VaXX & Masks (February)

28: New York Governor Drops Mask Mandate for Schools

27: Emergency Room Visits Due to Eating Disorders Doubled For Teen Girls During Pandemic

27: New FDA & CDC Study Shows They Know COVID VaXX are Causing Myocarditis in Children but they...

27: Psycho-socio affection for masks

26: 8-Year-Old Boy Dies of MIS 7 Days After Pfizer Vaccine, VAERS Report Shows

26: Bring Back Smiles! Group wants kids unmasked in Ontario schools

26: Dr. Ben Carson on Masking Kids: ‘Whole Generation of Pathological People’

26: NYC Schools Drop Outdoor Mask Mandate; Indoor Mandate Stays

26: Pfizer for Kids - Dodgy Data and Conflicts of Interest

26: Rare Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Detected in Vaccinated Young: Lancet Study

26: Young Irish Lad Suffers Serious Heart Issues After His Covid Injection

25: CDC to Update Mask Guidance Using New Metrics as Soon as Friday: Report

25: COVID Lockdowns May Have Caused Brain Inflammation Impacting Mental Health, MGH Study Finds

25: Victoria's harsh mask rules for kids draws critics

24: Adults in Chicago No Longer Required to Wear Masks to Bars, but Kids Will Still Have to Wear Them...

24: Rebuttal Letter to the CDC's Mask/N95 Guidance

24: Why Children Should Not Be Masked

23: 800K Children aged 5-11 were forced to miss School in the USA after suffering a Severe Adverse...

23: Fact - COVID VaXX increase risk of Miscarriage by at least 1517% when administered during Pregnancy

23: Democrat Teacher Attempts to MURDER 7-Yr-Old Boy for Not Wearing a Mask

23: JCVI admits the No. of Children who will suffer Myocarditis due to VaXX is 815x greater than The No...

23: Speech Therapists Raise Alarm Over CDC's New Childhood Development Guidelines

22: Dan Blames low vaxx for forcing Victorian kids to keep on masks

22: Democrat New Orleans Mayor Caught Holding Maskless Ball...Keeping School Kids Muzzled

22: If masks really work, why is the CDC about to drop its nationwide mask guideline?

22: Masking Facial Expression in Children

22: More evidence of the terrible harm masks do to children

22: UK to experiment on children 5 to 11 years old despite vaxx advisory committee’s initial concerns

22: Will We Learn the Right Lesson in Our Recent Failed Social Experiment with Mask Mandates?

21: Researchers told Trudeau government that parents are wary of vaccinating young children

21: This is an NHS ‘doctor’ who is either a clueless moron or he’s lying to you (3 Videos Links)

21: Virginia governor ends mandatory carbon dioxide poisoning of children (mask wearing) in schools

21: Wisconsin Child Dies From ‘Rare’ Syndrome Linked to COVID-19: Officials

20: CDC Quietly Lowers Early Childhood Speech Standards

20: Dangerous Levels of Titanium Dioxide Found in Face Masks – Nature Study

20: FDA Whistleblower Reveals Biden Plan For Annual Covid Vaccines For Toddlers

20: Leftist Bill Maher Blasts School Mask Mandates – Creating A Generation Of “Germ-Paranoid Munchkins”

20: Texas children's hospital denies teen kidney transplant over vaccination status - report

20: Two teenagers drop dead days after getting “vaccinated” with Pfizer – media silent

19: CCVAG urges urgent investigation and a halt to kiddie jabbing

19: CDC Quietly Changes Guidelines on Children’s Age-Specific Speech Expectations Following Two Years...

19: Female Air Force Officer Becomes First To Get VaXX Exemption Over Jab’s Connection To Abortion

19: Hong Kong Approves Vaccinating 3-Year-Olds

19: Ottawa community centres introduce COVID vaccination policies for young children

19: Risk of Stillbirth & Miscarriage increases significantly in VaXXe Women according to Israeli Hospital Data

19: Study finds heart inflammation risk 133x greater for teenage boys after Pfizer's COVID shot

19: Vaccine shedding spreads disaster to unvaccinated pregnant women?

18: Dr. Fauci Says It’s “Risky” to Stop Forcing Children to Wear Face Masks

18: Fauci and CNN Are Freaking Out About FDA Delaying Approval Process For Baby Injections

18: JCVI tells the Government to offer the jab to kids aged 5 to 11, but fails to tell us about their links to...

18: Leaked audio - CDC won't drop school mask 'guidance'

18: This Evidence-Free JCVI Advice to Vaccinate Five to 11 Year-Olds Will Live in Infamy

18: UK Doctors and Scientists Demand Urgent Probe Into Spike In Deaths In Young People

18: Washington Governor Inslee to End Statewide Mask Mandate March 21, Including For Schools

17: A Recurring Fountain of Revenue - FDA Executive Admits Annual Shots Coming, Including Toddlers

17: Board of Health Suppresses Father’s Testimony About His Son’s Death Following Pfizer Shot Because...

17: England to offer ‘Covid’ jab to five to 11-year-olds

17: First Do No Harm - Unintended Consequences of Vaccinating Children Against COVID-19

17: Mask Meltdown - School Board Member Goes Berzerk, Screams At Parent During Open Mic...

17: VA Gov Signs Order Ending Mask Mandates in Schools, Gives Pen to Little Girl Suspended 9 Times...

16: COVID positive and no school thanks to cooldrink

16: COVID-19 VaXX for Children in the UK - A Tale of Establishment Corruption

16: Masks and the abuse of our children - crippling and cowing the adults of tomorrow

16: mRNA Covid Shots Are Killing Teenagers

16: Two Teen Boys Found Dead in Bed 3 & 4 Days After Receiving 2nd Dose of Pfizer VaXX

16: US Attorney Warns In Fiery Speech: ‘When You Come For Our Children, You Have Started A War’...

16: Va. Gov. Youngkin Set to Sign Legislation Banning School Mask Mandates

15: California is blackmailing students into vaccination

15: Children Struggle To Recognize Masked Faces As Per New Study

15: DC Mayor Bowser Announces End to Mask, VaXX Req...Indoor Venues – But Will Keep Children Muzzled

15: D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Still Forcing Children to Mask Up in School

15: Masks Symbolize That You Are Enslaved

15: More high school athletes collapse and DIE after taking vaxx as pharma-pimping MSM pretends...

15: Parents Demand Chicago Area Catholic School Principal Be Reinstated For Making Masks “Optional”...

15: Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb Admits Not Enough Children Under 5 Have COVID to Test VaXX

15: Wisconsin hospital accused of refusing to resuscitate unvaccinated Down syndrome patient

14: 3,573 Fetal Deaths in VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccines – 1,867% Increase Over Non-COVID VaXX...

14: Jabs for all 5 to 11-year-olds ‘delayed’, as NHS confirms major incident over Lassa Fever

14: Psychological Damage From Pandemic Lockdowns Could Last A Generation

13: Canadian Paediatric Society Shrugs Off Myocarditis And Pericarditis In Children

13: COVID VAXX Advisory Group Urges Immediate Pause to Roll-Out for Children

13: Did Recent Court Rulings Force the FDA to Delay Approving Pfizer’s COVID Shots for Infants?

13: Western Australia bans the unvaccinated from visiting their own children in the hospital

12: 6-Year-Old With Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis ‘Unable to Walk,’ as Reports of Deaths, Injuries...

12: Covid-19 VaXX for Young Children: Red Flags Over Pfizer’s Bid for EUA. No Justification For...

12: EU Investigates Reports of Menstrual Disorders Following Pfizer & Moderna VaXX, As We First...

12: FDA ready to OK the vaxx for babies; why not just throw the babies off a cliff into a volcano?

12: Pfizer Makes Stunning Reversal...Removes Application From FDA For COVID Vax For Kids Under 5...

12: Pfizer suddenly withdraws application to jab small children, babies

12: Please Let Me Out, Begs Child Locked in Classroom for ‘Not Wearing Mask’

12: Reasons to Reject the EUA of Pfizer’s COVID VaXX for Children Aged 6 Months Through 4 Years

12: Unmask our children - Parents demand end to school mask mandates

12: Young Anti-Maskers Inspire The World With Face Freedom School Walk-Outs

11: 4 Ways Pandemic-Related School Closings Harmed Children’s Well-Being

11: Elementary Student Forced to Wear N95 Face Mask Passes Out in Heat at LA School

11: Epidemiologists ‘Kids Deserve Medical Care Driven by Facts, Not Politics’

11: Heart Attacks & Strokes doubled among Young Adults in 2021 following COVID VaXX roll-out

11: Medical Centre confirms Teen Girl died within hours of receiving the Pfizer VaXX after vomiting blood

11: Nevada Ends Mask Mandate, Including in Schools

11: Nevada schoolchildren erupt in celebration after learning they don't need to wear masks anymore

11: New Jersey drops school mask mandate as public sours on COVID restrictions

11: NHS England Deletes Misleading COVID Stats Video

11: Stop VaXXing Under-16s as the Risks Outweigh the Benefits, MPs and Scientists Tell Government

11: Students serve Virginia school board with affidavits demanding an end to mask mandate

10: California Lawmakers Fast-Tracking Child Health Bills to Erode Parental Rights

10: CDC and Teachers’ Unions Push Back Against Unmasking Schoolchildren

10: Dad Feels Guilty After 10-Year-Old Son Died Following COVID-19 Vaccination

10: Illinois Dem Gov. Pritzker Announces End to Indoor Mask Mandate, But will Keep School Kids Muzzled

10: Illinois Father Weeps with Rage at School Board Meeting Over Mask Mandates that Ruined His...

10: NY Gov. Hochul Lifts Mask Mandate For Indoor Businesses, But Will Keep Children Muzzled

10: Psaki Says Toddlers and School Kids Should Wear Masks Regardless What Any State Has Decided

10: Security Goon Hauls Parent Out Of School Board Meeting For Not Wearing Mask

10: Single Mom of 5 Jailed & Handcuffed In Front of Children For Allowing 14-Yr-Old To Babysit During...

10: Teachers’ Union Boss Randi Weingarten Says She Will Only Support Unmasking Kids When...

10: US ‘Poised’ to Be First to Give Dangerous Pfizer Shot to Infants and Toddlers

09: 6-Year-Old Child Develops Myocarditis Two Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

09: CA to End Some COVID Restrictions and Indoor Masking; Schoolchildren Excluded

09: California’s governor is determined to keep children in masks

09: FDA ‘Anxious’ for Pfizer to Rush COVID Shots for Babies and Toddlers. But Why?

09: Following Statewide School Mask Mandate Suspension, Illinois Teachers Begin Harassing & Threatening...

09: Germany - 17 Yr Old Girl Hospitalised After Being Attacked For Not Wearing Face Mask

09: Study Finds Lower IQ in Post-Lockdown Babies; 364% Surge in Toddler Speech Therapy Referrals

08: 6-Year-Old Minn Boy Develops Myocarditis & Becomes Severely Injured After Receiving Pfizer VaXX

08: Alberta education minister calls student mask protests to ‘cease immediately’

08: Another Democrat Lawmaker Spotted Maskless in Room Full of Masked Peasants

08: Effects of Masks on Children

08: Illinois High School Students Told to Put on Masks or Leave — So They Walked Out

08: Maskless LA School Board Member Reads To Masked Children In Photo-Op For Re-Election Bid

07: 5 Reasons Your Child Should Not Take the Pfizer (or Any mRNA) Shot

07: A Teenage Girl Was Beaten for Not Wearing a Mask Just Days After Politicians & the Media Riled Up...

07: Fauci's agency funds 80% of NIH research using human fetal tissue: report

07: When it comes to masks, shall the little children lead us?

06: Judge Declares Illinois School Mask Mandate ‘Null and Void’

06: Parents of unmasked children threatened with ‘criminal charges’

06: Unmasked Stacey Abrams Quietly Deletes Photo Showing Herself Surrounded by Masked Children

05: 13-Year-Old Boy Berated By Cop-Hating Teacher For Wearing ‘Thin Blue Line’ Mask

05: 77% Rise in Children Needing Mental Health Treatment

05: CA High School Barricades Maskless Children in Gym, Staffer Turns Down Thermostat to “Freeze...”

05: How Quarantine & Mask Theater Is Ruining School for the Most Vulnerable Kids (And Everyone Else)

05: Johns Hopkins University Is Training Ambassadors To Brainwash Parents Into Vaccinating Their Kids

05: Northern Ireland Solicitor Wins Legal Challenge – VaXX programme within schools has been terminated.

05: Official Data shows Fully VaXXed Children are 3.3 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than UnVaXXed...

05: Official ONS data lets slip kiddie killj@b horror show - someone must really hate your kids

05: Parents Should know – COVID Jabs Can Cause “Irreparable” Damage to Kids’ Brains, Heart &...

04: A Virginia mother reads her local school board the riot act about masks

04: Children 52 Times More Likely To Die Following COVID Vaccine Says British Govt Report

04: FDA Used ‘Critically Flawed’ Risk-Benefit Analysis to ‘Justify’ COVID Vaccines for Children

04: Harmful substances discovered in masks distributed to schools in Swiss canton

04: High court in UK sides with gov', buries data revealing how many children have died from VaXX

04: Most Democrats Say Public Schools Should Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory

04: Pfizer Vaccine for Infants and Children Under Five - 5 Facts You Need to Know

03: 8 Year Old Boy Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest At Indoor Play Centre

03: COVID Vaccines Cause ‘Irreparable’ Damage to Kids’ Brains, Heart, Other Organs

03: Hospitals In Germany, UK & Israel Refuse Life-Saving Transplant To 3-Year-Old Because Parents...

03: How Many Pregnant Women Have Actually Died of COVID-19?

03: NHS To Roll Out Covid Jabs To The Most Vulnerable 5 to 11 Year Olds

03: Parents will be informed of COVID-19 when there is a 30% rate of absenteeism; Thoughts?

03: Schools Exposed Giving Kids COVID Shots Without Parental Consent

03: Single Father Put on House Arrest After School Guards Frame, Allegedly Assault Him After They...

03: VA. AG to Intervene in Loudoun County Mask Fight After Ass't Principal Threatens To Charge...

02: Disturbing Whistleblower Recordings Reveal US Children Are Being Injected With Poorly Mixed VaXX

02: Heavily Armed German Police Officers Raid Mask Free School Started By Parents

02: Judge decides Parents do not need to know number of kids who’ve died due to the VaXX because...

02: Mass Testing of Children is “Harmful, Invasive & Unevidenced” and Needs to Stop, Scientists Tell MPs

02: Military Medical Whistleblowers Reveal Miscarriages, Birth Defects, and Infertility Rates Exploded...

02: Minnesota Bribing Families With $200 to Get Their Children Ages 5-11 Vaccinated

02: School Officials In Virginia Threaten To SUSPEND Students Who Don’t Wear Masks

02: Unjabbed Parents in Australia BANNED from Visiting Dying Children in Hospital

02: VaXX-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People. Will Shots Also Bankrupt Families?

01: New Orleans School Kids Get Jabbed Under New Vaccine Mandate

01: Open Letter to WA State Board of Health on COVID19 Shots for Children

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