VaXX & Masks October 2022

31: Leaked Email Show Increase In Stillbirths After COVID VaXX

31: Study shows Japan’s school COVID rules are bad for kids’ health

29: (Absence of) Myocarditis "Surveillance" During Moderna Shot Trial for Babies

29: EU has suffered nearly 30k more Excess Deaths in 2022... because so many Children are dying

29: How Can We Trust the CDC with Our Children’s Health?

28: CDC Adds COVID Jab to Childhood Immunization Schedule

28: Disaster - CDC Calls for COVID VaXX on the Child Immunization Schedule

26: Canadian Doctor Warns 50% of Kids Who Got Myocarditis From COVID VaXX Will be DEAD in 5 Years

26: Child Sacrifice via the COVID Death Cult’s (CDC) Advisory Committee

26: COVID VaXXed Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than UnVaXXed Young Adults according to UK...

26: PHS Investigates Rise in Neonatal Infant Deaths but Refuses to Check VaXX Status of Mothers

26: Why have Deaths among Children across Europe increased by 755% since the EMA approved...?

25: New COVID VaXX available to Alberta and Sask kids

25: Official CDC Figures – 58k Children injured, 15k hospitalised, 1.2k disabled & 163 dead due to COVID...

24: COVID VaXX are adversely effecting women's reproductive health

24: COVID VaXX Shouldn’t Be ‘Routine’ for Kids

23: How COVID-19 Pandemic Countermeasures Are Still Hurting Our Children

22: Birth rates plummet nine months after they unleashed the vaxadoodlebugs

22: Strongest Bastion of COVID-19 Agenda in Canada Giving Cracks at Foundation

21: 1 in 780 German Children Under 5 Requires Hospitalization Due to Severe Adverse Event Following...

21: Big Pharma Is Putting All Of Humanity At Risk Of Demographic Collapse

21: Children’s Hospitals Overflowing With Respiratory Illness Patients

21: DeSantis “As Long as I am Governor, in Florida There Will Not be a COVID VaXX Mandate For Children..."

21: Governor Bill Lee Says Tennessee Families Won’t Be Impacted By CDC Vote

21: U.K. Regulator Mulls COVID VaXX for Babies Despite High Injury Rate – as Moderna Trial Finds VaXX...

20: CDC to add COVID VaXX to VaXX Schedule for Children despite knowing about shocking 8x Increase...

20: One in Every 500 Small Children Who Receive the Pfizer Vaccine are Hospitalised By It, Study Finds

19: Alert - No Routine COVID Shots for Kids

19: What Kind of Society Injects Its Children with Experimental Products? Now is the Time to Choose...

19: UK bans COVID VaXX for boys aged 5 to 11 after investigation reveals shot affects their sexual...

18: Myocarditis commercial for CHILDREN conveniently leaves out the most likely cause

17: Babies Born In Lockdown Less Likely To Speak Before First Birthday Says New Study

17: Is Breastfeeding after VaXX Safe? FDA did not investigate passage of VaXX mRNAs in breast milk

16: Big Pharma’s COVID “VaXX” (Our Children Are the Victims)

16: Europe has suffered a record-breaking number of Excess Deaths in 2022 & it’s because so many...

13: Attack on America’s Children Continues as FDA Authorizes Deadly New COVID Boosters for Children...

13: Babies Born in Lockdown Show Signs of Cognitive Disabilities

13: Covid-jabbed kids 4,423% more likely to DIE than UnVaXXed children, official UK govt data show

13: FDA Just Approved Kids Covid Booster -- with ZERO Testing

13: Lockdown Babies Less Capable of Speech, Other Forms of Communication Than Pre-COVID Children...

11: CDC insists aluminum adjuvant in VaXX is safe even though study shows it causes asthma in children...

10: 4,500 Dead Babies in VAERS From Pregnant Women Injected with COVID Shots, but Florida Only Pulls...

10: Human breast milk maintains the COVID gene therapy VaXX from the mother. What are...?

09: CDC Report - Record Number Of Children Are Being Hospitalized After Their Immunity Was Weakened...

09: Official GOV. Data confirms COVID VaXXed Children are 4423% more likely to die than UnVaXXed...

09: Record Number Of Kids Being HOSPITALISED — Weakened Immune Systems

08: CDC - Record Number Of Children Hospitalized With Weakened Immune Systems

07: Feds Purposefully Made Kids Miserable During C-19 Lockdowns — Emails Exposed

07: Moderna and Pfizer Seek Booster Authorization for Children

07: Newborn deaths in Scotland reached worrying levels TWICE in six months

06: Babies are DYING after drinking breast milk from “fully vaccinated” moms

06: COVID Jab mRNA Detected in Human Breastmilk

06: mRNA from COVID shot found in the breast milk of 7 out of 11 vaxxed mothers (New Study)

04: Government forced to launch Investigation into shocking rise in Newborn Baby Deaths Since...

04: New Study Supports Conclusion of Retracted 2020 Study Showing Unvaxxed Kids Healthier Than Vaxxed

03: 121 Breastfed Infants Had "Issues" After Maternal VaXX in Just ONE study!

03: Sweden Against JAB of Young People for C-19

02: Over 23,000 Children have died across Europe since the EMA first approved the COVID VaXX...

02: Scottish Government Orders Investigation Into Recent Spike in New Born Baby Deaths

01: Check-up Finds 73 Government School Children In Bengaluru Have Cardiac Issues

01: Doctor claims 50% of Children who suffer Myocarditis due to COVID VaXX will be dead within 5 years

01: Red Cross Admits They do Not Separate VaXXed from UnVaXXed Blood – Mother Claims Baby Died...

01: Seattle Children's Hospital Seeing a Major Surge in ER Patients for Alarming Reason...

01: VaXXed Mother Dying Newborn with "White Lungs"

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