February 2021: Now they are testing Covid vaccines on little children
16 February 2021: Using Our Children A Test Subjects For The COVID Vaccine
15 February 2021: Forcing A Child To Wear A Mask At School Is Neglect & Child Abuse
15 February 2021: Government's New Plexiglass Prison System For Your Children!
14 February 2021: 300 Children Guinea Pig's, Ages 6-17 Reportedly Volunteered!
13 February 2021: Moderna Seeking Trial Participants as Young as Six Months
13 February 2021: Moderna To Start Trials On Infants In US Oxford To Start On Kids In UK
13 February 2021: Oxford Test JAB On 300 Kids
13 February 2021: Vaccinating Children??!!!
13 February 2021: You Need To See What Is Going Into Schools! They Are Preparing The Kids To Be Chipped...
12 February 2021: Plexiglass Cages Around Muzzled Children's Desks In Concentration Camp Schools.
12 February 2021: San Francisco Asks Judge to Force School Reopenings as Number of Suicidal Students Rise
12 February 2021: Texas boy, 12, hangs himself after battling depression amid Coronavirus
11 February 2021: 55 Studies - Vaccinated Children Sicker than Unvaccinated Children
09 February 2021: Masks - Our Children Deserve A Normal Life! This Madness needs To Be Stopped
08 February 2021: Baby forced to take C0V1D test
07 February 2021: More Covid Swab Child Abuse
05 February 2021: Covid Swab Child Abuse
04 February 2021: What Are We Doing To Our Children! Effects Of Lockdown
03 February 2021: Corona-terrorists kidnapping children into detention camps away from parents
31 January 2021: Children's safety advocates fear lockdowns, distancing sent child abuse rates skyrocketing
28 January 2021: Dr. Carrie Madej - Fighting For The Children
25 January 2021: Children Made To Suffer So That Adults Can Feel Safe
25 January 2021: Enough Is Enough - The Politics of COVID-19 is Destroying our children
15 January 2021: Impact of COVID on Children and Schools
15 January 2021: New Science Outlines The Risks Of Masking Children
11 January 2021: 4 Year Old Child Almost Killed From MaskMandate!!!
04 January 2021: Katie Hopkins The Silent Suicide of our Young
15 September 2020: Callers Are Frightened By The Terrorizing Of Our Children With COVID 19
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