VaXX & Masks (March)

31: Doctors Warn That Strokes In Young People Are Increasing

31: Penn. Judge Orders Five Democrat School Board Members Immediately Removed Over Mask Mandate

31: Reports of child deaths in the VAERS (US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

30: 7 year old boy dies after COVID jab from heart attack and seizure – There are no benefits-ONLY risks

30: Heart Damage Found in Teens Months After Second Pfizer Shot, Study Shows

29: Another Huge Rise In Fetal Deaths After Covid Injections

29: UK Children aged five to 11 can get Covid jabs from next week...

28: Effect of pandemic on Kindergarten kids concerns Toronto school board chair

28: Latest CDC Data Shows That VaXXed Children Aged 5-11 Are Now MORE Likely to Catch COVID Than...

28: Mayo Clinic Releases Bizarre Rebuttal to Claim that “Kids Aren’t Affected Much by COVID-19”

28: UK Doctors Bring Legal Challenge Against Gov't for “Grossly Irresponsible” Children’s COVID VaXX...

27: Heart Deaths in Children & Young People Increase After Each VaXX Dose, ONS Data Show

26: 664 Reports of Myocarditis in 5- to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots, VAERS Data Show

26: 800,000 COVID Injections Expire In Kenya As No One Wants The Vaccine Due To Fertility Concerns

26: Survey finds 41% of parents say wearing masks at school harms​ kids — only 11% say it helps

25: By 7 weeks, vaccine efficacy is 31% (CDC) or 12% (NY state) in 5-11 year olds

25: England’s CMO Admits School Closures Likely to Have Caused “Substantial” Long-Term Damage...

25: Globalist COVID policies have caused a Worldwide Education Crisis

25: Silencing the children silences the Word

25: Terrible Cost of Mass Testing of Children

24: CDC Promotes Another Misleading Study

24: Moderna to Seek Authorization for COVID Shots for Kids Despite No Proven Efficacy Against Omicron

24: Moderna VaXX for kids 6 months to under 6 years doesn't meet the FDA's own bar

24: Shots, Children & SMART Health Cards

24: WSJ publishes opinion article agreeing with Natural News: Children don’t need vaccines...

23: COVID Inquiry Must Include Pandemic’s Effect on Children

23: New Taxpayer-Funded Ads Push COVID Shots for Young Kids

23: Our Callous Disregard For the Interests of Children During the Lockdowns Reveals Our Moral Bankruptcy

23: People Magazine Want To Normalize Blood Clot Among Youngsters! They Ignore Vaccine Injuries!

22: Judge Halts DC Law Allowing Minors to Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

22: What Mothers Should Know About COVID and COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

21: An Alarming Spike in Fatality Rates Among Young People Despite C-19 Vaccines

21: CDC Math Error on Pediatric Deaths Causes Experts to Blame Critics Who Predicted the Error

21: COVID-19 shots’ effects on fertility, targeting children with social pressure and coercion to get jabbed

21: Doctors Sound Alarm - COVID 'VaXX' Are Killing Children & Causing Permanent Damage

21: Los Angeles Unified School district has been doing mandatory weekly COVID testing for a while

21: Medical Establishment’s Willful Blindness About Vaccines and Children

20: Multiple studies show COVID vaccines don’t protect kids – so why insist on injecting?

20: NYC Health Commissioner Says Under Fives To Remain Masked Until They Are Jabbed

20: UK Parents Can Sign Children as Young as Five Up for Covid Vaccination Within Weeks

19: CDC slashed COVID-19 deaths in children by 24% after correcting a 'coding logic error'

19: New York City Health Commissioner Orders Under-Fives to be Masked Forever

18: Did WHO Chief Admit That Some Countries Are Giving Boosters To ‘Kill Children’?

17: Here’s a wild idea – let’s stop poisoning our kids!

17: Reading Ability of Children Plummets Compared to Pre-COVID Times

17: Vaccine ‘Hesitancy’ REDUCED Florida Infant Mortality in 2021

17: Washington State Teachers Bully Their Students: “I Will Wear My Mask, I Will Wear My Mask”

16: Children in China develop LEUKEMIA after getting injected with COVID shots

16: GOP Sen. Mitt Romney votes with Democrats to keep masks mandate for toddlers

16: mRNA spike proteins linked to infertility in next generation via engineered “ovarian failure”

15: California Bay Area School Board Unanimously Forces Masks Despite Contrary State Guidance

15: CDC’s Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report Reveals 31% VaXX Effectiveness to Kids 5 -11 After...

15: Child Flu Deaths Continued to Mysteriously Disappear in 2021 – So They Could Ramp Up COVID Death...

15: New Spanish Study Finds That Masking in Schools Does Nothing

15: Pfizer Vaccine Only 12% Effective in Kids 5 to 11, Study Says

15: School Closures Had No Effect On Transmission in Japan

15: Sign at Virginia Pediatrics Office to Student Athletes: “COVID Vaccination Affects Your Heart..."

14: 1,000's of Fetal Deaths Recorded After COVID-19 VaXX that Nobody Wants to Report & that Facebook...

14: CDC Still Lying About Masked Kids in Schools: Their New ‘Study’ Gets Destroyed by National Data

14: Leukemia Epidemic Sweeps China after Child Vaccine Rollout

13: Children In China Diagnosed With Leukemia After Taking Chinese COVID Vaccines

13: Primary School (UK) Pupils Up to Six Months Behind in Maths Because of Lockdown

13: Three Quarters Of UK Parents Not Planning To Let Their 5 -11 Yr Old Children Have ‘Covid’ Jab

12: 7-Year-Old Died of Cardiac Arrest 13 Days After Pfizer Shot, VAERS Data Show

12: Whitty Lied, then Children Died, ONS (UK) Data proves it…

11: After 33 Years of Failure to Produce Any Vaccine Novavax Targets Children for COVID-19 Vaccine

11: CNN Commentator, ‘Every Child Should’ Receive Experimental mRNA Jab

11: Confidential Pfizer Docs. reveal the Covid-19 Vaccine accumulates in the Ovaries; & Now Official UK...

11: Pfizer Launches Clinical Trial to Children Ages 6 and Older to Test Safety &  Efficacy of...Covid-19 Pill

11: Report of Toddler’s Death Disappears from VAERS and CDC Has No Records as to Why!

10: 5 Reasons Your Child Should Not Take the Pfizer (or Any mRNA) Shot

10: Researchers Examine Autopsies of Two Boys Who Died Days After COVID VaXX

09: School mask mandates = useless

08: Candace Owens interviews Dr. Robert Malone: Part 1, Part 2, “You Are Appropriately Outraged!”

08: Florida Department of Health to Recommend Against Covid Vax For Healthy Children

> 08: Why Florida’s Announcement to Be the First State to Stop Recommending COVID-19 Vaccines...

08: Francis Collins-led NIH not only backed research on aborted fetuses but sex-change testing on young kids

08: Instead of Admitting Mask Mandates Harm Kids, CDC Lowers Expectations for Speech Development

08: Meet those who voted to approve the Pfizer vaccine for use on children 5-11 years old

08: Pfizer Shot Protected Fewer Than 2 In 10 Kids, NY Health Dept Admits

08: State Health Agents Conduct ‘Mask Raids’ on 3 Private California Preschools & Interrogate Toddlers...

08: Why the COVID VaXX Rollout in Children Should Be Stopped Immediately

05: 8,817 COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to CDC Among Kids 5 to 11, as Study Shows Pfizer VaXX...

04: 2 Million Kids Need To Be Jabbed To Prevent 1 ICU Admission

04: Big Pharma Backed ‘Fact Checkers’ Will Help US School Kids ‘Navigate Sea Of Online Disinformation’

04: New Study Reveals Adolescents in Hong Kong 7 Times More Likely to Develop Myocarditis Following...

04: Pfizer Admits its VaXX Ineffective in Children 5 to 11 but Not 1 Single Governor Stops Injecting Children

04: Study - COVID face masks contain dangerous levels of titanium dioxide that are easily inhaled

03: Doctors Declare ‘National Emergency’ In Children’s Mental Health

> 02 March 2022: Lockdowns Crush Mental Health and Wellbeing in Young People

> 04 March 2021: Mental health alert for 332 million children linked to COVID-19 lockdown

> 26 January 2021: It’s Children’s Mental Health, Not Their Education, That Is Really Suffering In Lockdown

02: Broad NY Real-World Results - Pfizer 5-11 VaXX has Negative Effectiveness After Just Over a Month

02: California school district faces lawsuit after segregating maskless students

02: COVID VaXX found to increase risk of myocarditis in children by over 13,000 percent

02: Death of a 13-Year-Old in Linz

02: Nail In The Coffin - Pfizer COVID VaXX Just 12% Effective In Protecting Children From Omicron

02: ONS Refuses to Publish Data on Child Deaths After Previous Report Showed Covid-19 VaXXed Children...

02: Study - Pfizer COVID Vax for Children Ineffective Against Omicron

01: 5-Year-Old Kid Suffers Vaginal Hemorrhage 10 Days After Receiving Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

01: 2000% Increase in Fetal Deaths Following VaXX but CDC Still Recommends Them for Pregnant Women

01: mRNA shots raise the risk of Covid infection in children under 12

01: Study: More than 5 million children lost a parent due to COVID, a bioweapon funded & built by gov't

01: Suffer the children

02: ONS Refuses to Publish Data on Child Deaths After Previous Report Showed Covid-19 VaXXed Children...
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