VaXX & Masks (May)

31: Canadian doctor who defiantly gave COVID shots to kids as young as 6 months old won’t face discipline

31: Shocking Pfizer Document Reveals 82% of Vaccinated Pregnant Women Suffered Miscarriages

31: Lancet Debunks Widely Cited CDC School Mask Study

31: On the Use of the Pfizer & the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines in Children & Adolescents

30: CDC Study Purporting To Find Substantial Protective Effects For School Mask Mandates Fails To Replicate

30: Menstrual Irregularities, Uterus Shedding Cases Spike After COVID VaXX Rollout - Peer-Reviewed...

29: Pfizer & Medicine Regulators hid dangers of COVID VaXX during Pregnancy due to Study finding...

28: Doctor gave Covid-19 shot to hundreds of kids as young as six months old

28: Toronto doctor gave COVID vaccine to hundreds of ineligible kids

27: Are Microplastics in Masks a Health Risk?

27: Cases of Brain Damage in Children Skyrocket Following COVID-19 Vaccines

26: Brazilian study finds that masks are useless unless the goal is higher COVID-19 deaths and infections

26: Pfizer seeks approval for three-dose COVID shot regimen for children as young as six months

26: Research proves two more “conspiracy theories” related to vaccine shedding, pregnant women To Be...

25: Big Pharma Will Push 3 JABS for Kids Under 5

23: Mysterious outbreak of child hepatitis claims another life; CDC remains unclear on cause

23: Official Data shows Children are up to 303x more likely to die following COVID VaXX Than UnVaXXed…

23: Record 420,000 Children a Month in England Treated For Mental Health Problems

23: Sixth Child Dies amid Hepatitis Outbreak with Unknown Cause

22: Young Boy DIES After Receiving COVID Vaccine... Had Heart Inflammation

21: Another Study Confirms Wearing Masks Increases COVID Infection

21: CDC Investigating 180 Cases of Children With Hepatitis

21: FDA Sidelines Own Vaccine Advisers To Approve COVID Boosters for Children

21: VAERS Data Show New Deaths, Injuries After COVID VaXX, As CDC Signs Off on 3rd Shot for Kids 3-5

20: Louisiana Governor Reverses ‘Insane Mandate’ Requiring COVID Vaccines for Students

20: Merck Pushes Deadly Gardasil VaXX on 9-Year-Olds to Increase Sales. VaXX Known for Causing Infertility

20: Study - Wearing a mask increases risk of covid death

20: We Know the Damage Lockdowns Did to Our Children, So Never Again

20: Youngest Children Most Harmed by Lockdowns, Research Finds

19: Latest CDC Data Shows Fully VaXXed Kids Have Higher COVID Infection Rates Than UnVaXXed Kids

19: Scotland Launches Second Investigation After Another Mystery Spike In Newborn Baby Deaths

18: FDA Authorizes CVV ‘Booster’ JABS for Small Children — Despite Known Risks

18: Moderna VaXX Delivered More Risk Than Benefit in Trials for Children 6 to 11, Despite NYT Positive Spin

18: Parental Consent for Vaccines Not Required in California

17: Scotland - Investigation After ‘Mystery’ Surge in Deaths of Newborn Babies

17: Study Finds ‘Positive Correlation’ Between Higher Mask Usage And COVID-19 Deaths

17: UK Lockdowns Leave Toddlers Unable to Speak and Play Properly

15: Normalization of Myocarditis among Infants

14: Bill 866 Allowing Preteen COVID-19 Vaccination Without Parental Consent Passes California Senate

14: CDC's pregnancy advice is terrible

14: Infant Drowns in Three Inches of Bathwater as Mom Faints Following COVID Jab

13: COVID-Era Babies Are ‘Talking’ Less, Signaling Future Reading Challenges

13: Face Masks Lead to Breathing Dangerous Levels of Carbon Dioxide Even When Sitting Still, Study Finds

13: Maine’s Largest City Reinstates Public School Mask Mandates

12: Australian Children Are Dying After Pfizer COVID Injections

12: Official Study Concludes That Masks Caused More COVID

12: Slaughter of Babies Should Be Unfathomable

11: 75 % of US Children Have Had COVID, So Why Push Them To Get Vaccinated?

11: Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital to Launch Pfizer COVID VaXX Trial for Young Children...

11: COVID VaXX for Kids Under 6 Won’t Have to Meet 50% Efficacy Standard, FDA Official Says

11: Ontario Liberals vow to make COVID jab ‘compulsory’ for public schools

11: Unknown hepatitis strain found in 169 vaccinated children from 11 countries

10: 7-Year-Old Boy Dies from Heart Attack After Pfizer Injection

10: 13 Year Old Dies In Sudden ‘Medical Emergency’ During Junior Football Match

10: If you are age 12-17 in California, I’d like to give you $25K if you can explain to us why the shots...

10: Japan Reports More Suspected Cases Of Unexplained Acute Hepatitis In Children

10: Obesity Soars Among Low-Income U.S. Children During COVID-19 Pandemic

10: Ontario Liberals want to force children to get the COVID vaccine

10: Under political pressure, FDA pledges to lower COVID vaccine standards for kids under 5

09: Confidential Pfizer Docs. reveal 90% of COVID VaXXed Pregnant Women lost their Baby; But Pfizer...

09: If They Can’t Kill Them, They’ll Starve Them – The ‘Attacks’ On Our Nation’s Children Are Multiplying...

09: Ontario Liberals think kids should be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend school

09: Why Vaccinating Pregnant Women Can Be Dangerous to the Foetus

08: Latest CDC data shows 106 children died, 48,033 suffered adverse reactions following COVID VaXX

08: New Peer-Reviewed Study - COVID VaXX Increase Risk of Cardiac Arrest in Young People by 25%

08: WHO Warns COVID Jabs Are to Blame for Rise in Deadly Hepatitis among Children

07: COVID-19 VaXX Can Trigger Acute Hepatitis - Case Report

07: Health Chiefs Say Dogs May Be Causing For Hepatitis Outbreak In Children

07: Hepatitis - BBC Does it Again!

07: Medicine Regulators believe attenuated viruses in AstraZeneca & Janssen COVID VaXX are to blame...

07: Severe Hepatitis in children! What’s going on?

07: Wicked Unfair - Parents Bristle at Boston Schools’ Mask Rules

06: 82% of U.S. Parents Plan to Wait or Reject COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Under Age 5 at This Time

06: AFD on FDA Approval of Failed Ebola Drug Remdesivir for “Treatment” of Covid-19 in Babies

06: FDA Approves Killer COVID Drug for Babies

06: Just 18 Percent of Americans Willing to Vaccinate Kids Under 5

06: Newborn Baby Deaths hit critical levels for 2nd time in 7 Months - is Pfizer’s Covid Jab to blame?

05: CHD California Scores Two Big Wins Against Public School Vaccine Mandates

05: FOI reveals Pfizer & Medicine Regulators hid the dangers of COVID VaXX during Pregnancy because...

05: Iceland - Stillbirths and Neonatal Deaths increased by 80% in 2021

05: Pfizers own research shows Vaccine is not safe for pregnant women...

05: Safe and effective? FDA excluded pregnant women from COVID-vaccine trial

04: 12,548 Children have suffered a Serious Adverse Event due to the COVID VaXX in the USA, and 109...

04: Special Ed Teacher Choked 7-Year-Old For Refusing To Wear Mask

04: War on children continues - 8-year-old Ryleigh Jones develops post-injection neurological disorder...

03: 4,113 Fetal Deaths in VAERS Following COVID VaXX Not Including Those Murdered Alive to Develop...

03: CHD demands FDA withdraw its approval of Remdesivir for infants & children, citing 72% adverse...

03: Multiple States Are Reporting Mysterious Childhood Hepatitis Cases

02: Foegen Effect - Why Face Masks Increase the Death Rate of COVID-19

02: Moderna Poised to Commit Infanticide

01: Child Sacrifice - FDA Approved Remdesivir Based on a Trial in Which 3 out of 53 Children Died

01: Stillbirths and Infant Deaths Double in Iceland in 2021, Raising Questions of VaXX Safety

01: Three-headed Hydra Attack from 3 Drug Companies, Pfizer, Moderna, & Gilead on Our Children

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