VaXX & Masks (April)

30: Babies as young as six-months could soon get COVID vax

30: CDC Finds No COVID-19 Vaccine Link in Mysterious Child Hepatitis Cases

30: DoD Study Shows Pregnant Female Soldiers Are Experiencing “Absolutely Catastrophic Rate of...”

30: FDA Just Approved Remdesivir for Infants and Young Children

30: Flawed CDC Study Wrongly Concludes COVID Vaccines Safe in Pregnancy

30: FOIA Docs Reveal Pfizer Shot Caused Avalanche of Miscarriages, Stillborn Babies

30: Mask Study Finds No Impact on Covid Infections From Mask-Wearing and an Increase in Deaths

30: Parents … They’re After Your Children

30: Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering Miscarriage by 1517%

29: 12 Year Old Girl Severely Injured After Pfizer Jab Told It’s “All In Her Head”

29: An Open Letter to Parents and Paediatricians and A Call for An Immediate Halt To Covid Vaccinations

29: COVID VaXX Provide Meager Benefit to Young Kids, CDC Report Shows — Media Get It Wrong Again

29: Moderna Asks FDA for “Emergency Use” Authorization of Its “Up to 44% Effective” VaXX for Kids...

29: VaXX Rollout Correlates With 25% Spike in Cardiac Arrest Emergency Calls for Young Adults - Study

29: WHO Say They’re Not Sure What’s Causing Severe Hepatitis Strain In Children

29: Young Children, Teenagers, Do Not Just Die in Their Sleep. One Death Is a Serious Enough Matter...

28: 15-Year-Old Student Killed Himself After Getting Bullied About His COVID-19 Vaccination Status - Lawsuit

28: FDA issues warning as women abort healthy babies due to false positives on prenatal genetic...

28: FDA Rubber-Stamps Lethal Remdesivir for Infants Without Evidence of Safety or Efficacy, but...

28: Madrid’s DM for Public Health Claims Cases of Hepatitis on Young Kids Might be “Related to...Vaccine”

28: Moderna will ask FDA to approve its COVID vaccine for children 6 Months Old

28: Mystery Hepatitis Outbreak In Children Now In 14 Countries Including The US... Health Officials Blame...

28: New Study confirming COVID VaXX causes Severe Autoimmune-Hepatitis is published days after W.H.O...

28: Study - Lockdowns Drove 60,000 Children in UK to Clinical Depression

27: Children’s risk of Death increases by 5100% following COVID VaXX  compared to UnVaXXed Children...

27: Health Chiefs - Children’s Hepatitis Outbreak May Be Due To Covid Lockdowns

26: Dem Rep. Clyburn Requests Briefing on How Soon the FDA Can Approve VaXX for Children Under 5

26: FDA Approves First and Only Covid-19 Treatment for Pediatric Patients as Young as 28 Days Old

26: Hepatitis Spreads As Rulers Declare Its Origins Are "Unknown"

26: Reports of Women Shedding Uterine Lining Surged in 2021, Research Shows

26: Risk of Severe Heart Inflammation Increases Up to 120-Fold; Childhood Hepatitis On The Rise

25: CDC With A Warning About Enigmatic Hepatitis Cases Among Children!

25: COVID Mandates and “The Right to Smile”

25: Is there a link between the COVID vaccine and liver disease in children?

23: COVID VaXX Provide Meager Benefit to Young Kids, CDC Report Shows — Media Get It Wrong Again

23: Dr. Vernon Coleman: “Children are being Destroyed”

23: WHO issues Global Alert about new form of severe hepatitis affecting children; Pfizer study suggests...

23: Why Has Early Puberty Skyrocketed During the Pandemic?

22: 11-Year-Old Killed by the Vax in Brazil

22: Babies Are Saying Less Since the Pandemic - Why That’s Concerning

22: Hepatitis warning - Children receive liver transplants as mystery outbreak spreads

21: COVID Vaccines Cause 16,633% More Miscarriages Compared to Flu Vaccines

21: Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche - Presents Case For Why Children Must Not Be VaXXed With Any...

21: Kids in Milwaukee Public Schools had one day without a mask mandate before the district reimposed it

20: 11-Year-Old Girl From Brazil Died Four Days After She Was Threatened & Forced to Take COVID VaXX

20: Insufficient’ vax rate causes Democrat to halt California bill forcing schoolkids to get COVID shots

19: Finland Reports Zero COVID Deaths In Children Throughout Entire Pandemic

19: Investigations Launched After Mysterious Outbreak Of Hepatitis Among Children

18: New science proves that merely breathing fights off respiratory viruses – now we know why they push...

17: 1000% Increase in VaXX Deaths & Injuries Following Pfizer COVID-19 EUA VaXX for 5 to 11 Year Olds

17: CDC Admits That Remote Learning Hurt Children’s Mental Health

17: Fighting off viruses naturally is as simple as just Breathing (which is why they want you to block...mask)

17: Report - Rare Vulvar Ulcers in Adolescent Girls After 2nd Injection

16: Biden Health Czar - Little Kids Should Still Wear Masks Because CDC Says So

16: Behind the masks

16: California Balks On Vax Mandate For Schoolchildren - Will Delay Until At Least July 2023

16: How Dangerous Are Masks For Children?

16: Mass abortion - 75% of women vaccinated in their first trimester have lost their babies

16: What Are We Doing to Our Children?

15: CDC Cannot Provide an Instance of a Single Confirmed COVID-19 Death in a Child Younger Than 16

15: MHRA (UK) Approves Moderna COVID VaXX for Six to 11 Year-Olds & Valneva VaXX

15: Pfizer to Ask FDA to Allow 3rd COVID Shot for Healthy 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Based on Study of 140 Kids

15: Washington state Board of Health decides against vaccine requirement for K-12

14: Confidential Pfizer Document suggests ‘COVID VaXX Shedding’ leading to ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’...

14: This pandemic has left us with a generation of babies & toddlers struggling with speech & social skills

13: Hepatitis outbreak hits children across UK - health officials probing Covid link

> 13: Parents urged to be alert after 74 children under 10 fall sick with hepatitis

12: Face-Mask Use and Language Development - Reasons to Worry?

12: Face Masks - What Happens When Baby Can’t See Faces?

12: Girls are developing Genital Ulcers after getting the Pfizer COVID-19 VaXX

12: Worrying Signals Hidden in the UKHSA Data on Vaccination During Pregnancy

11: CCVAC Doctors Say Stop the COVID VaXX for Ages 5-to-11s And They’re Taking the UK Govt to Task

11: Children Are Struggling With the Basics Because of Lockdowns, Says Ofsted Report

10: 4,023 Fetal Deaths Now Recorded in VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccines as US Appeals Court...

10: Dr. Vinay Prasad - Just End the Toddlers-Only Mask Mandate, Mayor

10: Study finds face masks are horrible for your health

10: What the Mask Did

09: Babies Struggle to Understand “Basic Facial Expressions” as a Result of Adults Wearing Masks

09: Hospital refuses to perform kidney transplant on 9-year-old boy because his father is UnVaXXed

09: How Pandemic Caused Long Delays in Diagnosis, Treatment for Kids With Autism

09: Pfizer Study suggests Covid-19 Vaccine to blame for huge increase in Hepatitis among Children...

08: Babies “Struggling with Facial Expressions” After Months of Lockdowns and Masks, Says Ofsted

08: Devastating Effects of Mandates on Our Young People

08: Seattle Childrens Hospital Study Finds Persistent Heart Abnormalities in Teens Following 2nd Pfizer Shot

07: CDC finds a depression epidemic among teens — that it created

06: 30,764 Injuries To Children After Covid-19 VaXX

06: Dr. Katrina Lindley Protecting & testifying for the Children

06: Girl At The Age of 6 Died Unexpectedly After The Pfizer Second C-19 Jab!

06: Here’s Why They Want To Vaccinate The Children Against C-19!

06: Mask Wearing Has Left a Generation of Toddlers Struggling With Speech and Social Skills

05: Masking your children for the last two years has decimated their ability to communicate, & Decreased...

05: New Study Finds Persistent Heart Abnormalities Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Children

05: Real Reason they want to give Covid-19 Vaccines to Kids

04: CDC warns that teen mental health is in 'steep' decline

04: COVID Restrictions Have Left a Generation of Babies & Toddlers Struggling to Crawl and Communicate...

03: 17,500% Increase in Heart Disease in Children Following COVID-19 Vaccines – This is NOT Rare!

03: FDA Weighing Moderna Vax for Kids 6 and Under, But Experts Say Trials Inadequate

03: Frontline doctor says fetal deaths up nearly 2,000 percent since COVID jab rollout

03: NYC Mask Mandate For Toddlers to Remain in Place Due to ‘Uptick’ in Covid Cases

03: NYC Toddler Mask Mandate Brought Back After Being Ruled Unconstitutional Hours Prior

03: Teens develop heart damage months after getting second Pfizer covid shot, study finds

02: Merck’s Gardasil Vaccine Continues to Kill and Maim Young Girls as Two New Lawsuits are Filed

01: Boy At The Age Of 5 Experienced Behavioral Change, Aggression & Aphasia! VAERS Report!

01: CDC Allowed Teachers Unions To Influence Its School Reopening Guidelines...Gave Them Access...

01: COVID VaXX Mandate for Louisiana School Children ‘Scientifically Unjustifiable,’ CHD Tells Court

01: Insanity - Current US Childhood Vaccination schedule

01: New Study finds persistent Heart Abnormalities among Covid-19 VaXXed Children

01: Stop FDA authorization of COVID shot for kids

01: Study finds pregnant people at much higher risk of breakthrough COVID

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