VaXX & Masks December 2022

29: Australia physician who faced backlash for injecting kids & causing severe adverse reactions, dies...

27: #Concidence? – Study confirming COVID VaXX cause Severe Autoimmune-Hepatitis was published...

26: Some Countries (Canada, USA, Japan - A Small Club) Are Using to Give Boosters to Kill Children

24: Huge Spikes in Neonatal Deaths Following VaXX Rollout, Data from Major Israeli Health Insurer Show

22: Baby Alex - The Definitive Account—in His Mother’s Own Words

22: Effects on mother and child that bear out Mike Yeadon’s warnings

22: Forsaken Children of a Forged Pandemic

21: Can Routine Childhood Vaccines Contain mRNA?

20: VAERS Shows a 4070% Increase in Miscarriages and Stillbirths Since mRNA Roll-out

19: Baby Dies Of Large Blood Clot After Doctor Ignores Parents’ Request For Unvaxxed Transfusion

19: Paediatric jabs in Japan - third time is a harm

17: Opposition to Childhood VaXX Mandates on the Rise, More Parents Say They Want the Right to Choose

16: Are COVID VaXX Behind the Drop in Birth Rates in 2022?

15: Are The Mask Zealots Killing Kids?

15: Baby Dies of Blood Clots After Hospital Performs Vaxxed Blood Transfusion Against Parents’ Wishes

15: Is Immunity Debt Real, or Should You Keep Kids in a Bubble?

15: Moderna, CDC, FDA Didn’t Tell Us About Bone Malformations in Rat Babies

14: #Coincidence – Govt Reports suggest Children are dying of Strep A due to...COVID VaXX

13: Exposure during pregnancy...(Some important findings from VAERS)

12: Now the irresponsible MHRA seems to be covering up suspected child vaccine deaths

12: Toxicology Expert - COVID VaXX Will Sterilize An Entire Generation

12: Why Are We Vaccinating Babies?

11: A comparison of official Govt reports suggests the rise in ‘Strep A Child Deaths’ is due to COVID VaXX...

11: Leading Vaxadoodle expert begs parents - don’t let them inject your kids!

10: COVID Bivalent Booster Falls Flat in First ‘Real-World’ Test, CDC Report Shows

10: Health Canada authorizes Pfizer bivalent booster for children five to 11

10: Pediatrician Sounds Alarm - Information Leaflets in COVID 'VaXX' Left Deliberately Blank

09: Criminal FDA Authorizes Pfizer & Moderna Bivalent Booster COVID Injections for Babies 6 Months Old...

09: FDA approves COVID booster for babies with no trial data

08: Duke Children’s Hospital Denies Kidney Transplant For UnVaXXed 14-Yr-Old Who’s Losing Eyesight Due...

08: Strep A Kills More Children Than COVID Did in its First Year – as Deaths are Blamed on Lockdown...

07: Doctors’ urgent warnings ignored as monstrous MHRA authorises unnecessary COVID VaXX for infants

07: Mask Mandate in Schools Based on Politics Not Evidence, Newly Released Government Documents Reveal

07: Obsolete, Misguided - Critics Call Out Pfizer’s Plan for Bivalent Booster for Kids Under 5

07: U.K. Approves Pfizer COVID VaXX for Babies Despite Study Showing 1 in 500 Hospitalised With...

06: Exposure To Spike Protein Makes Women ‘Infertile’, Scientists Warn

05: 60,000 Children Injured & Dead Along with 4,571 Fetal Deaths Following COVID VaXX

04: Effect of COVID “VaXX” on Bone Malformation in Babies

04: France - INSEE Confirms Birth Rate Collapse Since the Start of VaXX

03: Safe & Effective? – Europe suffered 30k more Excess Deaths by Oct. 2022...surge in Child Deaths

03: Teens’ Brains Were Physically ‘Altered,’ Aged By ‘Several Years’ During COVID Lockdowns: Stanford Study

03: UK Govt quietly confirms COVID VaXXed Children are up to 137x more likely to die than UnVaXXed...

02: Discrimination & Harassment of Baby in NZ Shows There Is No Limit to Covidians’ Intent on Death...

01: NZ Health Authorities Trying to Medically Kidnap 4-Month-Old Baby Who Needs Heart Surgery Because...

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VaXX + Masks December 2022