09 June 2021: I Did Not Commit A Big Crime...Claims Rochdale Grooming Gang Scum Who Impregnated 13 year Old Girl
01 June 2021: Home Office & Rotherham Authorities Are Still Covering Up Crimes For The Sake Of Diversity
24 May 2021: Dark Web-Boys Town, Shut Down over 400k members, Arres'ts Made
14 May 2021: UK Grooming Gangs Never Stopped
02 May 2021: Man Arrested At Bill Gates Mansion For 6000 Images Child Porn And Rape Videos
19 April 2021: Lin Wood "You Fight For THtose Children! Don't You Ever Quite Fighting For THose Little Children"
12 April 2021: Guard, 30, at Miami juvenile detention facility arrested after 'having sex with' 15-year-old inmate
11 April 2021: 76 Y/O Man Talking to 11 Year Old Girl gets Confronted at his house
11 April 2021: Creep gets very Unstable during Confrontation in Congers New York (ARRESTED)
06 April 2021: Rochdale Grooming Gang Scum Still Walking Around The Town Despite Government Promises To Deport...
03 April 2021: Officials - Elementary teacher solicited sex with 2-year-old
29 March 2021: Who Will Find What The Finders Hide?
05 March 2021: Sandy Glaze Discusses Child Sex Abuse with Nicholas Veniamin
28 Febraury 2021: Transgender YouTuber downloaded child sex abuse images while running child care service
26 February 2021: Maryland Teacher Seen Masturbating During Zoom Lesson with 8th Graders
26 February 2021: Pedophiles busted in Ontario!!
22 February 2021: Lost Children - Child Grooming in the UK
17 February 2021: Child is rescued from the clutches of a pedophile! #Pedogate
12  February 2021: Pediatrician At Stanford Children’s Hospital Arrested In ‘Pedophile Sting’
06 February 2021: Paedophiles At Celtic Boys Club
06 February 2021: Pedos Score Big At Super Bowl
02 February 2021: Father catches pedofile police officer taking pictures of daughter
18 December 2020: Bad Day For Pedophiles
18 November 2020: Jessica Yaniv Wants Your Money (and Your Daughters) (VIDEO)
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19 October 2020: Jimmy Savile And R Kelly A Tale Of Two Predators (VIDEO)
06 October 2020: Predator Police Chief Caught by YouTuber Meeting Little Boys!! (VIDEO)
22 September 2020: Maximum time for child crime - People Vs Predators rally to revoke bail for offender (VIDEO)
21 September 2020: Pedophile Caught with 1200 Images, Avoids Prison Time  (VIDEO)
14 September 2020: Pedophiles Celebrate after Gov. Newsom Legalizes Sex with Minors (VIDEO)
12 September 2020: He Acted Like an Online Counselor to Get Pictures From Me (VIDEO)
09 September 2020: No Days Off - People Vs. Predators in action in Edmonton, Red Deer over the long weekend
08 September 2020: Hunting Child Predators (VIDEO)
06 September 2020: FBI Arrests Hannah Nicole Edwards for Exploitation of Toddler (VIDEO)
03 September 2020: Pedophile convicted in America might be back in Canada: Public Safety won't answer! (VIDEO)
01 September 2020: Celebrated Lincoln impersonator busted for child porn and soliciting a prostitute (VIDEO)
25 August 2020: Erin O'Toole, COVID Tourism, Child Predator Released in Edmonton (VIDEO)
24 August 2020: People Vs. Predators - Curtis Poburan released in Edmonton (VIDEO)
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18 August 2020: People vs. Predators: Victim, advocates protest outside home of convicted sex offender (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: 11 MS-13 members arrested for sex trafficking: Eastern District of Virginia AG (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Father beats migrant pedophile for trying to snatch his 11 year old daughter (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Queen's Priest Arrested Child Rape (VIDEO)
06 August 2020: Tulsa Teacher Arrested Pedophilia (VIDEO)
02 August 2020: Morbidly obese paedophile teacher won't be jailed because he's Too Fat (VIDEO)
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26 July 2020: Portland Antifa Pedo arrested after attack on black conservative (VIDEO)
26 July 2020: Yaniv "Catfished" (The predator was lured to Toronto!) (VIDEO)
25 July 2020: Demonstration 1st August - Deport Child Rapists! (VIDEO)
20 July 2020: #BLM Leader Arrested Rape Images Of Little Girls! (VIDEO)
18 July 2020: Kinsey Syndrome (VIDEO)
15 July 2020: Antifa Activists Protest Against Anti-Pedophilia. Apparently Being Anti-Pedo is Fascist (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Justin Barrett Speech - Antifa Defends Pedophilia! (VIDEO)
12 July 2020: Pakistani grooming gangs (VIDEO)
11 July 2020: Yaniv to be arrested.............FINALLY! (VIDEO)
10 July 2020: They Want You To Look 'Away' From The Satanic Child Rape Epidemic (VIDEO)
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30 June 2020: No More Fear - We Know Them Now & We Are Watching (VIDEO)
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17 June 2020: Nine-Year-Old Afghan Girl Cries and Screams After Being Sold To 60-Year-Old Muslim Man (VIDEO)
15 June 2020: Best Pizzagate Documentary - Pedophilia Rings Exposed By Wikileaks 2017
15 June 2020: Who Raped [Likely Hundreds of] Thousands[+] of British Children? (VIDEO)
08 June 2020: Germany - Horror House Massive Child Rape Ring Busted (VIDEO)
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18 May 2020: 18 Suspected Child Predators Arrested In Waco Sting (VIDEO)
18 May 2020: Fresno Man Admits to Sexually Exploiting At Least 50 Children (VIDEO)
15 May 2020: In Utah They Release Pedophiles Over And Over (VIDEO)
14 May 2020: Pedophiles In NAMBLA Arrested By Veterans Child Rescue Group (VIDEO)
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03 May 2020: High-Risk Convicted Child Molester Rearrested After Release From Jail Due to COVID-19 
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