VaXX & Masks January 2023

29: COVID masks are a crime against Humanity & child abuse (05 October 2020)

29: Official Docs confirm The Establishment Lied & 1/2 Million Children in the USA Died due to COVID VaXX

28: Tens of Thousands of Defibrillators Being Installed in UK Children's Schools

25: NHS Doctor confirms young Children were Hospitalised after attempting Suicide due to Propaganda...

25: Pfizer Lied & Half a Million Children Died in the USA alone according to Secret CDC Data

24: 6-Month-Old Baby Dies “Suddenly” After Receiving Four Vaccines – Doctors Baffled

24: Asthma in One Of 71 Kids Receiving Bivalent Vaccine Ruled UNRELATED. FDA Does not Care

24: Link Between the Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable

23: Bivalent Boosters Creating Adverse Childhood Experiences in Kids Ages 5-11

23: VAERS - 6-Month-Old Baby Dies 10 Days After Receiving Five injections, Including COVID-19 Jab

21: Connecticut Bill Would Allow 12-Year-Olds to Get Vaccines Without Parental Consent

21: Utah Doctor Arrested for Giving Saline Shots to Kids Instead of Vaccines

19: CDC Study 49% of Children Ages 5 to 11 Experienced Systemic Reactions After Getting New Booster

19: Circulating Spike Protein Discovered In Blood of Children & Young Adults With VaXX Induced Myocarditis

19: Disgraced IDW bro Sam Harris says we wouldn’t be so fragmented if more children had died of Covid

19: Ohio Kindergarten student dies suddenly from “Medical Issue”

19: Pregnant Women Reject COVID VaXX

19: Stats Canada reports excess mortality among younger Canadians since pandemic

18: Secret CDC Report CONFIRMS 118K Youths “Died Suddenly” After Vax Rollout

18: Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood Debated in UK Parliament for the First Time

17: How Vaccines Cause Sudden Infant Death – Major Study

16: Adolescent Palpitations and Syncope after COVID VaXX

15: VAERS Shows 2-Year-Old NH Girl Died Within 24 Hours After Getting COVID VaXX

12: Never Before In US History Have So Many Recently Vaxxed Young Americans Died Just Before Dawn...

12: Public Schools Start Screening Athletes for Heart Problems While Pretending This Is Normal

11: Shocking Study - 1 Percent of Students Who Received Pfizer COVID “VaXX” Had Abnormal Heart Tests

08: Never Forget - Pfizer sued for $7B over illegal drug trials on kids

07: Disturbing Lockdown Drawings Show Effect on Children’s Mental Health

07: Two-Year-Old Dies One Day After Getting COVID & Flu Shots

06: Pfizer’s History of Fraud, Corruption, and Using Nigerian Children as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’

06: Tragedy Strikes - COVID VaXX linked to 630% increase in Excess Deaths among Children in Europe

05: Nothing New Under the Sun. 14 Month Old Baby. “Febrile Seizures after MMR Vaccines”

05: Researchers are testing biometric recognition of newborns for vaccinations

04: FOI reveals DNA from AstraZeneca’s COVID injection is found in organs throughout the body &...

02: Baby in USA dies after receiving blood transfusion from COVID VaXXed donor

01: WHO Director Walks Back Statement That Countries Use Covid-19 Vaxx-Boosters to “Kill Children”

Connecting The Dots To Show The Parallel Lines
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VaXX + Masks January 2023