VaXX & Masks (March)

24: 10's of 1,000's of European Women Demand Answers Regarding Undesirable Menstrual Effects...

22: If Kids and Teens Keep Getting COVID Boosters, What Will Happen in 10 Years?

21: Study finds 1 in every 99 COVID VaXXed Toddlers require Emergency Care or Hospitalisation

20: Devastating, horrific – the jab’s true effect on mothers-to-be

20: Intelligence of German Children May Have Fallen During Lockdown

17: FDA Continues Infanticide-by-Vaccine Program Giving Emergency Use Authorization for 4th COVID...

17: Secret Docs published in May 2022 confirmed COVID VaXX was killing Children with figures revealing...

16: As Death Rates Surge for Kids and Teens, Researchers Blame Drugs, Guns and Cars — Critics Say...

16: FDA approves COVID boosters for 6-month-olds, citing trial with just 24 patients

16: Little Girl Dies After Moderna mRNA and Flu Shot

16: More Alarming Evidence The Globalists War Upon Children Goes Way Beyond 'Mass Murder via Abortion'

15: A 10 month-old Baby Could Have FOUR COVID Shots for "Best Protection"

14: More Infant Vaccines Lead to Higher Infant Mortality (Study)

12: Edward Dowd “There’s a Smoking Gun in the UK Data” Among Children Aged 0 to 14

12: Why isn't the CDC warning parents that masking their kids creates unacceptably high levels of CO2?

10: Mom sues D.C. doctor who gave her children covid “vaccines” without consent

09: Children who were injured by Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA VaXX - Hallucinations, self-harm...

08: We must demand proper safety studies before widespread child immunization

07: Child vaccines – the magic words that give drug firms legal immunity

07: Omission Of Children's COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths In Australia Raises Concerns

05: Pfizer Never Finished COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Trial

 05: Secret CDC Reports confirm 535k American Children & Young Adults have died since the FDA approved...

05: Vaccine Facts – Children

04: First child death due to Pfizer COVID mRNA VaXX compensated - Taiwanese girl 5-11 years old died...

03: COVID VaXX Remain Pregnancy Category X

02: More vaccines -> higher infant mortality

02: Pfizer Confirms It Ended COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Trial Early

02: Pfizer kills Children for Profit - COVID Vaccine causes 17x increase in Child Deaths across Europe

01: Fact check - COVID VaXX is safe for pregnant women

01: When parents disagree about vaccination of their kids, who should win?

Connecting The Dots To Show The Parallel Lines
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VaXX + Masks March 2023