VaXX & Masks August 2022

31: Doctors are lying to you about the safety of Covid-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy...

31: Why the COVID Jab Should Be Banned for Pregnant Women

30: CDC, VAERS data - Children are at risk of Dying after taking COVID-19 injections

30: UK Govt Denies ‘Safe Use’ Recommendation for Pfizer Vaccine In Pregnant Women, Says Those...

29: EU officially records a shocking 691% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA...

28: Newborns Are Not Alright - Billions Of Babies Will Inherit Spike Protein Gene

26: Former NACI Chair - COVID less deadly to kids than the flu

25: Thai study - Nearly 3 in 10 children experience Heart Complications after getting vaxxed

24: CNN Medical Analyst Who Fiercely Advocated Masking Now Admits It Harmed Her Own Sons...

24: Please, Parents, Do Your Research on This VaXX

23: Kids, Lawsuits and Legislation - Californians Go to Battle Over COVID Policies

22: Massive Miscarriage Rates Among Vaccinated Pregnant Women Found Buried In The Pfizer Documents

22: Why did Deaths among Female Children increase by 57% immediately after they were offered...VaXX?

22: Women Have 2 1/2 More Risk of Adverse Events Than Men. Risk to the Reproductive Organs is Even...

20: Big-Pharma VVV trials document Birth Defects, Lost Pregnancies

20: RCOG disseminates Misinformation about Safety of Covid injections in Pregnancy

20: They’re Killing our Children - Will There be Doctors & Public Health Officials Fleeing for the Exits?

17: Reporter corners DC mayor with her own data on city's VaXX mandate hurting black students — but...

16: FDA expands monkeypox vaccine eligibility to include high-risk children...HUH?

15: Confidential Pfizer Doc confirm 82-97% of COVID VaXXed Pregnant Women sadly lost their Baby...

15: Defend kids against the Jaberwonky – open letter to UK gov from 76 very concerned doctors

15: Doctor pushing COVID shots on religious Jewish children admits lack of confidence in jab

14: Around 30% of young people who get jabbed for COVID suffer heart damage, study finds

14: Cumulative Inactivated VaXX Exposure & Allergy Development Among Children...

13: 142 New Cases of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries in Babies Added to VAERS as CDC Now States...

13: CDC statistics reflect parents’ apprehension to have their young kids injected with COVID vaccine

13: Complex Trauma Spectrum During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Threat for Children & Adolescents’...

12: 1 in 3 VaXXed Teenagers Suffer Cardiovascular Side-Effects, 1 in 43 Suffer Heart Inflammation

12: Big NO - Parents still reject COVID VaXX for kids

12: Generation of Children Raised by Fear

12: If it doesn’t feel right, check it out! Study finds that COVID VaXX have the potential to disrupt women's...

12: Infertility Pandemic - Number Of Births In Germany For January-April 2022 Period Plummets 12%

12: Stunning Link Between Pfizer Vaccine and Myocarditis in Teens, Study Shows

11: New Orleans School District Will Require COVID Jabs for Students Aged Five and Up

11: Without Clinical Trials, FDA Authorizes Modified Monkeypox VaXX, Expands Eligibility to ‘High-Risk’...

10: 42% of VaXXed women reported heavier menstrual bleeding following VaXX

10: Children In Denmark will No Longer be Subjected to COVID “VaXX”

10: Denmark bans COVID VaXX for youth under 18

09: COVID Survives For Much Longer Inside Masks

09: Damage of Masking Children Could be Irreparable

09: FDA’s Summer Plans - Kill the Children Next (06 July 2022)

09: Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Canadian Children and Youth

09: Masks deemed unnecessary in Ontario schools

09: More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

09: True Meaning of Masking

06: Anatomy of concealment - Skeletal deformities and double abortion rate in Pfizer's animal studies...

06: Culling of humanity is about to accelerate, taking many children and young adults, as the doctors...

06: Incorporating a Coronavirus Antigen into MMR Vaccine to Produce COVID-19 Immunity in Kids

06: U.S. Declares Monkeypox Health Emergency, FDA Offers Vaccine to Some Kids Despite No Clinical Trials

06: Welcome to Gilead

05: 5 Facts to Consider Before Vaccinating Kids for COVID

05: Distressing Dependence on the COVID Face Mask - A Tool of Social Confinement

05: Most Perniciously Perfect Piece of Propaganda - COVID Face Mask

05: Pediatricians, Int'l, Please Call for an Immediate Halt to the Global Campaign to VaXX Children...

04: 42% of women report heavier menstrual bleeding after COVID VaXX

04: Australian government rubber-stamps COVID jab for 'at-risk' kids as young as six months

04: Biden Regime Frustrated as Parents Refuse to Sacrifice Their Children to Covid Vaccine Industry

04: Doctors Criticize Fauci for Saying COVID Vaccines Induce ‘Temporary’ Menstrual Irregularities

04: Parents Do Not want COVID VaXX for their kids

04: VAERS Reports Suggest Experimenting on Children with COVID “VaXX” Could Kill Them

03: Israel sees low turnout to inject small children with COVID-19 shots

03: Study - Face masks are teeming with disease-causing bacteria and fungi

02: 13 Yr Old California School Kid Bribed To Take Vaccine....Forged Mom’s Signature....Mom Files Suit.

02: 80% of American parents are doubtful about safety of COVID pediatric jabs, survey reveals

02: COVID-19 VaXX more dangerous to children than the disease itself

02: Hepatitis outbreak of unknown cause among children a direct result of AstraZeneca’s COVID VaXX...

02: Miscarriages and a Medical Conspiracy of Silence

01: COVID hospital admissions by VaXX and Pregnancy status

01: Israeli MOH Is Hiding a Study It Conducted, Showing a 2-4 Times Higher Rate of Adverse Events...

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VaXX + Masks August 2022