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06 April 2021: Victim Of Child Trafficking Is Naming Names Including Joe Biden
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01 April 2021: BIden Administration Facilitating Child Molestation, Rape And Trafficking With Illegal Immigration Operation
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22 March 2021: PPTF special investigation: Intl child trafficking online HUB in FL - Rape, sodomy, kidnapping
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14 March 2021: Mexican Cartels Selling Kids for $3,200 a Head at Joe Biden’s Open Border
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15 February 2021: PPTF Sepial Investigation - Int'l Child Trafficking Online Hub In Florida
13 Febuary 2021: Jailed Canadian Holds Key To Hillary's Child Sex Traffixking Ops & Assassination Teams
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10 February 2021: Epstein $68 Billion Man Arrest Leads To China Spy Selling Kids W/ Flatty & AZ Child Rescue Group
10 February 2021: Take a watch of this. It want shock you really. 84% are Asian (grooming gangs)
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