09: Youth Wing of Netherlands Ruling Party Promotes Pedophilia

08: Pope John Paul II 'covered up child abuse while a cardinal in Poland'

05: Visitor Logs Reveal Pedophile Mayor Was Regular Guest at Biden’s White House

04: Democrat Mayor Arrested on Sickening Array of Pedophilia Charges Resigns Citing ‘Mental Health’ Issues

04: Over A Dozen Mayors Have Been Arrested For Child Sex Offenses Over The Past Two Years

02: Did An Employee Take A Fall For Bill Gates Over 6,000 Child Porno Images Discovered At His House?

01: Biden labor secretary nominee failed to enforce Hollywood law preventing pedophiles from working with...

01: Muslim Clerics Promote Pedophilia Over Adoption


24: Biden Showered With His Daughter - WH Comms In Hot Water After Sharing Tweet

18: 20 of Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Were Paid Through JPMorgan Chase

18: VIP Elite Panic After REAL Epstein List Leaked on Dark Web

17: Deep State Child Abuse Cult Dump

17: Say Hello To Snow White - Ex-JPMorgan Exec Emailed Jeffrey Epstein About Disney Princesses

14: Elites Are Panicking As Jeffrey Epstein Co-Conspirator Names Set to Be Unsealed By Court

11: Final set of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein to be unsealed

10: Promoting Pedophilia at State University of New York “Benefits and Advantages of Adult-Child Sex”

08: Promoting pedophilia at State University of New York

07: Feds Have All The Evidence They Need To Go After Jeffrey Epstein’s Buddies. Here’s Why They Still...

07: Woke Professor Under Review for ‘Reprehensible’ Remarks Defending Pedophilia

05: I Love Your Earrings! – Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girl Who Can’t Run Away Fast Enough

01: Concerning News Emerges About Bill Gates, Jeff Epstein

01: How the IRS Enables a Pro-Pedophile Organization


25: Former Oregon Democrat mayor sentenced to prison on child pornography charge

22: UK Gov’t Cover-Up Evidence of Massive Pedophile Ring Within Met Police

14: Disturbing Truth About Harry’s Connection To Elite Pedophilia Exposed

08: Fired Epstein-targeting AG calls for continued ‘pursuit of justice,’ as governor refuses to address...

08: Flashback - Epstein-Linked Clinton Lawyer Found Shot & Hanged, Death Ruled Suicide

04: WEF Declares Pedophiles ‘Will Save Humanity’

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