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30: Evil Behind the Coup - Scripted Pattern to Steal Children & Break America (Part 1)
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30: More goodies from the World Economic Forum - Steak from a tube
30: W.H.O. Warning Means Lockdowns Will Basically Never End, This Is The New Normal
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28: Largest Peaceful Protest In History Against The Globalist Takeover Of Food
28: Mechanics of a Global Liquefaction Event (Mudflood 2024)
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23: Cyber Pandemic and The Greater Reset
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22: LEAKED: Canadian military ordered to salute Chinese president, alongside North Korea
22: Movie Predicts Very Bad Things in 2021
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22: You Will Own Nothing By 2030
22: Your "Money" Will Have An Expiry Date
21: Stakeholder Capitalism - The World Economic Forum’s Vision for Our Future
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20: Dictatorship of the Billionairiat Cancels Christmas... And Humanity
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19: Global Warming 2020 - Fooling The Herd
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19: N. Hemisphere Record Snow Explained by Bigger Flakes (The Gaslight)
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18: A Short Illustration of the Technology Being Developed to Exert Influence Over You Remotely?
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18: Creating a New Human for a New Global Order
18: People Are Deciding, No Great Reset, Central Banks Doomed
18: People are dramatically underestimating how much of a menace Chinese Communists are
18: Scary Developments in Memory Wiping / Mass Memory Projection Technologies?
18: They’re Coming America—Archbishop & Cardinal Issue Dire Warning, ‘There’s a Plot To Enslave, Detain
18: Your DNA can Probably be Programmed w/ Info; see this Illustration (#mRnaVaccine?)
17: 2020 Was The BETA Test And What To Expect in 2021
17: 2021 A Year of Economic Survival
17: CBC LIES! Trudeau's Chinese Soldiers Story (As Presented by the State Broadcaster)
17: CCP Has Infiltrated Two US Vaccine Companies While Training Troops In Canada
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15: Now we are all useless eaters
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15: We're entering post-human era & will have to invent new way of life
14: A Huge Difference in Food
14: China's Orwellian Nightmare - 1984 Arrives in 2020
14: Discussing Agenda 21 and The Fourth Industrial Revolution
14: Explosive Leaks Expose ChiCom Blueprint For Global Domination Using Major Western Corporations
14: Feds hold back records on Theresa Tam's role at World Health Org. since pandemic
14: Great Reset - It's Not Just Economics It's You
14: Great Reset Will Push Gold Up, Central Bank Plan Falling Apart
14: John Kerry Confirms Biden ALL IN for the Great Reset: “Yes It’s Happening-We’re Speeding it up
14: Massive Document Leak Reveals Millions Of Chinese Communists In Western Organizations
14: Ohio National Guard to Provide Security at "Confinement" Facilities
14: Water Futures, Eclipses, Earthquakes and Meteor Showers
13: Massive Leak Of 2 Million Chinese Communist Spies In Every Level Of Western Society
13: Utopian Socialists link to Globalist NWO Fascism
13: Will the Police All Be Redundant in Less than Two Years?
12: #ChinaFiles: Canada being used as propaganda tool for Communist China
12: 2021 Empty Shelves - Shortages in Sight - Soybeans Explained
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11: EU Top Doctors LAWSUIT Over Mass Sterilization in Covid Vaccine
11: Pope Summons ‘Banker Gang' To Ignite Global Rule & ‘Save The Planet’…Chilling Agreement Signed!
11: Three Possible Reasons Changes Are Happening in Front of You
11: Trudeau Praises, Swears Allegiance to Chinese Dictatorship
11: Trudeau Trains Chinese Troops While Beijing Holds Canadian Hostages
10: Central Communications Blackout, [Zero-Day], Rig For Red, Countermeasures In Place
10: China Reset Brought to You By Literal Nazis
10: Great Reset - Pope Joins Rothschild Coalition To Redefine Capitalism!
10: Great Reset and What it Means for Catholics
10: Make Dirty and Dangerous Energy Financially Obsolete
10: Top Attorney Exposes Mandatory Vaccine Programs Driven by Depopulation
10: What’s Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines?
09: Canadian Prime Minister Requested Chinese Troops Be Stationed In Canada
09: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Depopulation - Sterilization Weapons
09: Great Reset Countermeasures Initiated, Warp Speed Ahead
09: Overlapping Cycles of the Ages, Floods and Civilization
09: Premeditated mass murder of old people worldwide - David talks with real journalist Jacqui Deevoy
09: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases
09: Watch Bill Gates Push Depopulation Agenda Under A Humanitarian Mask
08: Bitcoin, The Fed and The Great Reset
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08: Dr. Theresa Deisher on Aborted Human Fetal DNA in Vaccines (2018)
08: Globalist Plans Revealed - How To Survive The Coming Years of the Great Reset
08: Vaccines Likely To Be Used In The US That Utilized Aborted Fetal Material
07: 5G and Coronavirus mirrored
07: Covid Scamdemic as a Cover for the Great Reset
07: Deep State House Of Cards Comes Crashing Down,Evidence Shines Light On Fraud
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05: Deep State Panics, Sends Message, Everything Is About To Change
05: Soybean Shortage & Cyberattack on Food Supply Chain: Achilles' Heel
04: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney REJECTS “The Great Reset”
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02: Corporate Control of Diminishing Food in Fear & Greed
02: Dems Planning Disruption of Food Supply
02: Digital Passport & RFID Chips!
02: End of Cash & The Beginning of Digital Currency
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01: Debt Slavery & the Great Reset
01: Global Elites Agenda To Control YOUR LIFE And The Economy!
01: Trudeau's Great Reset will come at the price of Canada's future.
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