VaXX & Masks November 2022

30: CDC quietly confirms at least 118k Children & Young Adults have ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA since...

30: Experts tell RFK, Jr. concerning RSV VaXX “We have to stop these shots!”

30: If mRNA is now being found in breast milk, then COVID “VaXX” safety claims are lies

30: Missing Babies of Europe

30: Young people report heart problems during every vaccine rollout period, data shows

29: Government’s stooges still targeting kids

29: Pfizer’s Propaganda For Profit Campaign In UK While Targeting Children 5 To 11

28: Pfizer CEO Found to Have Misled the Public Over Child COVID VaXX by Pharmaceutical Watchdog

28: UK Regulator Raps Pfizer CEO For ‘Misleading’ Statements About Children’s COVID VaXX

27: Glyphosate Exposure in Early Pregnancy and Reduced Fetal Growth: A Prospective Observational Study...

27: Secret CDC Report confirms 1/2 Million American Children & Young Adults have died since COVID VaXX...

 26: Oregon caught lying in report about covid hospitalization rates among children...

24: Oregon Corrects False Information On Child COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates

23: Study - One In Every 500 Small Children Who Receive Pfizer Shot Are Hospitalized By It

22: 66 Doctors, Clinicians & Scientists Call for Stop to COVID VaXX of Pregnant Women Over Serious...

22: Finding mRNA In Breast Milk Typifies How COVID VaXX Safety Was Oversold

21: Deep in the Wombs of Women - The Hidden Harm of COVID VaXX

19: Real time OBGY's data on new patients & miscarriages for 2021 and 2022 (and now 2020 for baseline)

18: Australia sees 63% drop in births after introduction of COVID “VaXX” – what will the govt’s excuse be?

18: Deaths among EU Children aged 0-14 have increased by 552% since the EMA approved the COVID...

18: UK doctors raise serious concerns about medical authorities endorsing COVID shots for pregnant women

17: Safe & Effective - Myocarditis in Kids Under 18 Cases Up By Over 100X in Canada

16: Pediatric RSV Cases Rise - but Only in North America?

14: FDA Advisory Panel & CDC Director are Complicit in Sacrificing Children’s Lives to Protect Pfizer...

14: Hidden Truth About Vaccines; What Parents Are Not Being Told

14: What's going on with births down under in Australia?

13: Australian Bureau of Statistics Shows 72% Drop in Births 9 Months After COVID Shots Started

13: FDA Advisory Panel & CDC Director are Complicit in Sacrificing Children’s Lives to Protect Pfizer...

13: Govt Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID VaXX is causing Mass Depopulation, Infertility, Cancer &...

13: Inject the kids! Targeting children part of the strategy to kill off a few million surplus plebs?

13: Official Data confirms the COVID VaXX is killing Children – Europe has suffered a 552% increase...

13: Virus Is More Dangerous for Foetuses Than Any VaXX?

12: Former Australian MP warns 75% of COVID VaXXed women are experiencing miscarriages

12: Nova Scotia expands bereavement leave to include miscarriage and stillbirths

11: CHD Rutgers Lawsuit Moves Forward, as Rutgers Announces Trial With Pfizer on COVID VaXX for Kids...

11: Pfizer Works to Fast-Track More VaXXfor Pregnant Moms, Despite Mounting Evidence...

11: Study finds possible link between Pfizer’s COVID VaXX and myocarditis in children

10: 2022 birth decline in Germany and Sweden explained by ‘VaXX’

10: FDA claims about boosters & kids branded 'misinformation,' research questions youth vaccination

10: Texas Families Being Asked to Collect Children’s DNA

08: About That Lactating People's Milk Again

07: Board-Certified Obstetrician cries "STOP"

06: COVID VaXX Linked To Plummeting Fertility Rate, German Study Finds

06: Holocaust Of The Unborn - Babies are DYING because their mothers got “VaXXed” for COVID

05: FDA study finds Pfizer jab elevates myocarditis risk in kids

05: Line in the sand - Children, War, and Duty

05: Stop the Infanticide! 60,000% Increase in Fetal Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccines!

05: Surge in Childhood Infections - Are mRNA Vaccines the Solution – or the Cause?

04: EMA finally admits COVID VaXX can have an Adverse Effect on Female Fertility

04: New study points to possible connection between Pfizer’s COVID vaccine & myocarditis among children

04: Record Surge of Infections in Children

04: Risk vs “Benefit” of COVID “VaXX” For Children

03: Scientists Studied 12 Masks — Every One Contained This Cancer-Causing Compound

03: Single Use and Reusable Face Masks Found to Contain Cancer-Causing Titanium Dioxide

02: COVID-19 Lockdowns Devastated Children's Academic Performance

02: Exposed - Leaked Hospital Email Reveals Explosion of Stillbirths

02: Research into aluminum toxicity KILLED because it exposed the dangers of childhood VaXX

01: EU’s drug watchdog recommends listing ‘heavy menstrual bleeding’ as COVID jab side effect

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VaXX + Masks November 2022