VaXX & Masks (June)

30: Birth Rates Drop Worldwide Following Mass COVID-19 VaXX in 2021

30: FDA Panel Advisor Admits Agency “Lost” Clinical Trial Data for Placebo Group Before Approving Exp VaXX

30: What’s Behind the Worldwide Drop in Birth Rates, 9 Months After the VaXX Rollouts to Younger People?

29: CDC Uses Elmo to Convince Children to Get Vaccinated For Covid

29: Same College Behind Bogus Study Used to Support Shutdowns Is Behind BS Study Used to Force...

29: Sesame Street Pushes COVID Vaccine for Children Under the Age of Five

29: Why Big Pharma is Desperate to Get COVID Jab Into Babies

28: CDC Exposed! Government Body Used False Data To Approve The COVID Jab For Children

28: CDC Lies about VaXX to Murder children

28: Devil and the Death Shots

28: FDA greenlit COVID-19 shots for kids as young as 6 MONTHS while ignoring study about VAED

28: Vaccine Killing Children Instead of Protecting Them

28: Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!

27: MonkeyPox VaXX Has Higher Rates of Heart Disease Side Effects than COVID VaXX & the CDC Wants...

26: US COVID Jab Roll Out For Babies & Young Children Flops! :-)

25: Media, Health Officials Should ‘Just Tell the Truth’ About COVID Shots for Kids, Physician Says

25: NEJM Paper Falsely Claims Infants are at “High Risk” From COVID-19 to Justify VaXX Pregnant Women

25: Protect Children from Covid Injections

25: There Is No Basis for the FDA to Authorize Covid Vaccines For Toddlers

24: Calif. Bill Proposes Minors Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

24: Masks are Not Protective, Says Health & Safety Executive

24: Publix Refuses to Vaccinate Children under Five

24: Republican lawmakers ask Tennessee gov. to stop COVID jabs for kids under five

24: Why are the Nation’s Pharmacies & Retail Outlets Refusing to Give the New...COVID Shots to Babies?

23: Mask Mandates Linked to Increased COVID Death Rates

23: Publix Won’t Do COVID Vax For Kids Under 5 — Offers No Explanation

23: There Is No Basis for the FDA to Authorize Covid Vaccines For Toddlers

22: COVID Vaccine Causes a Decline in Male Fertility

22: COVID VaXX Paper on Declining Sperm Counts Is Even Worse Than It Seems At First

22: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

22: Horrific - fraudulent “tests” unleash booby-trapped toxin on kids

22: Study Funds COVID VaXX Impairs Semen Concentration & Motile Count

21: 82% Pregnant Women Getting COVID VaXX have Miscarriages – More than the Abortion Pill

21: Children In China Diagnosed With Diabetes After Getting Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines

21: DeSantis confirms Florida won’t pre-order COVID vaccines for babies

21: Do Babies Lives Matter? Did the FDA approve the use of Pfizer vaccines in babies based on almost no...

21: FDA “approves” COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies despite 5-month-old Baby Dying after Being...

21: FDA approves COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies despite 179K deaths within 60 Days...

21: FDA “approves” COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies despite Deaths among Children increasing...

21: FDA “approves” COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies despite Study finding persistent Heart...

21: Lockdowns Have Caused a “Global Mental Health Crisis” in Children, Says WHO

21: Peer-Reviewed Study - mRNA Vaccine Decreases Sperm Count and Total Motile Count

21: Pfizer Vaccine Effects on Total Motile Count in Sperm Donors

21: Pfizer’s Vaccine Efficacy Estimates For Children Dismissed As Unreliable

21: Study CDC Cited In Arguing For COVID-19 Vaccines For Babies Being Updated

20: America is Now the Only Country in the World that Authorizes COVID Shots for Infants

20: Big Pharma, Government Officials Told Me They Feared COVID Jabs Would Kill Healthy Children

20: Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe

20: Every Woman of Child-bearing Age Should Read this Warning on the Covid Vaccines

20: Experts & Republicans Call Out The CDC For Approving The COVID Jab For America’s Youngest Children

20: Genocide - FDA officially authorizes covid vaccines for children as young as 6 months

20: Next Up - Shots for Infants

20: Pfizer Lied About Results in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials for Babies and Toddlers

20: Printable Fact Sheet - Do Infants and Very Young Children Need Covid-19 Shots?

20: While the COVID Virus Mostly Spared Children, Dr. Fauci Did Not…Tony Fauci Killed from 300K To 900K...

19: After Botching the Baby Formula Fiasco and Vaccines, Dems Award the FDA with More Funding

19: FDA & CDC Authorize Moderna & Pfizer COVID Shots for Toddlers - Despite “37-51% Effectiveness Rate”

19: FDA Allows Pfizer & Moderna to Inject Babies & Toddlers with COVID VaXX as Florida is Only State...

19: Murdered infant comes to the virology lab; the ivory tower is befouled

19: Sen. Rand Paul Forces Dr. Anthony Fauci to Admit There is No Science Behind Vaxxing Children...

19: What FDA Advisors Got Wrong About COVID Vaccines for Young Kids

18: Efficacy Estimates for Pfizer’s Vaccine for Young Children Come Under Scrutiny

18: Florida Government Says ‘No’ to Shipment of Coronavirus Shots for Babies and Young Children

18: Babies and The Vaccine

18: Overwhelming evidence suggests giving children COVID-19 vaccines will only harm them

18: White House Pushes COVID Shots for Florida Children

17: COVID crazy parents are denying their kids a childhood

17: COVID death data from Massachusetts shows vaccinating kids is Insane

17: FDA authorizes mRNA COVID vaccine for babies

17: Why Did 49 Governors Pre-Order Deadly Covid Jabs for Kids Under 5?

17: Why the FDA Should Not Have Approved the Pfizer Covid Vaccine for Infants

16: Are the COVID vaccines safe for kids?

16: Doctors - Lockdowns caused staggering spike in viruses among kids

16: FDA uses fraudulent data to justify pushing covid shots on infants and toddlers

16: Medical Experts Mock the Idea of Wearing Masks to Stop Viruses Prior to C19 Pandemic

16: Tell the FDA to Get Their Hands Off Our Children

15: 58 Babies Who Received mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Suffered Life-Threatening Adverse Events

15: Children are Being Infected with Up to 3 Viruses at a Time Because of Weakened Immune Systems...

15: FDA Making COVID Vax Decision Based on a Study of 10 Children

15: Lockdowns have decimated children’s immune systems

15: Lockdowns Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Children, Says the UN – Was it Really Worth It?

15: More Than Half Of COVID Miscarriages Were Caused By Vaccines Show VAERS Data

15: OMG the Pfizer Data for Kids Under 5

14: COVID shots account for more than half of all vaccine-associated miscarriages: VAERS data

14: FDA Uses Unreliable Data to Justify COVID Shots for Infants and Toddlers

14: Scientists discover some Fully VaXXed Children are suffering Sepsis & AID when exposed to COVID

12: 125 Children Dead, 1K Disabled & 50K injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA

12: Based on VAERS Data for Children Aged 5 to 15 Injected with COVID-19 Shots, Will 1 Million Babies...

12: New England Journal of Medicine Study Reveals 80% Miscarriage Rate in Early Pfizer Recipients

10: Biden Admin Makes Available 10M Doses of COVID VaXX for Kids Under 5 — Before FDA Authorizes Shot

10: New York City to Finally End Sick and Abusive Mask Mandates for Children 2 to 4 Years Old

10: VaXX & Sudden Infant Death: An Analysis of the VAERS Database 1990-2019 & Review of Medical...

09: 18 Congress Members Demand Answers as FDA Looks to Approve COVID Shots for Kids Under 5

09: Facts About Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Risks to Unborn Babies

09: Foegen Effect - How Mask Wearing Can Make You Sick

09: Following backlash, CDC withdraws recommendation for travelers to mask up against monkeypox

08: Gates-Funded ‘Fact Checker’ Caught Censoring Studies Linking Mask Usage to Increased Deaths

08: New Study finds COVID VaXX can cause Children to suffer VaXX-Associated Enhanced Disease; & Pfizer...

07: Bill to let 12-Year-Olds Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent Could be Voted on in CA. Assembly This...

07: Masks Don’t Stop Viruses …and It Turns Out They’re Actually Harmful – Dr. Simone Gold

07: Stillbirths, Miscarriages and Abortions in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women

06: School Mask Mandates - Lancet Study Debunks CDC’s Justification

05: Biden Admin Says Covid Jabs For Kids As Young As 6 Months Expected By June 21

04: 10 Million Babies & Toddlers Targeted for Slaughter by Biden Administration with Pfizer & Moderna...

04: Cases of Brain Damage in Children Skyrocket Following COVID-19 Vaccines

03: Alberta Medical Association worries about children’s mental health after supporting lockdowns

03: Naomi Wolf argues COVID shots are causing excess deaths among newborns and unborn babies

03: Pfizer asks FDA to clear COVID shots for babies

03: Young Males Have Highest Risk of Heart Damage From Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines, Large Study Confirms

02: FDA Data Shows 97% of Pregnant Women Injected with Pfizer Jab Lost Their Babies

02: Masking - More Harms than Good?

01: Carbon Dioxide Rises Beyond Acceptable Levels in Children Under Nose and Mouth Covering

01: FDA Authorizes Pfizer Boosters for Kids 5 to 11

01: FDA had Data Showing 82% – 97% of Pregnant Women Injected with the Pfizer VaXX Lost Their Babies...

01: Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use...

01: Stop Masking Children

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